With the fall of Rakhsa Bandhan on August 26, 2018, the festivities are all set to begin. From buying rakhi to gifts, all siblings are filled with the spirit of the festival. This holiday celebrates the love between brothers and sisters and is marked by the attachment of a sacred thread around the brother’s arm.

Buying rakhi is essential, but having to choose from hundreds of models can be a daunting task. But why worry, we have the best of rakhi patterns listed for you here. Take a look and choose your favorite.

Latest Rakhi Designs for Raksha Bandhan 2019:

There are different types of Rakhi. But you can also choose to make a personalized rakhi yourself to make your loved ones feel special. Here are the best rakhi designs you can find.

Latest Rakhi Designs
Source: flipkart.com

1. Embellished Zari patterns:

One of the most popular rakhi patterns is the one with zari patterns. They come in a number of designs including geometric, peacocks, and flowers. You can also look for a rakhi with a simple to glue fabric backing or one with gold thread.

Rakhi Drawings
Source: artsycraftsymom.com

2. The Fabulous Felt:

To make a rakhi with felt, you will need a designer sticker, satin ribbon, purple felt, yellow felt, scissors, needle and thread. To make the rakhi, take the yellow felt, the satin ribbon and the purple felt. Secure it in place with fabric glue. Stick the designer sticker on top and your rakhi is ready.

Raksha Bandhan designs
Source: lav-art-craft-food.blogspot.com

3. The royal rose:

The rose incorporating Raksha Bandhan patterns signifies love for your brother. You can tie this special pink rakhi on your brother’s wrist to make him feel special and loved.

Rakhi flower
Source: boldsky.com

4. The glittering sandalwood:

Sandalwood rakhi is also known as Chandan Rakhi. Many people associate it with ethnic sets. They come in different shapes and sizes.

Beaded Rakhi Bracelets
Source: in.pinterest.com/bablarakhi/

5. The fabulous flowers:

This rakhi design is popular in India. The base of the floral rakhi comes in a floral form. It is painstakingly designed using sequins, threads and sequins

Rakhi hook
Source: in.pinterest.com/mooskaan/

6. The Singing Lotus:

The lotus design on the rakhi signifies the beauty shared between a brother and a sister. It is one of the most common rakhi designs worn during Raksha Bandhan.

Lotus rakhi
Source: classejewels.com

7. The haunting musical:

These types of rakhi are special because they play music when touched. They are equipped with special sensors that activate by touch. Perfect for a music-inclined brother!

Types of Rakhi Designs
Source: indiatoday.in

8. The dazzling diamond:

A diamond is special and an eternal mark of love. And what better way to express your love to your brother than a diamond rakhi on Raksha Bandhan.

Rakhi Diamond
Source: giftacrossindia.com

9. The eye-catching colorful bells:

Rakhi with colorful bells symbolizes good luck and keeps negative signs away when tied to your loved one’s hand.

Rakhi for Bhaiya Bhabhi
Source: rakhiz.com

10.The beautiful Lumba

A lumba rakhi is offered to a sister-in-law. It means the special bond you share with your sister-in-law.

Rakhi women
Source: boontoon.com

11. The sparkling silver coating:

Rakhi with silver coating is said to benefit health and promote great success for people who wear it.

Rakhi Bracelet
Source: rakhiz.com

DIY Beaded Rakhi Bracelets for Raksha Bandhan

To make a beaded rakhi bracelet, the materials you need are embroidery thread, scissors, wooden beads in three different sizes and colors, and a tapestry needle.

Step by step :

  1. Take one or two embroidery threads of different colors and cut two strands of embroidery thread of equal size. Measure the size of your bracelet and cut the strands three to four times the size of the bracelet. Hold the strands together to form one end and tie a knot using both strands.
  1. Pull both strands through the tapestry needle and insert a small wooden bead through the strands.
  1. Determine the length of the part required to tie the rakhi bracelet and tie a knot using both strands. Then insert a small wooden bead and push it into the knot.
  1. Separate the strands and insert two small beads into them; a bead in each strand.
  1. Tie the two strands together and insert a bead larger than the previous ones.
  1. Separate the strands and insert the beads of the same size into separate strands.
  1. Join the strands again and insert a large bead in both strands.
  1. Then take another type of bead and insert it into the strands.
  1. Repeat the beading of the first half.
  1. Tie a knot next to the last bead when the process is complete. Keep the same length of strands on the other end. Insert a small bead and tie a knot to secure the beads.
  1. Cut off the excess from the open end if necessary.
DIY Rakhi
Source: redtedart.com

We hope you will like our 11 handmade rakhi design ideas. If you have any other suggestions or ideas, leave a message in the comment box below.

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