12 best workout shorts for men that look pretty good when you’re not working out, too


There is probably a big difference between the better men’s workout shorts and stained sweatpants you wear for the bi-weekly crunches and TV-watching leg raises last year. And if you’ve put your gym membership on hold (and still haven’t been able to find adjustable dumbbells in stock), the best use of your monthly budget to stay in shape right now might be a new pair of performance shorts. You will get excited about moving your body vigorously outside on a regular basis.

Over the past few years we have sweated in a wide variety of sports and running shorts. To determine the best we’ve considered, price, durability, hand feel, and a host of other variables. Is the performance stretch fabric really breathable? If there is a liner, does it actually stay in place or does it go up after the third deep lunge? Where are the pockets and can they actually manage to hold the things you need while doing different types of jobs? And, of course, are the shorts good-looking enough that you don’t mind shopping in them? on my way on the run? Below are the 12 best men’s workout shorts we’ve found. They should help you make some gains and look pretty good doing it.

The most versatile workout shorts

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Outdoor Voices Anytime Training Shorts

Outdoor Voices training shorts have clearly won our 2020 fitness awards for a number of reasons. First of all, a Tik-Tok approved 5 inch inseam means no extra fabric gets in your way. Second, they’re made from an extremely technical fabric that’s both breathable and water-resistant, with a comfortable built-in protective liner (that stays in place) and plenty of pockets to hold all of your essentials you be on the run. or lift at the gym. Think of them as the gym rat younger brother of the ubiquitous Patagonia Baggies.

The best workout shorts to get by at the gym

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Short ten thousand interval

Ten Thousand makes a lot of workout gear, but he debuted in 2014 with simple shorts and a shirt. We dug up version 1.0, which we tried in 2015, but the company spent the intervening years making small changes and design tweaks that made it even better. The updates keep the shorts’ extremely minimalist aesthetic, but add a bunch of little hidden touches, including hidden zipper pockets. The thing you will notice the most when you actually use the shorts is the way they move. Thanks to its pinch-free and pinch-free waistband and extremely flexible shell, the shorts adapts perfectly to your body and expands easily with your movements. If you’re looking for the best shorts to go completely crazy on the battle ropes, look no further.

The best training shorts for runners

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Tracksmith “Ekiden” Running Shorts

Serious runners need serious running shorts. And no one designs racing kits more serious than Tracksmith, the Boston brand that transplants the aesthetics of the Chariots of Fire era onto modern marathon-ready gear. His latest concoction is this split shorts inspired by Japanese Hakone Ekiden – a legendary 218-kilometer relay race – made from plush antimicrobial mesh. You won’t be able to squeeze your phone into the 2.5-inch crotch, but the shorts manage to make room for two internal pockets that hold your keys or one of those race day sports glue packs. .


The best versatile workout shorts

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Rhone “Mako” training shorts

The Rhone Mako shorts are a bit sportier than what you might want to wear on a daily basis, but it’s all about performance. Their stretchy fabric feels soft against your skin and produces that satisfying rustling sound with each successive stride. Its standalone hip zip pocket for smartphones is the best-executed and most secure version of all the shorts we tested. They are available with 7 and 9 inch interior seams, making them a good option for shorter men and / or taller men who want to show off a thigh.

8 more workout shorts we love

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Patagonia Strider Pro Training Shorts

We wholeheartedly approve of HIIT in your 5 ” Patagonia bags, but if you prefer a slightly more technical Patagonia offering for training, these quick-drying shorts are ideal for runners, thanks to a super clean design.
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Lululemon LE training shorts

Lululemon’s shorts are made from a smooth, soft touch fabric that is super luxurious. The shorts aren’t as strong as the Outdoor Voices and Rhone shorts, but that also makes them very breathable.

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Adidas Squadra 17 Training Shorts

An extremely inexpensive classic option. They won’t be your “forever” shorts, but they will hold up just fine for a few seasons.

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Brooks Sherpa Split Training Shorts

If the idea of ​​a 3-inch running shorts gives you a break, internalize this pair’s perfect slogan: “shorter, more speed”.

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Satisfy short distance training shorts

The lining of these lightweight shorts is just a bit longer than the shorts themselves, which makes the bold snakeskin print even more striking. They pack an internal phone pocket, an external zippered pocket and a carabiner for keys in one clean and stylish package.

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Rec Gen Type 2 Lite Training Shorts

If AirPods have a tendency to fall out of your ears on the second squat, or if you just stay devoted to your reliable fully wired headphones, Rec Gen might be a good option. The brand’s shorts come with a small headphone pocket that corrales the wires, leading them to your ears along your back to make sure you don’t get tangled while making loops.

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Nike Flex Stride Training Shorts

The Nike shorts feature a soft, breathable inner lining. They also have more than enough pockets to cover your PKW needs – two on the sides and one zippered just above the butt.

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Under Armor Locker Training Shorts

Clean and understated, with a roomy 9-inch inseam, these lightweight training shorts are available in around a billion colors.


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