A complete timeline of the relationship between Pete Davidson and Phoebe Dynevor


The days of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s romantic summer are long gone. Enter: The Spring of Pete Davidson and Phoebe Dynevor, which appeared right after this winter’s news from Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles and Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers. 27 year old man Saturday Night Live cast member and 26-year-old player Bridgerton the actress has started a romance.

A teenage girl from Caverswall, England saw the couple walk past their house last month and took a photo op with Davidson. According to local news source Stoke-on-TrentLive, the 14-year-old high school student noticed that the duo’s body language seemed to be more than friends.

The teenager told the site her story:


“They walked past our house and we saw them holding hands and kissing. I saw his face from the side but I wasn’t sure if it was really him. I thought ‘no it can’t be.’ I left it, but my sister said, “Is that Pete Davidson?” I walked up to him and asked if it was Pete Davidson and he said “no” with an English accent, but later he said “just kidding” with an American accent. It was quite funny. They were really sweet and lovely. I knew Pete Davidson in part because he’s Ariana Grande’s ex, and I listen to some of his songs. It was strange to see them in Caverswall. I have never seen a famous person, no matter outside my home. It’s quite astonishing that I crossed them. I have told all my friends about it. It looked like they were a couple and seemed happy together.

It makes sense that the two were at Caverswall; it’s about an hour’s drive from Dynevor’s hometown of Manchester, according to Google maps.

A teenage girl and her sister in an English village may have been the first to spot the new couple, but Us weekly confirmed the relationship shortly after the couple’s walk in Caverswall.

“Pete and Phoebe are still doing great though they can’t physically spend time together,” a source said. We. “They keep in touch by SMS and FaceTime. Right now they’re just focused on work … they’re not rushing things.

The two reportedly met earlier this year at a “rally”, although during a pandemic, it is hard to imagine exactly what that rally looked like.


“Pete and Phoebe met at a rally in New York and really hit it off. They started out as friends and soon realized there was a chemistry between [them]said a source Entertainment tonight. “Pete and Phoebe have started dating casually, but things have gotten a little more serious lately.”

Okay, this is all great, when did this relationship start in the first place?

February 2021

Dynevor took a trip to New York City, where Davidson lives, to shoot scenes for the TV show Younger.

“I’m grateful that I got to be here for a hot second ❤️” she wrote on Instagram alongside photos of Brooklyn.

March 2021

The couple have been spotted in several locations in England, including the Caverswall sighting. On March 20, Davidson was seen in the Manchester area, where social media company Altrincham HQ posted the following on their Facebook:

“Pete Davidson in the Market District. Star of King Of Staten Island … and also in the next one Suicide Squad movie. He is staying in Altrincham with friends, ”the post read.

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The Stroke-on-Trent News article was published on March 24.

April 2021

We and Page Six confirmed the relationship on April 5. The next day, Davidson made an appearance on Tonight’s show with Jimmy Fallon, where he was seen wearing a “pd” collar.

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Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Dynevor wore a matching necklace in a video for International Women’s Day, which was on March 8. You can see the necklace at about 4 minutes and 20 seconds.

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“I’m with my celebrity crush,” Davidson said in mid-April, when he reportedly participated in a question-and-answer session with Marquette University.

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These two are starting a long-distance relationship alongside global immunization efforts, so there’s a good chance these two will be spotted together a lot more this year.

People reported on April 23 that Davidson was visiting Dynevor in London.

“Pete tells his friends he’s serious about her,” a source told the publication. The source added that the two are “really in love with each other” and that “Pete tells his friends he’s serious for her.”

July 2021

Dynevor and Davidson attended their first public event as a couple on July 3 when they went to Wimbledon together.

They were seen cuddling, kissing, taking selfies and having fun in the stands during Roger Federer’s game.

pete davidson phoebe dynevor wimbledon

Karwai TangGetty Images

phoebe dynevor pete davidson wimbledon

Karwai TangGetty Images

This follows the months the couple spent in a long-distance relationship.

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