20 best men’s jeans brands to buy in 2022

Jeans are often considered a generic product, so ubiquitous in our wardrobes that they are the most worn garment on the planet. As such, investing in a pair of jeans from major brands may, for some, still seem a bit excessive.

But for those who are obsessed with jeans – and there are real obsessives out there – that’s ignoring the fact that denim is a special fabric that, while easy to mass-produce in a basic form, is really an artisanal fabric when it is traditional and timeless. intensive weaving, cutting and indigo dyeing techniques are applied.

You’d be hard pressed to find a clothing brand that doesn’t sell a pair of jeans. Everything from H&M to Dolce & Gabbana will offer denim versions, with prices varying widely. But the quality too. Big brands often seek to cut corners when it comes to production, which is how they keep prices so low. But designer jeans don’t necessarily mean quality either, as you’ll most often be paying for the brand name.


When quality is your main concern, these jeans brands are the best of the best. Whether your style is skinny, straight leg, boot cut or relaxed fit in a dark or light wash, these are the best denim brands to buy from.

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The best jeans brands in the world


The founder Levi Strauss was, in fact, the inventor of the style of western jeans with five pockets, in 1873. Today, the 501 model constantly imitated by Levi is undoubtedly the reference style.

Always the best option for affordable jeans, the brand also has its Levi’s Vintage Clothing line, offering more upscale, period-specific fits. Go to Levi’s for any style of jeans – skinny, tapered, relaxed, bootcut or straight leg.

John Levis



Wrangler is “The Everyday Performance Denim Brand” according to their website, and we totally agree. They have been around since 1947 when they were founded in Greensboro, North Carolina. Their designs focus on functionality, especially for cowboys.

Today’s Wrangler jeans still have function at the forefront, but with modern touches. Wrangler jeans are built to last. Their best-selling style is the cowboy slim fit pair, a staple in any budding cowboy’s closet.

John Wrangler


The classic workwear brand, Carhartt was founded by Hamilton Carhartt in 1889, and has been owned and operated by the same family ever since.

Known for their utilitarian pants, every blue-collar worker should own a pair or two. In the fashion world, workwear is all the rage, so you can also rock Carhartts outside of clock hours. Think of your dad’s jeans, if your dad was Ron Swanson.

John Carhartt

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein denim burst onto the scene in the 80s and was revolutionary for the new era of men’s designer jeans. Before that, jeans were considered “worker’s pants”, and spending a lot of money on them seemed ridiculous.

Today, Calvin Klein denim represents the brand itself – they’re bold and flirty, usually in more tailored fits. Remember that taking care of your jeans is as important as finding a good pair in the first place.

Calvin Klein Jeans


A brand focused on sustainability, you can feel just as good wearing a pair of Everlane denim as you do wearing them. Everlane is one of the best jeans brands in 2021, and their ethical approach to denim manufacturing, along with radical pricing transparency, is a big part of the appeal.

Denim built to last, investing in Everlane jeans isn’t a bad idea. They have all styles, from slim fit to athletic fit, light to medium wash.

John Everlane


Madewell’s story is interesting. The brand was born in 1937 as a men’s workwear brand. It was relaunched in 2004 as a womenswear brand, but in 2018 men’s jeans were added. A collective sigh of relief from men around the world, as our jeans options have just expanded.

Their selection is curated – small, but mighty. You will find a pair for every occasion. The Relaxed Tapered jeans are a bestseller.

John Madewell


FRAME – a jeans brand that knows as much about marketing as it does about making high-quality denim. In just ten years (they were launched in 2012), FRAME has positioned itself as one of the best brands in men’s jeans.

The star of the FRAME denim line are their skinny jeans. Worn by top musicians, models and actors, they have the celebrity seal of approval. So, yes, they’re expensive, but if you ask FRAME aficionados, they’re worth every dollar.

Ripped jeans


The New York-based brand hit the denim scene in 2002 and has maintained its presence ever since. They’re known for their “understated yet fashion-forward New York aesthetic,” their website claims.

Rag & Bone makes some of the best jeans, in a variety of styles and washes. the Indigo Authentic Stretch Slim Fit Jeans are a crowd favorite.

Rag & Bone Jeans

AG Adriano Goldschmied

Dubbed “The Godfather of Denim,” a list of the best jeans brands just wouldn’t be complete with Adriano Goldschmied. He pioneered a prewash method now loved by many jeans manufacturers, giving jeans a worn-in look before they go on sale.

AG’s Graduate jeans are a favorite tapered jean for men around the world.

Jean Adriano Goldschmied AG

Citizens of Humanity

Based in Los Angeles since 2003, Citizens of Humanity is a brand with a primary focus on denim, which is generally a good thing to look for and is often found in top denim brands. If not, you might want to err on the side of caution. Master of nothing, and all that.

Citizens of Humanity offers many different styles of denim, but the Sid Regular Straight fit is a preferred design.

John Citizens of Humanity

naked and famous

Canadian brand Naked & Famous is here to offer something different – a pair of ultra-thick 32oz jeans, or a denim blend with linen, or in both left and right twill that gives a subtle checkerboard pattern.

Some ideas are pure novelty (scratch-and-sniff jeans, anyone?), but Naked & Famous pushes the possibilities for denim, and at a great price too. Try the Super Guy Skinny Fit Denim for starters.

Naked and famous jeans


Diesel was founded in the late 70s with the aim of being known as an alternative jeans brand. If you’re not one to follow the mainstream, check out Diesel for its distressing graphics, and for the more daring among us, opt for the designs that are real statement makers.

Their bootcut jeans are consistent bestsellers and they come in different washes.

diesel jeans


Jeans are, at heart, classic clothing — and most men wear styles that reflect that. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for reinvention, and Dutch brand G-Star’s Elwood model – which borrowed the idea of ​​an articulated knee section from biker pants and applied it to jeans – is an example.

Joss Van Tilburg’s brand has become one of the most progressive in the denim market, not least for encouraging the use of organic and recycled denim. Try ripped knee skinny jeans if you’re more of a punk-rock type.

G star jeans

polo ralph lauren

For classic silhouettes and an effortlessly cool look, there’s Polo Ralph Lauren. Their traditional denim has been the mainstay for the most preppy among us. For more than 50 years, Ralph Lauren has been there for us, and our inner college is grateful.

The Hampton Relaxed Straight Jeans are a fan-favorite pair, and coincidentally, that’s where we’ll be when we wear them.

Polo Ralph Lauren jeans

Black Horse Alley

London clothing factory owner Hans Ates was so appalled by a pair of jeans he bought that he decided to start his own label, keeping it small and local, while bringing back details long-forgotten denim construction, like the one-piece fly. .

The company also emphasizes transparency – if you’re in North East London you can call in unannounced and monitor the building process. Maybe you’d like to do it in this slim tapered pair?

Blackhorse Lane Jeans

John Dawson

It’s British, and it’s co-founded by a woman (in what’s a fairly masculine world) – but those aren’t the only hallmarks of Brighton-based Dawson Denim.

Yes, the brand – started by Kelly Dawson and Scott Ogden – uses Japanese selvage fabrics for its handmade jeans, but it has also refined its own fits, like its signature wide-leg jeans. Her black denim jeans are particularly noteworthy. This wide leg pair is fashionable and built to last.

dawson jeans

Acne Studios

The Stockholm-based fashion house offers contemporary jeans that follow trends far better than most of us can hope for. They have a way of responding to the moment – ​​and right now, the moment calls for a looser pair of jeans like these.

Jeans ACNE Studios

7 For All Humanity

Show you’re in the know by calling them your “sevens,” as the brand is known for its obsessed fan base. The style is casual, cool, contemporary Californian.

Best known for its slimmer jeans for men, 7 for All Mankind is a lifestyle brand as much as a denim brand. Buy a pair and join the cult club.

Jean 7 for All Mankind

true religion

This popular jeans brand was launched in 2002, and anyone with any semblance of fashion awareness would remember the craze. Their signature 5-pocket jeans are the hallmark of a pair of True Religions. On a list full of the best denim brands, this iconic company had to make the cut.

They’ve toned down their denim since launch, but the iconic pockets have remained. Rocco Skinny jeans are a popular style.

True Religion Jeans


Sweden’s little-known obsession with denim – it was churning out local brands as early as 1966 – is today best summed up by Gothenburg-based Nudie, founded by Lee’s former head of European design, Maria Erixson.

More avant-garde than many denim brands, Nudie has also used exclusively organic cotton for its jeans since 2012 and launched the idea of ​​offering a free repair service in its stores. When your Nudie jeans are really down the drain, Nudie will recycle them into carpets and car seat covers.

John Nudie


Who makes the best jeans?

Depending on the style of jeans you’re looking for, check out brands like Levi’s, FRAME, Madewell, Everlane, and Nudie when looking for the best jeans company.

Which brands are considered designer jeans?

Traditionally, the sign of a designer brand is that the brand is under the name of a chief designer – for example, Versace was named after Gianni Versace, the designer. Brands like Adriano Goldschmied and Ralph Lauren are examples of this philosophy.

What are the most popular jeans?

Levi’s might have cornered the market here when it comes to the absolute best jeans brand in the world. This is partly due to the age of the company – respect your elders – and partly due to the high quality and cult following. Still, all of the jeans brands on this list are very popular.

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