17 Best Bath Towels in 2021: Replace Those Moldy Old Shower Rags for Under $ 75


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The best standard bath towel

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Imagine a towel in your head, and you probably imagine this one from Boll & Branch. It’s medium thick, but with a big pile. It feels plush, but not the kind of plush that feels like it doesn’t dry out very quickly. It is soft and feels just as good after 10 washes. Plus Add: Boll & Branch make sure their product is sustainably made with organic cotton, so you can brag to your hippie in-laws when they review your cute set of bath towels.

The best giant bath towel

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Coyuchi air weight bath sheet

All of the towels we recommend come in a bunch of different sizes, but if you’re looking to embrace the enormous life of the bath sheet, consider the Coyuchi Air Weight Bath Sheet. This towel is a bit thicker than the Onsen, which helps give it a slightly softer feel, especially after the first wash. Each spot absorbs water quickly, but due to its massive size, you’ll never want a dry spot to wipe down a new part of your body again. The problem with a thicker bath towel is that it can take an absurdly long time to dry and take up a lot of space while doing so. The Coyuchi bath towel does not have this problem. Even if your roommate crushes it on the side of your towel rack after your morning shower, those large bath towels will still be nice and dry when you take them off the next day.

The best spa bath towel

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Yes, we said there are three categories of towel thickness, but like most things, reality exists on a spectrum. The Riley towel sits somewhere between Brooklinen plush and the more typical Boll & Branch towel thickness. It’s extremely soft with a medium pile, which looks a bit like the towels you envy in fine hotels, but at a price where you could afford a full bath set. It dries you easily and is ready to be reused even if you shower again later in the day. Extra bonus: The small integrated hook makes it easy to hang it anywhere, a breeze.

The best luxury towel

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Bath towel Frette diamonds

Frette makes some of the finest linens in the world – think of the finest hotel bed linens you’ve ever been, and that’s probably Frette – so it makes sense that they also make a deeply luxurious, high-quality towel. . The “diamond weave” is beautiful and functional, drying quickly without being too heavy at all (it’s just a little heavier than the Onsen, but with a more even thickness). Jacquard fabric (practice pronunciation before flexing: jack-erd) is made of extra long staple cotton in Portugal. Sure, it’s $ 80, but it’s really not a crazy amount to ask for a few years of lavish drying. We particularly like the graphite version.

11 other napkins we love

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Parachute striped towel “Fouta”

Fouta striped towels are probably the thinnest towels on this list – they’re barely thicker than the washcloths you use to dry dishes. But if you prefer an ultra-thin, quick-drying towel – maybe something that can easily corral your fluid quarantine locks – this is ideal. Moreover, its cute striped design could add a welcome design element to your bathroom.

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Snowe Honeycomb Bath Towel

Snowe’s Honeycomb Towel is quite similar functionally to the Onsen Towel, but has a slightly different texture. Instead of a uniform waffle weave, its ribbed higher pile stitches are distributed more randomly across the towel. The effect is just as lovely, but we think the Onsen is just a little prettier and comes in a lot more colors and sizes. But if you know you want a bath towel and love muted grays and blues, the Snowe towel is a lot cheaper.

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Restoration Hardware Turkish Towel

The Restoration Hardware Turkish Bath Towel is a plush absorbent towel. The company claims that its long staple Turkish ring spun cotton weave makes it a bit faster than other towels of similar thickness. We didn’t really find this particularly true, but it was still a comfy towel that we would absolutely take if we were really picky about our towel colors (there are 15 different shades).

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Lands’ End Supima Bath Towel

The centerpiece of Brad Pitt’s October 2019 blanket look is actually a really good towel. Like a lot of things from Lands’ End, the towel is an absolute workaholic. It’s not the softest towel we’ve used, but it’s really absorbent and durable. And, you can get it monogrammed with a cute sailboat. What’s not to like?

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Brooklinen waffle-weave bath towel

Brooklinen’s Waffle Woven Towel is quite similar to the Onsen, but it has a much tighter weave. This means that despite its fabric having a kind of smooth coating, it is a bit rougher on your skin. But many people appreciate the absorption that one gets in exchange for a little scratching. We found this Brooklinen Bee Towel a bit prone to stretching, which might not bode well for its long-term health, but no other waffle weave comes in so many great colors.

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Frontgate Resort cotton bath towel

This long fiber Turkish cotton bath towel is extremely soft, smooth and durable. Its thick surface is pleasant against your skin thanks to a fluffy and tight velor. And even after several washes, it will feel and look as good as new.

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Towel Target Fieldcrest Reserve

Target actually makes a lot of really decent textile products, including some of our favorite percale sheets. These towels are thick and fluffy, but not too heavy. They hold up well to use and are available in a variety of beautiful, lighter colors. And you can get one for less than the price of a big meal.

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Bed Bath and Beyond Dri-Soft Plus Bath Towel

The cheapest towel we’ve used is this Dri-Soft Plus bath towel, made by Bed Bath & Beyond. Most terrycloth towels are thicker than this, a bit softer and larger, but this lightweight option is quite soft and dries a little faster than something from Lands’ End or Frontgate. If you’re a price-conscious student, get four of these towels at a time so you can do laundry less often.

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The first thing you will notice about the Havly Towel is the extra large corner loop that is designed to be easily hung from a hook. This loop, in addition to the relatively fine weave of the towels, makes them dry a bit faster than those of a similar size. And if your bathroom is busy but light on towel rails, these two features alone could make the Havly the best choice for you. The actual towel is a bit larger than a standard bath towel, but not as large as a bath towel. Its texture is a bit rougher than the Coyuchi Air Weight towel, but it’s still softer than many other such thin towels we’ve tested.

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Nutrl waffle-weave bath towel

Both Onsen and Brooklinen Waffle Woven Towels are sturdy, but neither are cheap. The only decent waffle cloth towel we’ve tried on the more affordable end of the spectrum is this from Nutrl. Brooklinen and Onsen towels are more luxurious, but the Nutrl is built better than you’d expect for the price and comes with all the super absorbent and quick-drying benefits you’d expect from a waffle weave.

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Rikumo “Yukine” bath towel

Rikumo’s * MO * offers Japanese products that are hard to buy in the United States. These Yukine towels are incredibly plush, just like Brooklinen and Riley’s, but they have a unique, almost * squeaky * feel. The manufacturer says it’s the result of how their towels are refined, a process that takes place after the towel is fully constructed rather than before the fibers are woven together. Most people will prefer the more natural and fuzzy feel of Brooklinen or Riley, but if you’re up to trying something that’s both mellow and stylish, you’ll love the Yukine.

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