25 of the best 3D tattoos for men in 2022

If you are looking for a more contemporary tattoo style, you might want to consider getting a 3D tattoo. With realistic shading and specific linework, many tattoo artists can create a three-dimensional image that looks like it could be plucked straight from the skin.

While some men prefer tattoos that retain a more lively or artistic look, 3D tattoos are perfect for those who want something different and modern, setting them apart from the more traditional ink style. .

From 3D animal tattoos on the forearm to a small but intricate 3D tattoo on the hand, there are several options to consider when looking for this up and coming tattoo trend. To help you discover some of the best designs, we’ve put together this list of the 25 best 3D tattoos for men.


1. 3D butterfly tattoo

3D butterfly tattoos can be done in a way that looks like the butterfly is going to fly right over your skin. Representing many different things from life to transformation, choosing a butterfly as your image for your 3D tattoo is sure to make for an amazing and special image. 3D butterfly tattoos also give you the opportunity to be more creative and bold with different colors and shades.

3D Butterfly Tattoo
@jt.tat2 / Instagram

2. 3D cross tattoo

3D cross tattoos put a unique twist on a nice traditional tattoo for those with a religious background or a strong sense of faith.

3D Cross Tattoo
@pepoomarius / Instagram

3. 3D nipple tattoo

3D nipple tattoos are perhaps the most innovative and impactful 3D tattoos. Invented for women and men who have had to undergo a mastectomy due to breast cancer, a 3D nipple allows survivors and fighters to feel more comfortable with their bodies after being forced to undergo a change so dramatic and difficult.


3D nipple tattoo
@tattoosbyemi / Instagram

4. 3D spider tattoo

If you’re looking for something a little edgy or even creepy, 3D spider tattoos can look incredibly real. So much so that you might end up with a few people running over you or trying to get rid of a spider in your back!

3D spider tattoo
@probly.escobar / Instagram

5. 3D Compass Tattoo

If you’re looking to take your compass tattoo to the next level, adding a three-dimensional effect can make all the difference. Whether your compass tattoo represents guidance or stays on course, 3D compass tattoos feature optimum detail and intricacy to accurately display just how distinguishable a compass can be.

3D Compass Tattoo
@smith.tattoo / Instagram

6. 3D Dragonfly Tattoo

Like a 3D butterfly tattoo, 3D dragonfly tattoos can be done in a way that allows the wings of the dragonfly to literally shimmer and look as if they could soar through space. Even a dragonfly’s eyes in a 3D tattoo can look totally realistic, and even a little unsettling for those who are a little scared of flying insects.

3D dragonfly tattoo
@riahtattoo / Instagram

7. 3D heart tattoo

Whether you want an image of an organ-shaped heart or a 3D heart tattoo that resembles the beloved shape, 3D heart tattoos can represent a variety of things, from love to the life.

3D Heart Tattoo
@jiro_painter / Instagram

8. 3D lion tattoo

While lion tattoos are known to promote a sense of power and authority, 3D lion tattoos bring these energies even more to life with realistic shading and highlighting.

3D Lion Tattoo
@elaugurio / Instagram

9. 3D dragon tattoo

Like the 3D lion tattoo, 3D dragon tattoos are powerful yet sensual. Since they are usually quite long and intricate, the three-dimensional aspects of this tattoo really take it to the next level. If you are looking for a unique placement for a 3D dragon tattoo, try designing one for the full length of the arm, starting at the base of the wrist.

3D Dragon Tattoo
@jluongart / Instagram

10. 3D Hummingbird Tattoo

With wings that move at the speed of light, a hummingbird is one of the best animals to make into a 3D tattoo. 3D hummingbird tattoos are a wonderful addition to an already heavily tattooed sleeve or area, as they add a bit of sweetness and feminine energy.

3D Hummingbird Tattoo
@cachotattoo / Instagram

11. 3D Skull Tattoo

Since skull tattoos are already edgy and dark enough on their own, 3D skull tattoos create a more intense image that needs to be done with caution and care to avoid looking out of place. If you want to add some flair to this otherwise basic image, try getting a 3D skull tattoo done in color rather than black and white.

3D Skull Tattoo
@jay_davies_tattoos / Instagram

12. 3D Jesus Tattoo

While you’ll definitely be sitting in the chair for quite a while, 3D Jesus tattoos are a unique and elaborate way to pay homage to one’s religious beliefs or upbringing.

3D Jesus Tattoo
@francescofrigenti_tats / Instagram

13. 3D star tattoo

While star tattoos were very popular in the 90s and early 2000s, 3D star tattoos bring back the simple yet classic image more updated and trendy.

3D star tattoo
@nubz_tattoos / Instagram

14. 3D glasses tattoo

If you’re looking to add some ink on the funkier, more psychedelic side, 3D glasses tattoos can be done in red and blue ink to evoke the perspective you have when wearing a pair of glasses. 3D glasses. From a cat wearing 3D glasses to a similarly styled image of an object seen through the lens of said glasses, this is one of the quirkiest, yet coolest tattoos on our list. .

3d glasses tattoo

15. 3D geometric tattoo

3D geometric tattoos are perfect for those who simply like the look and style of three-dimensional art but don’t have a particular preference for the image.

3D Geometric Tattoo
@clowtattoo / Instagram

16. 3D wolf tattoo

One of the coolest 3D tattoos on our list, 3D wolf tattoos bring this dominant and loyal animal to life. In general, wolf tattoos tend to be rather stunning, so adding the three-dimensional element only adds to the overall power and intensity of the image.

3D Wolf Tattoo
@ubiratantattoostudio / Instagram

17. 3D letters tattoo

From the name of that special someone to a meaningful or impactful acronym, 3D letter tattoos appear to appear directly on the page (or skin). If you want a larger set of letters, try designing the tattoo for the chest or the back.

3D Letters Tattoo
@nikto_letters / Instagram

18. 3D Black Widow Tattoo

Another form of 3D spider tattoos, 3D black widow tattoos can look incredibly real. So much so that you might end up with a few people running over you or trying to get rid of a spider in your back!

3D Black Widow Tattoo
@dalehgm / Instagram

19. 3D clock tattoo

3D clock tattoos are best done in areas of the body that allow for a decent amount of space. Although you can design a clock tattoo on a smaller scale, it’s best to detail the hands, hours, and dials on a larger scale, especially when the clock is done in a three-dimensional style.

3D Clock Tattoo
@optimist.tattoos / Instagram

20. 3D flower tattoo

Although flower tattoos are quite common, 3D flower tattoos have a unique style that sets them apart from the traditional roses and daisies that are so often tattooed. 3D flower tattoos can also be done in a way that maintains a more contemporary and modern style, keeping the ink on brand and in line with current trends.

3D Flower Tattoo
@barpstattoo / Instagram

21. 3D Sleeve Tattoo

Among all the different ways to achieve a unique sleeve, 3D sleeve tattoos allow designers to be more creative by arranging an entire scene that covers the arm. Whether you want a half sleeve or a full sleeve, 3D is definitely the way to go to make such a dramatic addition.

3D sleeve tattoo
@alexblacker_ / Instagram

22. 3D leg tattoo

Leg tattoos are great for men who want the flexibility to hide their ink in more formal or professional settings. When it comes to 3D leg tattoos, the long leg space opens the door to virtually any design, from three-dimensional geometric patterns to an entire 3D scene that crosses the thigh or along of the calf.

3D leg tattoo
@bobarlie / Instagram

23. 3D shoulder tattoo

Since the ball of the shoulder creates an interesting curve not found anywhere else on the body, 3D shoulder tattoos open the door to unique designs that are not easily replicated. Geometric shapes covering the shoulder to

3D shoulder tattoo
@patch_tattoo_therapy / Instagram

24. 3D hand tattoo

3D hand tattoos are some of the most eye-catching 3D tattoos out there. Due to the obvious and nearly impossible to hide location, we constantly use our hands when meeting people and interacting with others. All 3D hand tattoos require attention to detail and carefully curated design so that the finished product is exactly as intended.

3D Hand Tattoo
@iwas_tattoos / Instagram

25. 3D wrist tattoo

Although they can’t be too big, 3D wrist tattoos can be done in different ways to create a cool and noticeable illusion. While you could certainly opt for some sort of smaller sized figure on the inside of the wrist or even on the outside, wrist tattoos also give designers the opportunity to play around with the idea of a 3D bracelet or band tattoo that creates a full circle.

3D Wrist Tattoo
@ericamarietattoo / Instagram

3D Tattoo FAQ:

Where to get a 3D tattoo?

A 3D tattoo can be done virtually anywhere on the body. Basically, it all depends on your personal style and the level of realism you want to achieve with your tattoo.

What is the meaning of 3D tattoos?

Due to their unique and vibrant look, 3D tattoos are becoming increasingly popular with younger generations. Although the 3D look of the tattoo does not mean anything, in particular, these tattoos can be seen as a more modern and trendy take on tattoo art.

How long do 3D tattoos last?

Although one might assume that a 3D tattoo might take more time than a traditional image, they actually don’t add much time. For a relatively small 3D tattoo, expect to be sitting in the chair for about an hour. As with any larger tattoo, 3D tattoo designs on the widest side of the aisle can take anywhere from two to ten hours.

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