We have told you a lot about Diwali hair and Diwali makeup, and we have also given you countless Diwali makeup tips. But here’s the thing, most of us would be at work for Diwali, which is so awkward for the vibe, isn’t it? And if you’re pressed for time, here are some instant Diwali makeup tips, tricks, and ideas to use. Take a look at all of them and get ready for Diwali with these easy to do Diwali makeup tips.

10 ways to get a makeover on Diwali celebrations

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1. Improve bust size

You can either do this by contouring the neckline like we talked about in our previous posts, or maybe you could make your body look prettier and smaller by wearing a slimmer open bust like a Spanx that’s paired with a push-up bra. to go with the cute special Diwali dresses that girls love to wear.

Diwali Girls Special Dresses

2. Music videos are saviors

If you have unwashed hair, thin hair, or thin hair, and you want to instantly look like a chic diva, it’s easy. What you need to do is create a high ponytail and then clip the hair into place with a clip. high with your Diwali outfits.

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Diwali hairstyles


3. Facial illumination made easy

To make your face shine, just before applying the foundation, you should dab some illuminating cream on the face and let it blend well. When makeup is applied, the skin begins to glow from the inside out.


Diwali makeup tutorial

4. For a healthy blush on the cheeks

We generally leave the blush on at the last moment to obtain a red or pink healthy glow. But did you know that you can actually make the skin more radiant if you apply the blush first and then the foundation? Repeat the blush at the end and fix it with translucent powder; it will help to enhance the pretty Anarkali Diwali dresses you wear with the fanciest Diwali hairstyles.

Diwali makeup tutorials

5. No time for a facial cleanse?

Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with water and a teaspoon of honey to cleanse the face mask. Apply the same on your face and leave it on for five minutes. It will dry out and after that you need to gently rub the face under cold water. Do this in circular motions to remove dirt, grime, and dead skin cells. Now your face is party-ready and you wouldn’t need too much makeup with this Diwali fad you plan to flaunt.

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Diwali Fashion

6. Need instant cheekbones

To shape the chubby face and make the cheekbones look sharp and beautiful, you need to use a brown shadow dabbed just below the cheekbones and up to the temple area of ​​the face. Use a dry sponge to dab the same down, which would make the cheeks smooth and defined.

Makeup For Diwali

7. For your nails

Before you jump into nail art for Diwali, save your money by pre-treating nails at home! Soak your nails in an olive oil and sugar solution for five minutes, then rub them with toothpaste after one minute. The cuticles would fall off and the nails would shine, making it easier to paint your nails.

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Nail Art For Diwali

8. Unwashed hair, no care

No time to wash your hair and create a bouncy look? What you can do is use a little dry talcum powder to work through the roots of the hair and brush it out. This helps to absorb the oils in the hair and also the odors. Moreover, you can bring more of a desi booty by beautifying your hair with flowers.

Diwali hairstyle

9. Apply a little shimmer under the eyes

A little shimmer under the eyes would make the eyes look beautiful and shiny, and big too. Use an angled brush to blend the shimmer under the eyes and make the eyes shine, and with your pinky finger, dab a little into the corner of the eyes.

Makeup Tips for Diwali

10. Use a small brown eye shadow for the eyebrows

To enhance and define brows, use a little brown eyeshadow in matte tones to define brows. It wouldn’t make the eyebrows look hard and hard and it would match the look you flaunt with the fanciest Diwali festival dress you wear.

Makeup tutorial for Diwali

Drop us a line and let us know how you liked our ten Diwali instant makeup tutorial tips?

Source of images: pinterest.com, youtube.com

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