17 best men’s underwear in 2021: light and comfortable


Wearing an undershirt might seem like your first step into daddy style – not the cool kind. But the best men’s underwear isn’t reminiscent of Homer Simpson or Ed Bundy. Like other ultra-practical investments – think bullet powder, nose hair trimmers, and calf-high dress socks – the best men’s underwear does just that. meaning. Whether you go for a 100% cotton version or a synthetic moisture wicking number, a Sopranos– a style ribbed tank top or a classic crew neck (we’re always on deep v neck tees) you need a base layer that protects against excess sweat and nipple visibility .

Whether it’s the swampiest part of summer or the coldest days of winter, the underwear below is specially designed to keep you dry, comfortable and stink-free. And, since their main purpose is to sacrifice themselves to save your favorite buttons and dress shirts, most of our top picks cost less than a fancy cocktail party – so you can wear them and wash them to death, then replace them. regularly worry-free in the world. Oh yes, and all of them are unlabeled, as no one needs to spend all day trying to ignore a small rectangular piece of fabric. Without further ado: the 17 best men’s undershirts to come home pronto.

The Best Buy-in-Bulk Underwear

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Uniqlo Airism Short Sleeve Round Neck T-Shirt

Uniqlo continues to do what Uniqlo does best: providing technology-driven, well-designed, perfectly-tuned foundations at simple prices. Their Airism t-shirts are made from a smooth, breathable polyester blend that is antimicrobial, deodorant, and will keep your armpits fresher than the Fonz in the sweltering turgid and sweltering July days. At just $ 10 a soft drink, you can afford to buy enough for each day of the work week, plus a few extras for the gym, hikes and whatever summer throws at you.

The best soft as a kitten underwear

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If you’ve ever purchased underwear using a podcast discount code, you’re already familiar with modal fabrics. Made from beech, the fabric is allegedly [extremely Marc Maron voice] twice as soft as cotton, naturally antibacterial and fully biodegradable. These Tani t-shirts take those claims even further: They are made from Micro Modal Air, the finest form of the fabric which the brand claims is thinner, stronger and softer than cotton. silk. We have no way of proving the science behind these claims, but we can at least anecdotally say that these shirts are so soft and light that they almost feel like wearing nothing at all, and they seem to do a job. remarkable for keeping summer- induced stench at bay. Now back to the pod.

The best classic cotton underwear

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Calvin Klein Regular Fit Round Neck Cotton T-Shirt (3 Pack)

In case you really I just want to keep it the old fashioned way, well Calvin Klein still makes the best 100% cotton underwear in the business. They’re lightweight, snug-fitting, and polished enough to be worn casually like a regular tee. If you’re lucky enough to land at the drier, less smelly end of the ladder, and just need a simple, regular, regular cotton base layer to get you through the week , this three-pack is for you.

The best silky and slimming bikini bottom

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Tommy John Second Skin Undershirt

Tommy John’s aptly named undershirt doesn’t just fit like a second skin – after a few wear and tear it hugs your body, hugging every contour with more enthusiasm than your most affectionate aunt. Its soft, silky finish doesn’t lint no matter how many times you run it in the ringer (or in the washing machine, for that matter), and in a micromodal blend – with a touch of spandex for good. measure – this is a solid Spanx alternative for anyone trying to hide a growing gut.

The best gain enhancing undershirt

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2 (X) IST Essential Cotton Square Fit Tank Tops (Pack of 2)

Far be it from us to unilaterally declare anything objectively sexy, but if we had to pick a tank that matches the descriptor, 2 (X) IST might just be it. The brand’s distinct square styling will make your upper body look exponentially more defined, no matter how long it has been since you last saw the inside of a squat rack.

Twelve other underwear we love

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Hanes ComfortSoft Short Sleeve T-Shirt (6 Pack)

No scuffed label and no crooked collar no matter how many times you wash it. At around $ 3 a shirt, you can afford to purchase additional multipack to store in your desk drawer in case of an emergency.

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Tom Ford cotton-jersey crew-neck T-shirt

Do you need to spend over a hundred dollars on an undershirt? No, but if you are To go to drop a serious coin on the fanciest version the money can buy, should it come from Tom Ford? Absolutely.

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Calvin Klein Solid Tank Top In Super Soft Stretch Modal

Don’t let anything get between you and your Calvins, let alone a preference for soft tanks.

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FOG Essentials White Jersey T-Shirts (3-Pack)

Large, loaded and ready to use for layering under suitable cuts.

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Everlane organic cotton crew

Rugged enough to wear everyday under your best oxford shirts, smart enough to wear on its own as a standalone tee.

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Bombas Pima Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt (3 Pack)

Surprised, surprise: The brand behind some of the most kindly designed socks in the industry also makes a high-quality undershirt. Sleep on it at your own risk.

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Spanx cotton compression crew neck

Yes, Spanx does stuff for guys. Yeah that’s gonna keep things tight on the days you need to watch really sharp and assembled.

Sunspel cellular cotton T-shirt

Sunspel cellular cotton T-shirt

Sunspel has found a way to make a loose, airy knit look consistently clean and refined.

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Fruit of the Loom Stay Tucked Crew Tee (6-Pack)

For guys who want their shirt to stay on all day, these minimal underwear is where it is at. The longer body construction means it tucks away easily and won’t come loose every time you bend over to stretch or grab a dime.

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Mack Weldon Silver Crew Neck T-Shirt

Infused with antimicrobial silver to keep your armpits fresher for longer.

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Hugo Boss Regular Fit Short Sleeve T-Shirts (3 Pack)

Smooth cotton, more roomy body and slightly scoop neckline will make you feel like a boss.

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Polo Ralph Lauren Fitted Round Neck Undershirts (3 Pack)

It’s Ralph, tho.

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