19 best sex toys for couples to make sex even more awesome


If you’re lucky enough to be in quarantine with a partner during the coronavirus pandemic, this is the perfect opportunity to try out some sex toys. The best sex toys for couples, in particular, will spice up your sex life stuck inside. (And if you’re looking for solo sex toys, we’ve got you covered, too.)

The fact that you landed here means that you’ve thankfully evolved beyond the dusty and mistaken notion that even the best couples sex toys mark you (or your sex life) as deficient. Its good. Even if your time between sheets needs a boost, there’s absolutely no shame in using these products. (And if you’re a newbie looking for tips for beginners, we’ve got a helpful guide to getting into sex toys.)

Here’s why you should care about bringing sex toys into the bedroom, even if everything is [mind-exploding emoji]: because she will have more fun. A 2017 study noted that 37% of women need clitoral stimulation (not just penetration) to get to the top of Mt. Orgasm. Adding a vibrator to the mix proves that you know how the female body works and that you are as turned on by her pleasure as you are by her body. It proves that you are confident, adventurous, and a caring sex haver.


(And if that all sounds more straight than what you’re looking for, check out our roundup of the best sex toys for men.)

Below you’ll notice that in one of the few times that men’s needs are often overlooked, penises are drastically under-served when it comes to couples toys. Most of the best sex toys for couples have either clitoris in mind or include anal play (give it a try!). They are available with fast, discreet shipping from companies like Amazon and specialty retailers like Babeland and Lovehoney. Discover a variety of tried and tested toys – from vibrators that double as high-end jewelry to prostate pleasures – and give your bedroom truly shattering orgasms.

Best budget sex toy for couples: Jimmyjane Iconic Bullet

The Bullet has earned its reputation for good reason: it’s small enough to slip into a pocket and take anywhere, and it’s made by one of the highest quality sex toy companies in the game. , Jimmyjane). Going for the Bullet is like getting your socks off at Ralph Lauren. Sure, you can buy some from Hanes, but the extra few dollars are worth the extra convenience.

Image may contain: Pill, capsule and medicine

Jimmyjane Iconic Bullet One Touch Vibrator

The best finger vibrator: fin vibrator

The Fin is an easy way to take simple fingering to the next level. Wrap it around your fingers, and bam, now your fingers can vibrate. Add some lubricant and get to work.

product picture

The best sex toy that doubles as coffee table art: Lelo Soraya

This sleek silicone version of the bunny is as sculptural as the sex toys. Like the rabbit, this Lelo vibrator provides both internal and external clitoral pleasure. This is perfect for the couple who love to go downhill and want to look good while doing it.

product picture

The best sex toy for clitoral and G-spot stimulation: Womanizer Red Duo

Yes, this clitoral and G-spot stimulator is expensive, but can you put a price on shattering orgasms? The Silicone Womanizer Duo does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and it does it right. Once you’ve hit the right spots, just keep applying pressure until the fun begins.

product picture

Womanizer Red Duo Rechargeable Clitoral and G-spot Stimulator

The best stealth sex toy for couples: Crave Vesper

No raw dildo shape here: with the push of a discreet button, this necklace transforms into a highly functional vibrator. Available in silver, gold, and rose gold, it is also chic enough to wear as a piece of jewelry.

Image may contain: Pendant

The best sex toy for vibrations during penetration: We-Vibe Match

The We-Vibe has spawned a thousand imitators, but none of them work like the classic. The C-shaped design allows her to wear it during penetrative sex. One end wraps around her clit, bringing her to orgasm, and the thinner end slides inside the vagina, stimulating the G-spot. He turbo-charges her vagina, transforming it himself. in vibrator. It will feel fantastic on your penis during sex. Or, if you’d rather sit back and enjoy the show, it comes with a remote control.

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The best sex toy for shower sex: I Play Mio Cock Ring

It’s high time we stopped pushing the shower sex agenda, because, really, it’s never as good as you think it is. Water gets in your eyes, you can’t get enough friction, and you could slip off and really hurt yourself. But a select few really enjoy shower sex, and if you or your partner is one of those people, then go ahead and get yourself this waterproof vibrating cock ring to add even more to the experience.

product picture

Je Joue Mio Deluxe Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring

The best sex toy for beginners at the back door: b-Vibe

Small but very efficient, the b-Vibe is not your ordinary vibrating anal plug. The device actually reproduces the feeling of being tucked in, which, yes, does feel good.

product picture

Rechargeable vibrating anal plug with b-Vibe remote control

Best solo sex toy that is also fun with a partner: Tenga Flip Zero

This pouch proves that there is a suitable sex toy for men. Bring it into the bedroom to mix things up, or use it for masturbation when you’re not in company.

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The best sex toy for oral approximation: Lelo Sona

Unlike most vibrators designed for clitoral stimulation, the Lelo Sona uses sound waves and pulses to push your partner over the edge. The feeling of sucking is like oral sex, but don’t worry, giving your girl this sex toy won’t make her forget it. It will just give her something to use when she’s thinking of you but you’re out with friends, or when lockjaw kicks in (it happens to the best of us).

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The best classic vibrator: The Wand

Developed over 50 years ago, the Hitachi Magic Wand is the mother of all vibrators. Over the years, chopsticks have evolved as sex technology has progressed, and The Wand is now the latest rechargeable version of the old design. Its vibrations are more powerful and its design is more ergonomically efficient. If you’re going to buy one and only one sex toy to keep in your bedroom, it probably should be this one.

product picture

Le Wand vibrating massager

The best long distance sex toy: LOVENSE Osci 2

If you are in a long distance relationship, you should consider purchasing a long distance sex toy. Using Bluetooth, a partner can control the toy from an app thousands of miles away. The LOVENSE Osci 2 has a curved design developed to reach the G-spot. Once there, it swings back and forth quickly to (hopefully) create a body-shaking orgasm.

product picture

LOVENSE Osci 2 G-spot vibrator

The Best Sex Toy for Kinkily Romantic: Upko Custom Leather Handcuffs

product picture

Limit your sex life with these beautiful personalized Italian leather handcuffs. You can choose what they say, so buy your human pet cuffs with their (or your) name on it. Or, take the ultra-romantic route and just have them say something dirty – it’s up to you. Each letter is 24k gold plated and encrusted with sparkling crystal. Although we suggest that you tie them to your partner so that you can have full control, these cuffs are so gorgeous that anyone could wear them at the right club as jewelry.

The best luxury sex toy for couples: Zalo Fanfan remote control couple massager

The first thing you need to know about this couple’s sex toy is that it looks gorgeous. Inspired by the Palace of Versailles, it’s elegant from the packaging to the vibrator itself. The couple’s massager is meant to be worn during couple sex and stimulates the clitoris, G-spot, and penis, basically all the garbage you can throw at it. It also comes with a chic remote control, so if a partner wants to take the reins, step up.

product picture

Zalo Fanfan Remote Controlled Couple Massager

The best slightly kinky sex toy for couples: the Wartenberg wheel

If you and your partner are interested in making foreplay a bit more interesting or trying out some light BDSM, the infamous Wartenberg Wheel is the perfect (and affordable) start. It is a real medical device – neurologist Robert Wartenberg (1887–1956) designed the wheel to test nerve reactions. But naturally, the kink community picked it up when they realized how great she felt on erogenous zones. For those interested in medical play, the lab coat is not included.

product picture

Kookie International Wartenberg wheel

The best sex toy for new angles: Liberator Whirl

Missionary goes from regular vanilla to extra nuggets on top with the right sex pillow. The Liberator Whirl looks like any other cute pillow, so you can keep it on your bed when parents are in town. But it has secrets: it allows new angles of penetration, it is moisture resistant and ready to get dirty, and it comes with metal rings for attaching the handcuffs. The pillow is available in almost any color of the rainbow, so it matches your bedroom aesthetic.

product picture

The classic sex toy for a reason: the wireless magic wand

product picture

Magic Wand wireless vibrator

Ownership of any of them is basically required for all horny adults. The cordless, rechargeable version of the original wand also works well, except you can enter the bony area anywhere. (In the old days, couples had to jerk off next to an outlet.) Use it on your partner’s clitoris during sex, or honestly, just like a back massager. This thing is really good everywhere.

Hottest Sex Toy: Lora DiCarlo Tilt

Not only has Lora DiCarlo succeeded in making a sex toy that works on all genders and genitals, but this must-have heats up above body temperature, adding an extra element of comfort. So whether you have a G spot and a clitoris or a P spot and a perineum, stick it in and relax, baby.

product picture

Lorra DiCarlo Tilt heating cap

The best sex toy with a sense of humor: Clone-A-Willy

If the name “Clone-A-Willy” makes you laugh, great! You have a pulse. It’s completely ridiculous and nothing but fun, so if you want to give this as a gag gift, by all means. But it actually does a pretty good job of cloning a willy. Think about all the doors (and holes) that will open. This stuff is supposed to be fun, remember?

product picture

Clone-A-Willy Vibrating Penis Molding Kit


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