15 of Childish Gambino’s best outfits

Since Michael Jackson and his iconic Thriller, an audience had not been so fascinated by a music video. But in four minutes, Donald Glover under his musical nickname Childish Gambino stopped the world on its axis and (for a brief period) stole Donald’s most talked about coat. Slot hosting Saturday Night Live followed the ‘This Is America’ video, just like the release of the blockbuster Solo: A Star Wars Story in which Glover had a starring role as beloved fan favorite Lando Calrissian. For a few months, you couldn’t load YouTube or peek at Instagram without seeing Glover boogying around a topless warehouse in pointy gray pants or charming his way through an interview. Glover is a Renaissance man who mixes theater, music, comedy and activism into the work week. And as her career matured, her style evolved accordingly. Break into public consciousness as fresh-faced Troy Barnes in wacky comedy CommunityGlover was all in shiny t-shirts and ill-fitting jeans. Now there’s a genteel beard to frame his face and a range of super-luxe tailoring options (try grabbing it without his sweetheart Gucci) to adorn the shoulders of a man who has become one of the greatest and most contemporary artists in the world. Oh, and in 2017, we named him the best dressed man on the planet.

The look

For an artist who tackles conversations as deep and serious as racial politics and police brutality, Glover, on the other hand, doesn’t take his style too seriously. You’re not going to see pouty red carpet poses in turtleneck and all-black suit combinations here. That’s not to say Glover is a redneck living in ketchup-stained sweats. Instead, Childish Gambino’s style is done with a knowing nod, using a wide, nostalgic color palette with tailored suits in the earthy orange and brown tones of 1970s fashion or purple and the squalid reds of the 1980s. The choices would look comedic if it weren’t for the details – contrasting lapels to break up a suit, tapered cuts, pinch rollers on pant hems to show abundance plush moccasins. Jeans are strictly off the menu, as Glover much prefers a pair of pleated pants or slightly tapered chinos worn with briefs minus socks. Knitted polo shirts are also worn regularly, as are a few gold chains. Think of Alain Delon, if the French New Wave star was a whiskey-drenched second saxophonist for Funkadelic with a penchant for sensual love and even more wacky saxophone solos. Inspiration: Alessandro Michele, Otis Redding, Harold Melvin Essential brands: Gucci, Outsiders Band, Dolce & Gabbana Follow it: @childishgambino

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Atlanta anymore

A jet-set life that oscillates between headlining festivals and meetings with studio executives is a far cry from a youth spent in the suburbs of Atlanta. And when everyone wants a part of you, it’s time to buy a suit worthy of your man in his prime stature. A double-breasted suit tends to suit this bill, but Glover is a creative – the slicked-back DB city dweller won’t work here. Instead of pinstripes, it’s textured in a shade lighter than navy. Wear with a crisp white shirt and sophisticated yet understated shoes and you’ll be the talk of the (flashy) town.


Donald Glover outfit inspiration

You are speaking to me?

While Glover’s facial expression may seem a little bewildered by all those camera flashes on the red carpet, her outfit knows exactly what she’s doing here. While this is a fairly low-key couture piece for Glover, again, the texture running through it adds sophisticated interest. Wear with a ruffled print shirt for another way to make the look more debonair (John Legend is the master of this) while dark brown shoes work well with just about any suit color.

Donald Glover Style

A helping hand from Donald

Donald has had a bad reputation lately, but let’s not forget the OG – Mr. Duck – who gets love from his namesake here. But how do you decorate your wares with a children’s cartoon when you are in your 30s yourself? Well, the 100 percent wool cardigan from Gucci helps, especially because it uses an opulent, grown-up shade of red. Don’t fight fire with fire, either, when a neutral black tee chills this cardigan, while some worn retro sneakers keep the quirk in the outfit without compromising on style.

Gambino children's fashion


The purple patch

Yes, there’s something unsettling Austin Powers about Glover’s outfit here, but pull off the doily-like blouse, cut the fit around the waist and shoulders, and break things up with a contrasting peak lapel. chic and you can actually look groovy in a purple suit. It’s also proof that there is a lot of power when you keep everything neat and tidy. Notice how exquisitely the bow tie is tied, how deliciously shiny the shoes, how the costume is pressed to perfection. Mom was right, you know you’re not going anywhere with dirty clothes on.

Donald Glover wearing a purple suit

Wed later

If you are looking for a gateway to trendy menswear, an extravagant patterned shirt is the easiest solution. Pair it with sleek chinos or tailored pants and a laissez-faire shirt, for a look that leaves the shirt making all the scream of the soapbox. However, we suggest to cut the pants a little tighter and with a cut, if only so that you can see Glover’s beloved. Gucci horsebit loafers more easily.

Donald Glover Gucci

Chew Fat

The knit polo shirt and tailored chinos are the perfect outfit choice for the after-work cafe with the boys, even if their grooming game isn’t quite up to yours. (We’re talking about you here – have you ever heard of tweezers, buddy?)

Donald Glover First solo

All white, all white, all white

Unless you’re the Pope or playing at Wimbledon (and Donald Glover, it seems), you’ve probably never thought about wearing white. To achieve this, you must follow certain rules. Confidence is required and the shrinking violets don’t need to apply. Also, keep in mind the need to mix white with different patterns, shades and fabrics, as Glover did with a herringbone pattern in the off-white jacket, perfectly paired with the flowing pants in garish white. And lastly, if you have a whiteboard complexion yourself, maybe modify this look – it works much better on men with darker skin.

Donald Glover All White Outfit

The Prince of Orange

Dare we say it, but orange is probably the hardest color to achieve in men’s clothing. The real test of this tone-on-tone dressing nightmare is choosing the perfect color accent to go with it, lest you end up with a full pumpkin and someone is trying to turn you into soup. Black is best in this situation, offering a radical departure from the vibrant impetuosity of orange. Can we also applaud the cut of Glover’s costume – there isn’t a glimpse of an unwanted crease, especially around those hard-to-cut shoulders.

Orange Donald Glover Costume

Wake up my love

It takes a brave man to wear a Dolce & Gabbana jacket to a Hugo Boss sponsored event, but are you going to tell Hollywood’s biggest maverick right now to check out the locker room? Were not. You don’t mess with a man’s outfit when it works this well. Bomber jackets are (still) very trendy, but they may have gotten into the rut of all looking alike. A leather version is a nice way to change that up, paired with simple black pants and sleek black loafers at the bottom.

Childish Gambino Best Outfits

Will you go to the ball with me?

Although Glover’s style may have evolved from his Community days into something altogether more sophisticated he is still up to date with some geeky style choices, only now they take the form of exaggerated high fashion. ’80s-style tailoring is making its way for the summer season next year, so while you can still pair the prom costume with some goofy throwback photos, the look is quite in tune with what the world is all about. of fashion thinks. Black accents in the lapels, pockets and on the pant ribbon accent and break up the look while the cream bow tie and loafers match the top and bottom. It’s flamboyant, sure, but the color seeks to complement rather than distract from the costume.

Description of the image

hot red

If the devil wanted to rap and politically sound music to make babies (see ‘Redbone’ seductive slow jam for starters), this is what we would get – a warm red outfit, a little fishy, ​​but definitely fire-emoji. It’s a look and one that if you go you just have to jump in and so we have three undone buttons and double gold chains and white shoes.

Childish Gambino Red Costume

New Wave Icon

Further proof that Gambino loves a knitted polo shirt, here he embodies the true Alain Delon style paired with soft pleated pants for an outfit that made us crack the iPhone and verify that it wasn’t 1959. It’s a lasting look, proven by the amount of style icons that have come out of the decade, and aside from the leather collar and contemporary fuselage in the pleated pants, Glover doesn’t seek to modernize it. We don’t mess with the classics.

Childish Gambino Best Outfits

Gucci Gambino

Nothing says 1970s couture like a brown suit that matches your grandma’s couch. But brown suits have been around since the dawn of couture days and still don’t feel overdone compared to gray or navy blue. Elsewhere, the V-neck sweater came back into fashion last year after a long hiatus and while nine out of 10 times we would choose a more basic and simple sweater to sit under a suit jacket, a Gucci number will always attract admiring glances.

Donald Glover Brown Suit

Sing it in suede

When you’re certain it’s not going to rain (suede and moisture are a mixture of frizz in the hair), you can’t go wrong ripping an overshirt into the fabric for a luxurious option that sits below. above cotton rivals, admittedly cheaper. A tight military tuck on the white t-shirt underneath leaves no sloppy creases and cleans up the look, contrasting nicely with the looser overshirt on the top. Camel and black are also a foolproof combo.

Donald Glover's Best Looks

Baby blue

As we’ve seen with Glover’s mastery of red and white stitching, he’s a bit of a pro when it comes to dressing in tone and matching different shades of the same color together with each other. others. If red is a bit too much for you, try the same trick in a muted color – the Glover Sports shades of blue here are ideal. White, as Glover’s sneakers show, is also the safest color to bring to a tone-on-tone outfit and can make the fear of dressing in one color less intimidating.

Childish Gambino's best looks

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