17 best slides for men in 2021: stylish sandals from Adidas, Nike, Gucci and more


Until recently, the best slides for men were one of them, as long as you didn’t wear them in public. But in just a few short years, slides have evolved from lazy shoes for fraternity boys and protectors against warts-averse gym goers to shoes suitable for everyday use. Damn, they’re now being used to ask the question. While we cannot co-sign them to wear them to get engaged, we wholeheartedly endorse the slides for the vast majority of off-the-clock activity. The slide renaissance has happened in part because we’re all a little less buttoned up these days, but mostly because they’ve landed in the crosshairs of designers. The right aesthetically tailored pair – and, as you’ll find below, there is a wide range to choose from – will top off your best casual (and casual-ish) adapts with a pinch of attitude of the middle finger to the sky.

If you’re not sold on full-time slides, we get it. Maybe dip a toe (or 10) into the waterslide revolution by grabbing a pair for the beach (with a new swimsuit)? Let freedom invade your feet. Our guess: soon you will be putting them on almost every day. Hell, you can come in September and start pulling a Jared Leto, swinging slides with socks on until fall. Don’t fight the feeling.

From pool classics to minimalist upgrades you can pair with a suit, here are the 16 best men’s slides to slide into.


Best slides, period

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Adidas Adilette Slides (was $ 25, now 10% off)

Adidas makes a handful of unquestionably perfect items – mostly tennis shoes and tracksuits – and their iconic Adilette slides absolutely make the list. Chances are you’ve worn them before – taking out the trash growing up, showering at college, or at the beach anytime in your life – and never considered them particularly stylish. But trust us: the sporty three-stripe design, the plush rubber soles, the affordable price for the wallet? It all adds up to a pair of slides that you can absolutely rely on and should always have on hand.

The best Wild Flex slides

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Louis Vuitton seaside mule

Well over a century after its debut on the Parisian house’s travel trunks, the Louis Vuitton monogram remains among the most distinctive and recognizable prints on the planet. Proof of its power: the pattern can make the slides luxurious. Is it absurd to lay half a stack on a pair of rubber sandals? Yes. Should that stop you if you have the bank and the adjustments to withdraw them? Absolutely not.

The best sneaker-inspired slides

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What you’re probably realizing now is that the best slides for men tend to be the ones built around already classic looks and logos. Which facilitates the transition. Do you already live with Vans checkered sneakers? Then grab the sunroof version. Still versatility and pop punk as a slip-on, but maybe even After comfortable to wear thanks to the padded shoulder straps and molded sole. Add the ridiculously affordable price to it, and there’s no shame in keeping all of your slip-on shoes in the same family.


The best designer slides

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Bottega Veneta Intrecciato rubber slides

In some ways, these deceptively simple rubber zippers are a perfect encapsulation of what makes Bottega Veneta such a fashion powerhouse right now. They’re vibrant, sure, but it’s the brand’s signature understated and elegant Intrecciato woven leather that takes these slides to the next level. You could wear them with a navy linen suit at a cocktail party, and no one would blink. (Pedicure highly recommended.)

The best elevated slides

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Grenson “Chadwick” two-strap leather slides

If you prefer things clean and uncluttered – as in, you’ve got a dozen pairs of white joint projects meticulously lining your closet shelves – then these sandals are for you. Longtime British shoemaker Grenson stripped the pool slide to its simplest and most stylish essentials. Both straps are made from hand painted calfskin and the outsole features a striking rubber tread for added grip and stability. They will fit perfectly into your sleek lifestyle without wasting time.

The best all-rounders

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Hoka One One “Ora” recovery slides

Hoka’s massive, heavily padded slides are neither subtle nor straightforward. As strategically designed as any outdoor brand runner or hiker, these recovery slides are like therapy for your feet. Distinctive dual-layer construction EVA soles provide cloud-like cushioning and arch support, while outsole grooves add traction. These slides will happily shop and then make your dogs happy after running 10 miles.

11 other slides we love

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Sandal Birkenstock Arizona EVA

All the crisp beauty of your Birkenstocks, all the lightweight durability of your Crocs.

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Nike Benassi Slide

The most affordable pair on this list is also among the most iconic.

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Gucci “Agrado” Web Zipper Sandals

Gucci slips a lot cooler than the Future style made a punchline.

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New Balance 100 V1 Slide Sandal

Modern masters of[comfortablesneaker(https://wwwgqcom/story/best-walking-shoes-for-men)comeforthecomfortableslip-on[sneakerconfortable(https://wwwgqcom/story/best-walking-shoes-for-men)viennentpourleslip-onconfortable[comfortablesneaker(https://wwwgqcom/story/best-walking-shoes-for-men)comeforthecomfortableslip-on

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Suicoke “Padri” slides

If you can’t trust Suicoke’s sandal-making masters to create the perfect slide that can you turn?

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Isabel Marant “Helleah” tie-dye suede slides

Isabel Marant is here to prove that as a trend, tie-dye still has legs – or, ah, feet.

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Carioca Frescobal suede slides

Nothing improves warm-weather shoes like a subtle touch of suede.

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The North Face EQBC Slide

Slides designed to climb the Appalachians.

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Under Armor “Ansa” Slide Sandal

Take a post-workout shower with the same brand that helped you fight your last superset.

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Ralph Lauren “Cayson” pony slide

Don’t worry, preparers: you also have a slide of your own.

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Crocs Classic Slide Sandals (was $ 30, now 17% off)

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