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Whether you grow one for Movember or just because they’re all the rage right now (mustache is new beard, don’t you know?) A ‘spot takes time to train and needs some workout. ‘a little attention if it is to look like him better. And who better to give advice on mustache care than ten guys who own one or deal with stains for a living (and in some cases both)?

1. Get your timing right

“The easiest way to trim your mustache at first is to use a trimmer or beard trimmer, but after three to four weeks switch from these to a pair of quality facial hair scissors to trim around.” from the mouth. This is also the time to start using a mustache comb, with a little wax. These will help shape your mustache, but also even it out, helping to fill in gaps and keep it from looking fluffy. Michael Beardsley, stylist at Pall Mall Barbers in London and owner of a beautifully groomed mustache.

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2. Make a scrub

“I always recommend using a good facial scrub to remove unwanted foods or dead skin cells that build up in your mustache, especially early on.” Bearded barber from Liverpool, Peter ‘Cut Throat Pete’ Cranfield.

Tweezerman facial hair scissors

3. Shampoo and condition

“Facial hair can be very coarse, which can make your skin dry and itchy – so try using a little two-in-one shampoo and conditioner to keep your mustache clean and conditioned. Kate Wingrove, director of the Trevor Sorbie salons in London and Brighton.

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4. Cut when dry

“Don’t try to trim a wet mustache. Wet hair is heavier and hangs longer. When it dries and shrinks, you might find that you’ve cut too much. Chris Martin, author of The Gentleman’s Guide to Beard and Mustache Management.

5. Give her wax

“I try to keep my ‘Mo’ as natural as possible, but I understand that a little maintenance is needed from time to time. For special occasions, I could give my stain a little treat and pull out the mustache wax to give it some definition. My favorite is Captain Fawcett Sandalwood Mustache Wax – it smells very manly and goes a long way. Warm up well between your fingers before applying. Former Royal Marine commando, owner of Salt ‘n’ pepper ‘stain and founder of British grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge, David Hildrew.

6. Get combed

“A mustache comb is a great investment if you’re growing a Mo. You can not only use it to evenly distribute the mustache wax and help separate your mustache down the middle, but it’s also a useful aid when grooming. chopped off. Use the comb to lift your stained hair – this will make it much easier to cut it with scissors – and tilt the comb in the same direction as your lips. Brendon Murdock, founder of ultra-cool Murdock London barbers.

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7. Don’t be afraid of thatch

“If you’re worried about how a stand-alone mustache looks, try growing the mustache longer, shaping it with a beard trimmer, and shaving the rest of your beard down to a number two or three so that your spot is surrounded by thatch. “Chris Camplin, mustached model (below).

Chris Camplin

8. Match your Mo to your face shape

“It’s crucial to take your face shape into account when choosing a mustache style. Not everyone can wear the “Tom Selleck” or a pencil mustache, so be sure to strike a balance between your face shape and the style you choose. If you have a square face, go for a heavy and longer mustache and if you have an oval mustache, go for a medium width style with a slightly triangular shape. Asgar Saboo, Creative Director of Daniel Galvin.

Mustache styles from Movember.com

9. Know how to twirl

“To get turning points on your mustache, take some mustache wax, rub between your thumb and forefinger, and twist the end with a technique similar to snapping your fingers.” Allan Peterkin, author of Thousand beards: a cultural history of facial hair.

10. Stay hydrated!

“The skin under a mustache can become unusually dry as the hair sucks moisture from the skin, allowing it to evaporate. To avoid “spot dandruff,” moisturize the skin under your mustache daily with your fingertips. Also, be sure to rinse well after washing, as residue from facial cleanser, shampoo, or shower gel can irritate the skin and exacerbate dryness. Lee Kynaston (yes, the latter is mine).

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The Mustache Lookbook

Finally, let’s finish with a lookbook of excellent mustaches, collected from across the web:

Men's Mustache Lookbook

To be involved

Are you participating in Movember this year? If so, what type of ‘stain will you be looking for? Maybe you wear a mustache all year round and have a great tip to share? Let us know using the comments box below…


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