A $ AP Rocky sticks to wearing two types of Jordans


A little over 10 minutes of conversation with A $ AP Rocky, GQLast star of the cover, the rapper from Harlem begins to crack. Rocky reviews a selection of his outfits from the past decade, and what made him laugh was a Coachella outfit from 2017: Gucci ski goggles, a vintage t-shirt and satchel from Kapital, the cult Japanese brand that he helped bring to the fore in men’s fashion. (In the bag? Grass, jewelry, and more weed.)

Stylistically, Rocky doesn’t miss very often. It’s a real anomaly when he does, and memorable too. During our conversation, Flacko breaks down his stylistic evolution, from his not-so-humble origins as a fashion killer wearing head-to-toe Pyrex Vision (a precursor to the brand that would go on to become Off-White) to his current superstar status. world of oversized clothing Loewe.

A kingpin in less of his style? A new pair of Jordans. Flacko sticks almost exclusively to the 1s and 4s, two downright iconic pillars of modern sneaker design. Rocky is a style scholar of the highest level, the type of dresser who seems to intuitively understand where the menswear zeitgeist is headed. When the others zig, he zags (then makes the others want them to zag too). And while he’s not the first to favor the Jordan 1s and 4s, he’s committed to them in a way few others can brag about.


Watch the entire segment to see what Rocky thinks about his success and failure style, then grab yourself a pair of Rocky-approved J’s to borrow some of his unmistakable cover-star swagger – and avoid any fits of regret at the future.

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Air Jordan 4 Retro White Cement sneakers

“Coming up early in my career, you could only catch me in Number 1 Jordans or Number 4 Jordans,” Rocky explains in the video. No need to copy the man, but you can see why he kept it simple. The 1 and 4 deliver blow after blow.

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Air Jordan x Union LA Retro High 1 Black Toe sneakers

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Air Jordan Retro Mid 1 “New Love” sneakers

AJ Mids hasn’t always had love. The Rocky co-sign seals it, however – psychics are officially no longer Jordan non grata.

Air Jordan Retro High 1 “Shattered Backboard” sneakers

Come for the legendary silhouette, stay for the hits endorsed by the high visibility orange sneakerheads.

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Air Jordan x Off-White Retro High 1 “Chicago” sneakers

When Virgil Abloh is a friend, scoring a pair of the designer’s coveted Nike kicks is a snap. (For you, that’s a snap too … if you can drop six big ones or more.)

Air Jordan Retro High 1 Bred “Banned” Sneakers

In the video, you’ll see Rocky paired them with a personalized Prada from head to toe. But these retro 1s will serve you well even if you don’t have a direct line to Miuccia.

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A $ AP Rocky is the most handsome man in the world

Since her release from Swedish prison in 2019, rap’s most prominent fashion sweetheart has been on a journey of self-discovery, musical experimentation, and – alongside a certain megawatt pop-icon girlfriend – l ‘love.


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