12 best houseplants that even you can’t kill


How often to water: Cheng says you should water a snake plant when the soil is completely dry, and not before.

Plant ZZ

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The ZZ plant is a hardy plant that grows beautifully and quickly. “It can perform well in low light conditions, and it’s known to be low-maintenance,” says Carter. Its green, waxy leaves aren’t large, but each plant has around a million of them, making it quite a look.


How often to water: Water when the soil is completely dry.


Collection of assorted cacti (pack of 3)

Cacti are designed to make your life easier: these thick, fleshy plants hold water better than other species, so even the most forgetful and water-retaining among us are able to keep them alive. . Under the best conditions, a saguaro cactus can live for hundreds of years. If you do this correctly, you will be able to pass on your pet cactus to your grandchildren.

How often to water: Water when the soil is completely dry.



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Desert rose succulent (pack of 3)

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Assortment of succulents (pack of 6)

Succulents are the cats of the plant world. They are independent and generally happier being left alone to spend the day lazing on a sun-drenched perch. They are equally at home in any white cafe, minimalist and filled with latte. There are endless varieties of succulents to match your personal style (Instagram latte art or not), and all of them require little more than a spot in the sun.

How often to water: Probably a bad idea to put your fingers in the ground of one of them. When you lift the plant and it is light, fill a bowl with water, immerse the plant in it, and let its roots drink for about half an hour.

Aloe plant

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“There is something so magical about a big aloe basking in the sun. It lives its best life in very sunny places, with low watering needs, ”says Parkerton. “Added bonus: over time they produce small aloe puppies that you can give to your friends. The juice can be used to heal wounds. (We might guess that at least one product in your grooming routine harnesses the formidable powers of aloe vera.)

How often to water: Water when the soil is completely dry.

Spider plant

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It is an exotic looking plant that even an arachnophobe can love. The spider plant is particularly easy to care for – just keep it out of direct sunlight and trim away any yellowing and browning pieces. The most diligent owners will be rewarded with spiders– long, slender vines that explode like fireworks at the ends – that hang down from the mother plant. Like the snake plant, the spider plant will also purify the air in your home. It is recommended that you use one spider plant per 100 square feet, or about two plants for the average New Yorker.

How often to water: Water when the soil is partially dry.

Palm Tree Ponytail

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Image may contain: Plant, Tree, Lamp, Palm Tree and Arecaceae

Ponytail palms still look a bit disheveled, but in a cool Robert Pattinson – quarantined way. It’s technically a succulent, which means it will thrive in bright to medium light conditions. “It’s not exactly a palm tree, but it looks like one and can instantly transform a space to make it more tropical,” says Carter.

How often to water: Water when the soil is dry, which Carter estimates about every three weeks.

Dracaena plant

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Dracaena Marginata Openwork Weaving Plant

Dracaena plants have beautiful striped green leaves and can grow to be huge. They don’t like bright light, so avoid direct sunlight.

How often to water: Water when the soil is completely dry.

Rhipsalis plant

Rice cactus rhipsalis “Sally”

These drooping cacti are weird, which is a big part of their appeal. “They appear to belong underwater or on Mars,” Parkerton said. They prefer direct indirect sunlight.


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