Yes, we believe every face shape is beautiful and you can achieve the perfect look, no matter what face shape there is, there is one shape that can literally wear any type of makeup and style costume. And it’s the round face and the tragedy isn’t that everyone is blessed with it.

If you have a rather oval face, you can make it look round by following a few quick makeup and hairstyle tips. Most of them are tips or tricks used by makeup artists in the entertainment or fashion industries to give a new look to the faces of their models and actors. These are their secret tools on how to make the oval face round, which we have collected and now we give you these funny tips, thanks to which you can also round your face shape.


Here is a list of the 7 best tips to make an oval face rounder.

1. Shape the eyebrows correctly:

The shape of your eyebrows has an important role to play in dictating the overall appearance of your face, so if you’re trying to achieve a round look, focus more on the eyebrows. Try to give them an angular height or a straight shape. You can do this by either using an eyebrow pencil that matches the color of your eyebrows and makes the eyebrows thicker, or you can shape your eyebrows sparingly while maintaining the natural width. This will help draw attention to the center of your face. If you don’t get an eyebrow pencil to match the hair color, choose one that is a shade lighter than the natural eyebrow color. Doing this will also highlight the eyebrow naturally.

Shape the eyebrows to the right

2. The contour of the face can help give a chiseled look:

Contouring has become an integral part of makeup these days, all credit to the Kar-Jenners. There is no denying that the countermeasure redefines the shape our face takes after makeup. Giving an oval face a rounded look becomes easier if it is contoured well, with perfect shading and highlighting. Start at the hairline, use some shadow on the top of the forehead to cut the length of the face, and highlight the middle part of your forehead.

You need to highlight the bridge of your nose while shading the sides. It makes your nose look sharper and thinner. Making any face look rounder by highlighting the right areas is an essential step, and it is essential not to highlight the wrong areas as well. High cheekbones can be all the rage, but not for the rounder look we’re aiming for. Getting around an oval face can be a challenge, but not if you follow the right directions.

Contour of the face


3. Use blush in the correct area:

To shorten your face, in addition to using bronzer on the hairline, you can also use pink or rose gold blush on your cheeks – this time horizontally. You should apply the bronzer in this lighter upward motion instead of the normal outward direction. Also try to define your chin area with a more natural blush, directly on the apple of your cheeks in circular motions, to give you a rounder look.

Apply blush

4. Choose transparent shades for eye makeup:

For those with an oval face, it is always best to go for a sheer eye shadow while applying a darker shade to cut the creases in your eyes. The next thing to do is blend the shades seamlessly and give your face better definition. Mascara is another big step in eye makeup, and you can overdo it as much as you want. Apply 2-3 generous coats of mascara for a dramatic look that will bring more attention to the epicenter of your face, the eyes.

Eye makeup

5. Use the lip liner for a defined pout:

To achieve a rounder look, never fail to apply a lip liner to define your lips before reaching for the lipstick. The goal should be to draw a perfect Cupid’s bow and keep the liner inward in order to make the lips look smaller. Go for a lighter shade, pinkish, plum or nude that works best.

Apply the lip liner


6. Get the right haircut:

The right hairstyle will prove to be very effective in achieving the right look. If you’re struggling to make that oval face look rounded, cut some bangs. Looser and longer bangs can effectively hide a wide forehead, even short bangs can cut off part of the temple space. You should always determine the length of the bangs you need based on the size or size of your forehead. Bangs with longer locks on the side will effectively make your face look rounder. However, a real fact is that long hair makes the face so long. In order to get a perfectly round look, we say you get yourself a whole new lob or bob for that matter.

Round Face Hairstyles

7. Choose the appropriate accessories:

Always keep an eye out for the right kind of accessories as they play an important role in making our face look the way we want it to be. To shorten your face – in terms of appearance, choose large sunglasses, preferably cat-eye shaped or round in shape. Collect hoops, a bunch of them in various sizes. You can also wear tiny nose pins, just a diamond maybe.

Oval sunglasses

So, for anyone wondering how to get a rounder face, the makeup tips above can be very effective in achieving the look you want. We understand that it might not happen overnight, but with practice you will become a pro. Share your makeup tips for making a rounder oval face with us in the comments box below.

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