16 best sleeveless shirts for men in 2021: Todd Snyder, Issey Miyake, Eckhaus Latta and more


During the summer months we tend to focus a lot of attention on the shorts around these parts. How long should your shorts be? we will ask one day. Can you pull off a blazer with shorts? we will think about it later. But isn’t it time to shine the spotlight on these other two of our members, those a little higher? Yes, Milo Ventimiglia’s shorts and tiny thighs set the internet on fire, but her sculpted, veined arms were bursting fair also hard on these photos. It’s time, my friends, to unleash your freshly improved triceps, to launch this new bicep tattoo in the wild, to beat that terrible farmer’s tan once and for all. It’s time to embrace the best sleeveless shirts for men.

Brad Pitt wears a tank top by Stock Vintage, $ 125.Lachlan Bailey, GQ, October 2019.

And don’t let Milo’s post-workout look fool you: When the swampy midsummer heat hits, there’s no need to keep knuckles sleeveless for the gym. May your atmosphere be more oriented towards the punk attitude of Riz Ahmed in The sound of metal or Brad Pitt’s shimmering aura in the pages of GQ, there are endless ways to make a sleeveless shirt work for you.

Riz Ahmed in The sound of metal, 2019.Everett Collection / Courtesy of Amazon

You also don’t need to be shredded at Justin Theroux’s level to pull off a sleeveless shirt. The slimmer tastes of Timothée Chalamet and Chloé Sevigny are proof that you can look just as cool, otherwise After– with your arms exposed, even though they are closer to the friendly garden snakes than fierce pythons.

Timothée Chalamet in Call me by your name, 2017.Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

If you are ready to wear bare arms, any shirt you own can become a sleeveless shirt with speed, as long as you own a pair of scissors and have a relatively steady hand. Not confident enough in your ability to cut a straight line? Don’t worry: we’ve gone ahead and spotted 16 pre-cut bad boys to help you take the plunge. Wear them with canvas shorts and sneakers, maybe slip them on with loose pants and sandals, then let the good times roll.

Chloë Sévigny in New York, 2002.Rose Hartman / Getty Images

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