5 Best Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer Moments: Dr Octopus, Green Goblin & Tobey Maguire’s Suspicion


The Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer sent Marvel fans down a rabbit hole. The ending of this trilogy looks like the best Spider-Man movie we’ve seen to date and the inclusion of previous villains in the trailer also hints that we might actually see all of Spider-Man together in the trailer. film by Tom Holland.

The trailer has so much going for it that Twitterati is praising various aspects of the upcoming Marvel movie. The mentor-mentee relationship between Peter and Dr Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), the budding love between Peter and MJ (Zendaya), the opening of the multiverse and the return of old villains Doc Ock (Alfred Molina) and an Easter egg for Green Sprite.

“For the first time in Spider-Man cinematic history, our friendly neighborhood hero is unmasked and is no longer able to separate his normal life from the high stakes of being a superhero. ‘Help Doctor Strange, the stakes get even more dangerous, forcing him to find out what it really means to be Spider-Man, ”the film’s official synopsis read.


Here are some of the best moments from the Spider-Man No Way Home trailer:

1. The return of Doc Ock

With Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus appearing in the trailer near the end, the excitement for the film has certainly increased tenfold. As he says “Hello Peter”, one can imagine that the theater will roar with applause when the film comes out on the big screen. From the trailer, this one is definitely a highlight. For the uninitiated, Doc Ock first appeared in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 in 2004. The battle sequence between him and Spider-Man on top of a train is still etched in the minds of fans and it looks like there will be a return to this epic battle in this movie too. There is a fan theory that claims the “Hello Peter” dialogue confirms that Tobey Maguire will also be a part of the film.

spider manno way home dr octopus Alfred Molina returns as Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man No Way Home.


2. Green Goblin Pumpkin Bombs

Another highlight in the trailer is the hint at Willem Dafoe’s return as Green Goblin. Audiences here hear her laughs and even see the Pumpkin Bombs associated with her character. Dafoe’s Norman Osborn was a menacing villain in the original trilogy with Tobey Maguire. A Twitter user shared, “Hearing that menacing laughter again… Shivers. It immediately brought me back to watching Willem Dafoe’s incredible performance as Green Goblin for the first time. I was amazed. The fact that he can do it all over again is a dream come true. #SpiderManNoWayHome.

3. The madness of the multiverse

MCU already introduced the concept of the multiverse in Avengers Endgame, but it was developed further in their Disney + WandaVision and Loki shows. Given that both shows have already spoiled the sacred timeline, it looks like the events of this film could complicate matters further.

“After watching the trailer for #SpiderManNoWayHome a bit more, it’s possible that Strange is spoiling the spell because Peter was speaking is a red herring. It could be faked because of what happens at the end of Loki and WV happening at the same time since all of these projects are connecting, ”shared one Twitter user.

4. Doctor Strange is the new mentor

The relationship Peter shared with Tony Stark was dear to many fans and so, when he passed away at the end of Avengers Endgame, Peter was left alone. His desire to admire someone got him in trouble with Mysterio but it looks like this time he has landed in the right place. What intrigued fans is why Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum is covered in snow.

spider-man no way home Doctor Strange has taken Peter Parker under his wing.

5. The absence of other Spider-Mans

While that wasn’t something that happened in the trailer, it certainly got fans talking. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield have been expected to be a part of this movie as well since Doctor Strange opened up the multiverse, but the absence of the trailer has made fans even more curious.

One Twitter user wrote: “If Tobey Maguire returns as Spiderman in #SpiderManNoWayHome, the reactions from the theater will be equal to when Captain America got his hands on the hammer. Bring it on.”

Spider-Man: No Way Home stars Tom Holland, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zendaya, JB Smoove, Jacob Batalon, and Marisa Tomei. Director Jon Watts hits theaters on December 17th.


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