How to express love is not a difficult question. There are flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals, diamonds and luxury items to give away.

There is also a better creative option (a little laborious, but worth it) in the form of heart-shaped mehndi designs and henna tattoo heart designs. Yes, it’s the simplest form of expressing love, a trade that flourishes in alleyways and henna parlors.


Let’s see how mehndi heart designs and simple henna heart designs can convey the feeling of love on your hands and feet and make you a talking point.

1. Pink Heart Pattern

This is a beautiful heart-shaped henna design that you can do on the back of your hands. As you can see, the hearts are not only filled with henna on both hands, they are also surrounded by many small rose designs. Pretty henna tattoo heart designs that you can wear to Teej or an engagement function.

heart mehndi designs

2. Adjacent Hearts

This simple design has a single beautiful (or vine) in which a huge heart comes at the beginning and goes to the end with two smaller hearts meeting. The best occasion to wear this heart mehndi is when you have a romantic evening or dinner with your husband.



Heart Mehndi

3. Soul Stringer

This is not any ordinary mehndi design. These exquisite heart shaped mehndi designs are from Pakistan and the real beauty comes when you put both your hands together with henna. That’s why it makes a great dulhan mehndi design.

Heart shaped mehndi designs for wedding.

4. Heart-shaped bracelet design

Fine, fine lines go into making these heart shaped henna designs which all result in a lovely bracelet on the arm surrounded by beautiful leaf designs. You can call it a hassle-free mehndi design suitable for a bride’s mehendi ceremony.

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Heart-henna designs

5. Love is in the air

So much complexity surrounds the heart that it’s unbelievable. You can expand this heart mehndi to form a charm bracelet at the ends. To put it better, it is a mehndi art that floats on the hands and has nothing attached. If you want to additionally fill with henna like gotas, draw small patterns on the edge of the finger.

Mehndi heart for bride

6. One Big Heart

Why neglect your feet when it comes to heart mehndi designs? Take a look at this awesome heart mehndi on the toes. Be sure to fill your toes with mehndi paste because the darker your toes, the more drama is added to your delicate feet.

Heart Mehndi Designs for Legs

7. Floral Heart

My God ! Does it look like a representation of Mughal art or just a simple heart mehndi? Either way, you’re bound to love this one and your better half might just fall head over heels for you again.

Floral Heart Mehndi Designs

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8. Warm Feet

Keep an element of surprise by opting for this Arabic mehndi design on the feet that works like a love pendant. The surprise factor is that only half of the mehndi design is drawn on each foot and when you bring your two legs together you get a beautiful Arabic mehndi design.

Warm Feet Heart Mehndi Designs

9. Colorful hearts

See a splash of color appear with these beautiful mehndi designs sketched all over the palm and with a heart in the center. For best results, all you need to do is fill in each heart with a bright dark or purple colored sketch pen.

Colorful Hearts Heart Mehndi Designs

10. The Art of Simplicity

Want a valentine theme or a romantic mehndi on your hands? Get this mehndi heart done on your hand.

Heart Mehndi For Beautiful Hand

So, which of the heart shaped mehndi designs did you lose your heart for? Tell us in the comments section below. Also tell us what heart mehndi designs are you going to make for your office function or your private back.


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