16 best leather biker jackets for men in 2021: stylish motorcycle jackets to enhance your spring wardrobe


You don’t need a motorbike, or even a motorbike Licence, moreover, to wear one of the best leather biker jackets for men. This is something everyone should own at least once in their life, because no item of clothing can boost your confidence and charisma a notch like a great leather motorcycle jacket. From the skin-tight cool of downtown Ramones to the steel grain of Arnold in The Terminator, the leather biker jacket is imbued with a gasoline-soaked aura of bravado that you can’t find anywhere else.

But what separates the absolute better leather biker jackets from the rest of the pack? It all comes down to materials and construction. The last thing you want is to be the type in the cheapo leather knuckle – you want a jacket so supremely well made and so luxurious that it will outlast you for a long time. You want full grain, richest suede and vegan leather substitutes that won’t hurt the earth more than the genuine item. This is exactly what you will find on this list. Whether you’re looking for a Brando-esque classic, a distant take, or something in between, we’ve got 16 of the best men’s leather biker jackets here and ready to go.

The original choice of the real deal

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Schott NYC ’50s Oil Tanned Cowhide Motorcycle Jacket

When you hear the words “motorcycle jacket”, this is the one you imagine. Schott invented the leather motorcycle jacket in 1928, near the dawn of the modern motorcycle itself, and has been making the quintessential version of it ever since. The iconic New York brand’s Perfecto jacket – the very bike Brando wore The wild—Is as practical as it is beautiful: the asymmetrical zipper allows one-handed use while riding; the snaps on the collar prevent them from flapping in the wind; the slanted chest pocket is large enough to hold a map; zippers at cuffs and waistband help keep the elements out; bi-swing shoulders allow a full range of motion. Add in Schott’s signature durable calfskin, and you’ve got a jacket that’s designed to last decades, if not more, without ever feeling dated.

The modern Grail plectrum

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Celine men’s leather jacket

Back in 2013, in his very first collection for Saint Laurent, Hedi Slimane absolutely nailed down the designer biker jacket. Her updated version of Schott’s Perfecto style was sleek and clean and all manner of luxury, and she instantly found legions of famous fans, from Daft Punk to Jeff Goldblum. When Slimane took the reins from Celine in 2018, he brought the silhouette with him and made it even better: the fit is a more relaxed and classic touch, the calfskin is rich and lush, the trim is shiny and heavy. and tough as hell. .


The outlaw choice

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Vanson Leathers Bones Flat Track Motorcycle Leather Jacket

We’ve written about the credentials of this legendary jacket before – how it was once nearly banned from competitions by the American Motorcyclist Association, and how it continued to directly influence the likes of Supreme and Kapital. But what makes him really special is, ahem, in the bones. Vanson still makes all of their jackets by hand in their Fall River, MA workshop, which means that a highly skilled craftsman single-handedly sews every intricate detail of the skeleton with exacting precision. It takes a lot of time and effort to look incredibly mean.

The choice for your money

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Buck Mason Bruiser Motorcycle Jacket

Buck Mason’s Bruiser Jacket may seem tough, but its supple, lightweight lambskin exterior makes it one of the easiest to put on and wear on this list. This relatively affordable banger has been specially tanned and dyed to continue to improve with age: over the years a beautiful brown patina will slowly show under the black top layer. The silhouette is inspired by vintage classics like the Schott Perfecto, but it’s cut a little longer for a more modern fit.

The ecological choice in every way

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This jacket is as green as it gets – and we’re not just talking about the alluring color. It’s made from organically grown cactus plants, a much greener option than polyurethane (read: plastic) textiles that are often labeled as “vegan leather.” The result is a durable material that is remarkably similar to leather, with a buttery hand and a soft, flexible feel. To top it off, Deadwood also fashioned the silky smooth liner from recycled plastic bottles. If you are looking for a jacket that will make you feel just as good on the inside as it is on the outside, this is the way to go.

11 More Biker Jackets We Love

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Abercrombie & Fitch Genuine Leather Biker Jacket

Abercrombie’s affordable motorcycle jacket takes away superfluous details and dials from the essential, like that shiny and rich genuine leather.

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Cole Haan Smooth Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Smooth and silky lambskin for under $ 300? Sign us up.

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Maison Margiela red leather 5-zip jacket

As if the exaggerated zippers weren’t warm enough, the scorching red leather makes this jacket very spicy.

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Rag & Bone suede cafe racer

The matte finish of this suede number is a welcome change in texture that makes this cafe racer more accessible than the usual smooth leather versions, but no less cool.

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Fine Creek “Roberts” Horse Leather Jacket

Using a unique tanning technique concocted by designer Yoshimatsu Yamazka, this horse leather jacket will age quickly and crease beautifully, revealing tones of brown under the black topcoat.

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Polo Ralph Lauren Cafe Racer Suede Jacket

Worn to perfection, right out of the rack.

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Rick Owens “Trapunto Klaus” fitted nappa leather jacket

Rick Owens’ take on the cafe racer will get even more attention than the pig you drive.

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Thursday Boot Co.

A real suede jacket that won’t break your bank account.

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Belstaff Trialmaster Panther 2.0 Leather Jacket

A mainstay of British motorsport, Belstaff’s iconic Trialmaster jacket is even more beautiful in leather than in the original waxed cotton.

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Saint Laurent Applique Fitted Suede Jacket

Throw a fishing vest and Hawaiian shirt into Blender, and you’ve got an incredibly chic jacket.

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Himel Bros. Kensington Cafe Racer Jacket

Himel Bros’ Kensington model borrows its retro look from a rare 1930s jacket. It’s also custom designed for you, so you can choose your own leather, lining, hardware and more.


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