20 best men’s dress socks in 2021 for all budgets, styles and situations

Buying the best men’s dress socks at a time like this – when you still might not have an office to go to every day, or weddings to attend, or anything else on the calendar that deserves outfits evening – might not be high on your priority list. These days, however, the best men’s dress socks are actually just the best men’s socks. socks, period. No longer are they made of tight, itchy fabrics that will fall around your ankles and tear in the heels after a long day of walking. Instead, today’s best dress socks are cut from the finest materials, with all the high-quality durability, exceptional breathability, and super-soft quality of fresh hotel linens. They’re designed to be as plush as your sports socks and stay on your calves all day without completely suffocating them. They just feel Well on your feet, whether you slip on moccasins on the way out of the house or just walk around the house in slippers.

And while they say you can judge a man by his shoes, the socks you wear leave everyone (your boss, your date with Hinge, your in-laws, the barista, everyone) having your shit together. The right dress socks will help you look great, show your respect, be successful in the job interview, stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. But what are the best dress socks? We’re done with the fancy ones that look like airport carpet. Nothing cutesy, nothing lozenge, nothing “novel”. No, you need dress socks in solid colors and subtle patterns that work under cuffed tweed pants, stiff jeans, and wild pattern pants. And they should give you the feeling of fantastic feet, even after spending 12 hours locked in thick leather brogues. These 20 dress socks, from fancy French heritage socks to cheap and cheerful basics, tick all the boxes.

The best versatile dress socks

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So you probably don’t visit that many airports right now. But the logic behind Falke’s iconic Airport socks remains the same. They are made from an extremely versatile blend of wool, cotton, polyamide and elastane which is designed to keep your lower limbs tempered, padded and comfortable, even during a hard day of air travel. Even when you don’t have a five hour layover to endure, these densely knitted numbers will treat your tired dogs well, and the available color buckets and the very respectable price of under $ 20 will ensure your fits and wallet are everything. also satisfied.

The best next tier dress socks

Charvet ribbed cotton dress socks

Charvet, the legendary Parisian workshop, takes no half measures. Their exquisitely cut dress shirts, which pass through the hands of no less than 50 skilled artisans, have been worn by such figures as JFK and Matisse. Their $ 400 house shoes are what the WFH dreams are made of. And their socks, as a result, are finely ribbed in France from pure cotton, for a soft, luxurious feel (foot feel?) Dropping $ 115 on a single pair of socks might seem absurd, but the stupendous boost in confidence. that you will get just by putting on these socks is worth every penny.

The best dressy socks against the stench

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Mack Weldon Long Silver Dress Socks

Haunted by your end-of-day foot odor? Sour relationships with friends and family because of your sour scent clogs? It’s time to bring in the big guns. Mack Weldon’s extra breathable dress socks are laced with odor-resistant silver threads that help keep those unwanted aromas at bay.

The best workhorse dress socks

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Men’s ‘Harrington’ Socks Gold Toe (6 pairs)

Up all day? Take Gold Toe’s Harrington Crew Socks. No, they’re not as fancy as the luxury brands above, but they do deliver the professional vibe of dressy ribbed socks with built-in padding reminiscent of your favorite athletic socks. Plus, at under $ 4 a pair, you can afford to buy your gold toes by the dozen.

The best dress socks to get out of your comfort zone

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Want to experiment a bit with your socks? Start with Uniqlo. Their ribbed dress socks are incredibly well made (tightly woven, comfortably padded, super saturated color) for a low, low price. Plus, they come in almost any shade you can imagine. Get some teal! And the eggplant! Neon pink? They will go well with gray or navy blue pants! If one color doesn’t work, you only lose a few dollars.

15 other dress socks we love

PS by Paul Smith star socks

Paul Smith was at the forefront of the trendy sock movement that dominated the late years, and the British legend still proves to be one of the most basic socks in the business.

Sunspel long cotton socks

Clean cream dress socks – especially those as fancy as these, knitted from cotton spun in Italy – with a pair of shiny black Weejuns are still going strong.

Polo Ralph Lauren Dress Socks (3 Pack)

Two things that are extremely reliable in completely different ways: Ralph Lauren and Amazon Prime. Combine them into a perfect dress sock upgrade with this neutral ribbed trio.

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Pantherella ribbed socks

It’s pretty hard to believe that you can get such a potent pair of England Made Ribbed Dress Socks (bright colors, no drop) for just $ 15.

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Nike Dri-Fit Classic Crew Socks (6 Pairs)

The Swoosh’s signature crew has rib to mimic a dressy sock, but enough cushioning to keep you comfortable through four hours of bad dance moves fueled by an open bar. And while it’s thin enough to slip into more stylish shoes (your loafers or brogues), it’s thick enough to keep your toes warm if your fancy shoes are transporting you to freezing places.

Tom Ford ribbed cashmere socks

Cashmere socks are already a luxury, but Tom Ford neon pink cashmere socks are on another level. Imagine opening your sock drawer and not choose them every morning. Impossible.

Doré Doré ribbed lisle socks

This French-born, Italy-based sock brand is so discreetly luxurious that it will make you feel like you were born in France and based in Italy yourself.

Tabio merino wool socks

We worked with Tabio on a previous edition of the Best Stuff Box and can attest that the Japanese heritage sock brand do not joke.

Lady White Co LWC sock

Lady White Co makes some of our favorite men’s clothing basics on the planet at their factory in Los Angeles, but they import these socks from Japan “because of unparalleled craftsmanship.”

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Scotch and Soda Cotton Blend 3 Pack Socks

Yes, it is possible to be extremely refined and also “fun sock guy” in the office.

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Gucci GG multicolored cotton blend socks

Luxury socks from fashion houses like these green beauties from Gucci are best worn with [checks notes] zero attention to detail.

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Nice Laundry Personal Edition Herringbone Socks (3 Pairs)

Impossible to resist a well deployed monogram.

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Corgi plain socks

Begging to be paired with your navy relief suit.

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Plus Ultra Mid-Length Socks

The cushioning and ventilation you love in your sports socks, with all the sophistication and lightness you expect from your dress socks.

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Bombas Ribbed Mid-Length Socks (4-Pack)

Really as good as all of these podcasters say.

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