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Silke London


The last time I went to bed without a cap I woke up to find my pillowcase covered in hair oil (bad for my skin) and my warm frizzy messy hair (bad for me). It’s not a big deal, but hair caps are as essential and necessary as oxygen. Wrapping your hair in one helps extend hairstyle life, prevent frizz, and retain moisture while you push in your Zzzz. Sleeping without one can dry out your hair or cause breakage and other hair problems. Silk or satin cups offer all of these benefits wrapped in a soft, plush fabric that lets you style your hair the next morning without any hassle. You can never have too many cups, so here are 13 more styles that will keep your hair happy, healthy, and hydrated.

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Saint Lucia cream satin beanie


Glow by Daye fan favorite beanies are lined with satin on the inside of the hood to protect your hair and satin on the outside for more comfortable sleep.


Yeli Yeli Bonnet


$ 30.00

Silk headgear from Cee Cee’s Closet is great for sleeping, but it is worth showing off on the outside. With fabrics ranging from luxurious and breathable silk to stunning, bold Ankara prints, you’ll have a collection of headwear for every occasion.


Beauty Tifara

Cordless heated cap for deep conditioning

So it’s not a beanie you can sleep in but it still deserves your attention. Investing in a cordless heated cap will make your wash day seamless, as you can multitask while still giving your hair the TLC it needs.



Emma surgical scrub

Saving lives is no small task, and the last thing medical workers should worry about are the flyaways that confront them all day long. This “capscrub” is much cuter than disposables and is large enough to accommodate thicker, curlier hair.

This doubles as a scarf and beanie that you can tie tightly around your head to protect your edges and keep your cap from slipping off in the middle of sleep.


To glide

Pure Silk Turban Brief

Slip already makes some of the most luxurious eye masks and pillow cases – did you think her silk turban would be any different? Designed with silk inside and out, your hair will sit as peacefully as you do all night long, frizz-free.



Silky-cup satin nightcap

This affordable beanie from Amazon is a bestseller for its large size (extraordinary for those with thick hair) and wide band. The wide band sits comfortably on your head to prevent the cap from slipping, and the soft elastic doesn’t pull on your edges.



Jumbo satin beanie for braids

Sitting for more than seven hours for protective style is stressful enough. But finding a sleeping cap with enough space to protect said hairstyle is a journey in itself. This Great the long cap alleviates this stress. It goes down to the middle of the back to give your waist-length braids their breathing space.


Vernon Francois



$ 25.00

Beanies usually come with just a drawstring, but this one from Vernon Fran├žois trades in the drawstring for two long strings that can be tied around your head for extra support on those hectic nights.



Satin Nightcap – Blush

An even more chic alternative to your favorite durag.


Felicia Beanies

Large Double Sided Ankara Silk Beanie for Women

For the undecided, Felicia Hair Bonnets caps are reversible with an Ankara print on one side and a solid color on the other. In addition, the company offers nine different styles to choose from, the dream of a difficult choice.


Grace Eleyae

Satin lined cap

For an everyday beanie look no further than Grace Eleyae’s collection of practical headwear. It also doubles as a sleep cap and everyday cap that keeps hair hydrated and protected no matter what.


Silke London

The poppy

Silke London’s 100% silk fabric wicks away frizz and protects your hair between salon visits. Plus, it’s dipped in a hot pink and orange colourway that will make any bad hairstyling day look great.

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