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The watches: the Bell & Ross Alpine F1 Team collection.

The best thing about these watches: They want to go fast.


From left to right: the round BR V3-94 A521, the square BR 03-94 A521, and the oversized square and skeleton dial BR-X1 A521

The backstory: While the most fashionable race-inspired watch in the world is the Rolex Daytona (inspired by the famous NASCAR race in Florida), there is reason to believe that Formula 1 could be the dominant force in watches in the future. close. With Netflix Drive to survive series, which documents the sport behind the scenes, collaborations with brands like Bell & Ross give watch collectors yet another reason to pay close attention to the European racing series. Of course, if you’re already an F1 fan you’re probably a watchmaker, and vice versa: between IWC sponsor Lewis Hamilton and Richard Mille taking inspiration from the McLaren team (and even the FIA ​​president, F1 governing body), the overlap between racing and watch enthusiasts is well documented.

Today, Bell & Ross is releasing three new coins to commemorate the first year of the Alpine F1 racing team. (Alpine was formerly known as the Renault team, sponsored by Bell & Ross since 2016.) The new branding means that B&R is replacing Renault’s classic black-and-yellow color scheme with the sleek black-white-and -Alpine blue. The colors are visible through a trio of new pieces: the V3 round, the 03 square and the oversized square and the X1 skeleton dial. The new colors are cool, but my favorite detail is a little one: the counterweight on the blue seconds hand is an “A” with a bolt running through it. The design is technically borrowed from the Alpine logo, but it has big Avengers vibes.

The new vroom-vroom machine for the Alpine F1 team

We want : The roots of Bell & Ross are in aviation. Among the company’s most famous pieces are special editions for the French Air Force and German astronauts. However, it’s easy for a pilot’s watch to slip into the cockpit of a Formula 1 car (or for a racing watch to suddenly find itself in orbit). The Omega Speedmaster, known as the Moon Watch, was originally designed for the circuit. The new Alpine watches from Bell & Ross have no problem going in the opposite direction.

Photograph courtesy of Bell & Ross

Where and when to buy them: the Bell & Ross V3 (on a leather strap for $ 4,400, or on a strap for $ 4,700) 03 ($ 6,400) and X1 ($ 21,500) are available for pre-order on the brand’s website now .



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