15 best chinos for men in 2021: a good pair of chinos will help you clean, no matter how long it lasts


Finding the best chinos in the middle of a sea of ​​shapeless khakis can be a painful ordeal. Especially considering this crazy year for pants in general. Strangeness abounds. Swishy is king, pleats are back, dress pants are huge and it can all be a little overwhelming at times. The point is, just wearing pants that are wide apart doesn’t mean more earthy stockings suddenly came out. There’s plenty of room under the Golden Age of Pants umbrella for classics, and it doesn’t get more classic than some sturdy and reliable chinos.

As early as World War II, men turned to chinos for their functionality and versatility. There aren’t many types of pants, after all, that feel as greasy at home in a mechanic’s garage as they do at a garden party in Martha’s Vineyard. Chinos are the crème de la crème of casual pants, just the kind of socks to make you throw your joggers in the back of your closet and consider (gasp!) Swearing sweatpants for good. You can wear them with a beefy oxford cloth button and slip-ons at home, a crisp white tee and scuffed bodega sneakers, or a blazer and loafers at your friend’s barn casual wedding in the north of the state. The point is, no matter what outfit you wear them with, a reliable chinos will never hurt you no matter how attached you are to your loungewear.

And if you’ve been off the chinos for a minute, now’s a great time to get back on board – after a decade of slim fit dominating the conversation, designers are returning to a more comfortable straight silhouette. universally portable and utterly timeless. When you’ve had enough of all the bonkers prints and voluminous cuts that dominate the rest of your wardrobe, these unflappable fifteen pairs – yes, better men’s chinos on the market today – will be just the palate cleanser you need. If you’re looking to get back into the chino game for less, you’ll find plenty to work on, but you can also check out our favorite khaki pants under $ 100.


The best chinos from all sides

APC Classic Chinos

APC gets a lot of shine for its denim, and for good reason: New Standard jeans from the steadfast Parisian label were at the heart of the late selvedge boom. But it’s 2021 now, the golden age of pants, and a man can’t live on raw denim alone. In this case, APC offers an almost final version of this other most essential men’s bottom: the khaki chinos. Their take hits all the notes you want (a shade of beige that’s not too tan, not too pale; a flattering straight cut with just a touch of the fuselage) and a few you didn’t know you needed (the fabric is waterproof cotton gabardine, like your raincoat). Add to that a pretty reasonable price – from a cost per wear standpoint, anyway – and you have a baseline against which all other persimmons can be judged.

The best workwear chinos

Dickies Original 874 Work Pant

Dickies Original 874 Work Pant

We’ve sung the praises of the Dickies signature work pants so many times over the past year, you could probably write this blurb for us. They have the high waisted fit and wider legs that we have dug out lately. They’re made from a hearty cotton twill, which means they’re tough enough to withstand construction sites and skate sessions, versatile enough to wear to the office or bar, and are available in at about as many colors as a bulk package. from Crayola. Oh, yeah, and they’re just $ 23, which leaves plenty of room in your budget to customize them or just store extra pairs. All that to say: this is by no means the last time you will read articles about the Dickies 874 on GQ.com.

The best chinos to take away

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Theory technical cotton “Curtis” pants

In the pre-pandemic times, you had a lot to do – meetings, dinners, maybe a robbery in the mix – and you needed pants that could keep up. As life continues to return to a semblance of vaccinated normality, you’ll want to familiarize yourself again with pants designed to withstand this level of wear and tear. That’s where these stretch chinos come in. They’re crafted from feather-light cotton, with a blend of polyamide and elastane for strength and comfort, and designed in a clean, clean silhouette. They won’t sag in the face of constant movement or weigh you down in a pool of sweat in your legs. Wear them all week at home, toss them in your suitcase before your first post-vax trip, whatever – they’ll stay fresh and crisp through it all.


The best chinos of the moment

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Stay Loose Levi’s XX Chinos (was $ 90, now 61% off)

When it comes to jeans, it’s hard to surpass Levi’s pedigree. But for a few years now, the company, almost synonymous with denim, has also produced some of the best pants in the menswear game, including a perfectly loose take on the classic, all-American chinos. The Stay Loose chinos live up to their name with a ’90s-inspired fit that’s loose at the seat and thigh and is close enough to capture exactly how a pair of chinos should fit if you’re looking to experiment with them. more relaxed cuts. stylish guys have enthusiastically kissed lately. Now on sale at over 60% off, what was already a real solid value proposition has become the one to beat.

Best Fashion Guy Chinos

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Lemaire pleated military chinos

For years, fashion types have flocked to Lemaire in droves to pick up the brand’s deceptively simple designs. Co-led by Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran, the brand has carved out a niche for itself by selling the kind of cerebral, subtly luxurious clothing that remains catnip for a certain type of thoughtful dresser. Each season, Lemaire pants tend to stand out. This time around, it’s the brand’s chinos that we completely lose our shit about. Cut voluminously and crafted from an airy cotton-linen blend, they showcase the figure above all else, making sure to pair stylishly over every pair of shoes you wear them with. Throw them out anytime over the next few months and you might feel compelled to wander around the outdoor space you find yourself in – negroni in hand – while the one at the helm cranks SOPHIE to the max. Trust us: the power of a really good pair of chinos is so powerful.

Ten other chinos we love

Carhartt WIP Master Trousers

Carhartt WIP Master Trousers

Khakis, you can skip the ringtone.

J.Crew 770 straight-cut trousers

J.Crew 770 straight pants

In case you need a refresher: J.Crew always does a hell of a fine khaki.

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Abercrombie & Fitch straight chinos

As classic as they come.

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Bonobos pleated stretch chinos (was $ 98, now 51% off)

Reasonably priced, precisely cut pants from a brand that does them better than almost any other.

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Chino des champs Alex Mill

Olive chinos are just as neutral as the tan, but maybe a little less obvious.

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Bottega Veneta chinos

Turns out zines aren’t the only thing Bottega is going on a lot this season.
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Thom Browne Unstructured Chino Suit Trousers

You could – and should! – wear chinos to meet your in-laws for brunch.

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Brain Dead Whips and Chains Pleated Wide Leg Pants

The fastest way to make any garment in your wardrobe look fresher? Let Kyle Ng and the extended Brain Dead crew scribble all over the place.
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Flint and Tinder lightweight stretch chinos

Cut to be as flattering as your favorite jeans with just the right amount of extra stretch.

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Noah single pleat chinos

Because rotating your pants in hot weather could definitely benefit from a dose of pastel.

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