21 best men’s moccasins 2021: the play pairs you need to crush all your summer cuts


Moccasins have had what we in the business world have called “a while” for some time, but the best moccasins for men feel more relevant than ever. What other shoe, please, fits best at this particular time: slip-on and comfy like the slippers you’ve been lounging in for months; sharp and stylish enough for the post-vax life you’ve been craving for these same months. Thanks to the big moccasin boom of 2021, you’ve never had more options – from traditional masculine ready-to-wear brands to big-name designers to small startup brands – to slip in for the summer.

Mainly because there’s nothing in your wardrobe that a moccasin won’t work with. Jeans (weird or not), chinos, pleated or non-pleated pants, shorts – especially summer shorts – and beyond.

Whatever style of loafer you are looking for, from classic loafers to dressy tassel loafers, we have listed the 26 best loafers for men, all extensively researched, thoroughly checked and ready to roll. Find the perfect pair of moccasins for you, put them on without hesitation and achieve verified style god status. It’s that simple.


The best fit for your Buck moccasin

Loafers Weejuns “Larson” GH Bass & Co.

Bass Weejuns have been an icon since the 1930s, and when it comes to loafers – or any shoe for that matter – you’d be hard pressed to find a better value. The brand’s relaxed style is a favorite with GQ fans, adored by old-school preppy legends like JFK and aficionados of modern loafers. The best way to wear them? Minimize their sleek origins by pairing them with everything from cuffed Dickies to flower-child washed jeans. For savvy shoppers, these are about as close as you can get to a near-perfect black moccasin that doesn’t compromise on quality and doesn’t require a short-term loan. In other words: as long as Bass keeps making them, we’ll keep recommending them.

The best Upstart moccasin

Vinny “Romeo” Croc-Effect Leather Penny Loafers

The best thing about the real moccasin boom? Every brand worthy of the name in the Goodyear brands wants to jump in on the action, from seasoned shoemakers to up-and-coming moccasin specialists looking to make their mark in an increasingly saturated space. Our favorite future comer? Vinny’s, the Copenhagen-based brand founded by fashion veterinarian Virgil Nicholas just before the start of the pandemic. Each pair of Vinny loafers is a handcrafted riff on a classic silhouette you know and love – all at a price that belies the level of work involved. Right now we’re digging into these shiny, croc-effect bad boys, featuring a high-quality rubber sole that will keep your dogs comfortable no matter where your post-lock plans take you.

The best moccasin worthy of the Grail


Gucci 1953 horsebit leather loafers

The word “icon” is casually thrown out these days, but Gucci’s horsebit loafer is the rare piece of design worthy of the moniker. There’s a reason the silhouette has barely changed since its introduction in the early 1950s. Gucci loafers are still made in Italy, still adorned with the brand’s signature horsebit detail that recalls its heritage as small leather goods. Florentine. Explaining their appeal is easy: not only will they go with everything you already own, but they’ll spruce up any outfit you wear them with – from the everyday casual vibe you’ll bring back to your reopened office, to the suit. that you’ve decided to bust once the summer wedding tour resumes in earnest.

The best Titan moccasin in the industry

JM Weston 180 Moccasin suede loafers

If you’re looking for slip-on shoes that will make you feel like you’re on top of the world every time you wear them, these loafers are for you. This is because JMWeston’s most popular shoe is a tour de force of shoe design. Insisting on the 180 manual operations required to put each pair together might seem a bit overkill, but if you drop a rack on a pair of shoes, you’d expect this level of craftsmanship. Goodyear-stitched for easy lay-up and crafted in a rich shade of dark brown, these are loafers that will sync up just as well with your most formal outfits as your most casual outfits, from your finest power outfit. ‘business hostile’ to a pair of frayed 501s and your Rolex ‘weekend beater’.

The best moccasin with tassels

Alden Snuff suede tassel loafers

Tassel loafers are here, on hold, if you want something outside of a penny loafer that still has some talent for the show. Alden’s signature version is an absolute highlight: Handcrafted in Massachusetts from a beautiful snuff suede on an incredibly comfortable leather outsole. You’d be hard pressed to find a pair of shoes that would complement a pair of dark indigo jeans more effectively, or more instantly elevate creamy linen pants to the realm of the “gracefully aging Italian gentleman.”

The best Venetian moccasin

Viberg Eco Veg fallow suede slipper

Venetian moccasins have a moment, and you absolutely have to know what they are. Construction-wise, they’re similar to the more conventional moccasins you’re familiar with, with the absence of a few crucial stylistic flourishes, namely suspenders, pom poms, and kilties which usually lend a bit of flair to the upper. moccasin. The style has exploded in popularity over the past year or so, which means it’s high time you found out what it is for yourself. Viberg’s durable, Goodyear stitched option is one of the best in the bunch. The brand’s eco-veg slippers combine the ease of house shoes you’ve been wearing for a year with the timeless style of street shoes you’ve always wanted. Take all of that excessive detail out and you end up with a moccasin that feels – almost paradoxically – even more stylish than its richly embellished counterparts.

Plus 21 the more we love

Suede loafers with “Jules” logo embossed Jacques Solovière

Loewe Croc-Effect Slip-On Loafers

Must-have drop tops.

Paraboot “Reims” moccasins

Paraboot’s chunky-soled shoes are a perennial favorite of stylish men like Tyler, the designer because of their power to anchor your bigger cuts – literally and metaphorically – with ease.

Horatio London “Beaufoy” moccasins

Two tones is twice the fun.

Allen Edmonds “Cavanaugh” Moccasin

If you want to fully exploit the retro charm of the penny moccasin, a moccasin toe cap is the way to go.

Astorflex Patnoflex loafers

Astorflex takes a classic Venetian silhouette and adds rubber soles for extra cushioning.

Church’s “Tunbridge” Bookfinder Loafers

Church’s dressier style may look like a conventional moccasin, but inside they’re unlined for next-level comfort.

Moccasins Aimé Leon Dore

Children’s favorite moccasin.

Jack Erwin “Carmine” moccasins

Handcrafted in Portugal from suede of Italian origin, these are moccasins that will instantly grant you native status the next time you land in Europe, even if it’s your first time on the continent.

Sebago “Dan” Moccasin (was $ 180, now 58% off)

The moccasins your pops wore to their everyday desks for decades still look perfect for the WFH crowd.

Stefan Cooke Stitched Leather Penny Loafers

Forget slipping a dime through the arch strap of your moccasin – Stefan Cooke throws in an entire button and adds a contrasting seam border for good measure.

Toga Virilis “Polido” moccasins

A little silver colored hardware goes a long way.

Beckett Simonon “Roy” Moccasins

Don’t let the price fool you: Velvety, water-repellent moccasins from Beckett Simonon don’t skimp on the wow factor.

Loro Piana Summer Walk suede loafers

Loro Piana, the Italian brand synonymous with cashmere you need the touch to believe it, makes moccasins begging to be worn with a vividly printed swimsuit and a linen shirt that shows off the chest.

Martine Rose square-toe loafers

Dr. Martens “Adrian” smooth leather tassel loafers

For doc lovers, details like a double pom pom and kiltie bangs – all tucked in over that signature cushioned sole – have helped moccasin wearers look like counterculture icons since the ’80s.

Blackstock & Weber “Mason” horsebit loafers

As appetizing as a thick slice of wagyu beef.

John Lobb “Lopez” Leather Penny Loafers

The price tag might seem steep, but it’s well worth it for the 150 years of finely honed string skills you are paying for.

Marsèll “Gommello” slip-on moccasins

Boss-man moccasins, but you are the boss of a team of graphic designers in Berlin.

Cole Haan Pinch Penny Slip-On Loafer (was $ 93, now 19% off)

As classic as they come.

Engineered Garments x Tricker’s Golf Loafers

Another bold take on the Venetian moccasin, via Engineered Garments’ continued collaboration with Tricker’s.


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