Do you suffer from back pain? We have a solution for you.

Regardless of your age, you can end up with back pain that can make you feel slumped and as much as 80 years old. However, you are not alone and we have the best yoga tips for back pain.


The good news is, you can easily fight it and get immense relief with awesome yoga poses for lower back pain. However, you must remember to consult your doctor and make sure that these yoga exercises for back pain are safe for you.

Let’s look at some of the best: –

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Yoga to relieve back pain – Postures:

These yoga postures will introduce you to a new dimension of treatments to relieve back pain.

1. Fists lean forward

Once you are standing on your yoga mat with your feet hip-width apart, you should bend your knees. Now bend your torso over your legs so that your belly touches your thigh or comes as close as possible. Fold your fingers into fists and place them in the opposite creases of the elbow below the head. Keep your back, neck and head relaxed and actively clench your fists. This movement of the fist and elbow opens the muscles of the back. You would feel it in 5 to 6 breaths, but slowly increase to about 10 to 20 breaths. Releasing a bit of tension, this is a great yoga pose for lower back pain relief.

Yoga for back pain
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2. Downward facing dog

This yoga asana for back pain is great because it gives the whole back a good stretch and relieves pain from a number of sore areas. Lie on the yoga mat on your stomach and place your hands and palms next to your chest. Lift your chest and hips until you are balanced on your knees and hands. Then lift your knees to balance yourself on your feet and hands. The hips should be lifted as much as possible so that you can feel your back stretch evenly. Take about 5-10 breaths in this position before returning to the starting position. This is one of the easiest and most effective yoga poses for lower back pain.

Yoga for lower back pain relief
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3. Installation of the wall plank

Once you stand in front of the wall, reach it with your hands and straighten them with the palms facing the wall. Now keep your head down and lean forward so the spine lengthens and stretches as much as possible. You would end up forming an L shape. Sometimes you may feel pain in your lower back, in which case you have to bend your knees a bit. While breathing deeply, hold this pose which is considered one of the best yoga tips for back pain for about two to three minutes.

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Yoga sequence for back pain
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4. Child pose

Sitting on your heels, bring your head to the ground in the front and take the pose of the child. This should be done with the hands behind the back, the knees apart and the big toes closer together. Once you feel the stretch, try bringing the knees together. Continue to breathe slowly and feel the muscles in your back and abdomen stretch. The posture can be maintained for about a few minutes. Sometimes you can find your head without touching the ground. In this case, you can place a rolled-up yoga mat or yoga block under your forehead to stay comfortable. This pose alone is so relaxing that you would adopt this yoga asana even without back pain.

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How to reduce back pain with yoga
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5. Two-knee twist

Also known as the “Supine Twist,” these lower back yoga poses are great for stretching back muscles, hydrating spinal discs, and realigning and lengthening the spine. To strike this pose, lie down, bring your knees to your chest by bending them. Bring your arms out until your body takes the shape of a T. Now, exhaling slowly, lower your knees to the right floor as far as possible with the shoulders firmly supported. Sometimes you may find that the left shoulder lifts up; you need to lower your knees away from the right arm. Hold the pose for about a few minutes and repeat with the other side as well.

Yoga for lower back pain

6. Legs Up The Wall Pose

Do you find all of the above yoga poses for back pain a bit too much for yourself? In this case, just lie comfortably on your yoga mat and lift your legs, balancing them against the wall. Your hands can be straight at your sides or even placed on your stomach with the palms on top of each other. This pose will relieve all kinds of back pain without stretching or twisting beyond yourself! According to experts, this super easy yoga pose can solve any problem you might be facing! Whether a beginner or an expert, everyone can assume this pose with great ease!

Yoga poses for back pain
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7. Plow installation

This yoga asana for back pain requires a lot of balance and motivation. Lie flat with your back on the floor. Now bend your hips and make sure the tops of your feet are touching the floor above your head. You can support the back with your hand if necessary. Hold as long as you can, but make sure you have a strong stretch for as long as you do.

Yoga sequence for back pain
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8. Seated front fold

The forward sitting fold looks like a very easy yoga pose actually. Although if it’s easy in a way that doesn’t benefit you, it’s no use. Do it the right way with these yoga tips. Sit on the floor with your legs straight forward. Lean forward from the hip and try to reach your shins, ankles, or feet. The trick is to stretch your back forward as much as possible.

Best yoga for back pain
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Try one of these poses or a combination of these yoga poses to walk higher and have your body bend to your commands instead of the other way around! Share if this has helped you say goodbye to back pain forever!


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