Akshay Kumar puts no pressure, he relieves her: BellBottom director Ranjit Tewari


BellBottom director Ranjit Tewari said he opened a bottle of champagne the day actor Akshay Kumar agreed to make the film. This is his second director after Lucknow Central (2017) where Farhan Akhtar plays the main role. “Coming from Calcutta and making a movie in Bombay with Farhan was already a dream come true. So Akshay sir making your second movie, you can’t express that joy in words. God has been kind to me. I couldn’t contain my happiness, I opened a bottle of champagne at home, ”Tewari told indianexpress.com.

BellBottom had a theatrical release this week, also opening theaters after the second lockdown ended due to the pandemic. The film, also starring Lara Dutta, Vaani Kapoor, Huma Qureshi, Adil Hussain and others, garnered fairly positive reviews.

Akshay Kumar Akshay Kumar plays a spy in BellBottom. (Photo: Instagram / akshaykumar)


“The screens have come back to action. People are vaccinated now, so the situation is better. So they can hang out and spend time with their family, ”Tewari added, reiterating how proud he was to have successfully filmed the film which became the first to take place on the floors when things calmed down. Last year. “When we could shoot during the pandemic, taking the risk of traveling 200 people to another country, what could be more risky than that? So you have to go take it out in the best case. You can’t keep a movie for a year, ”he said while asserting that a theatrical release could be a tough decision, but it was the only choice.

BellBottom is a period drama set in the 1980s that aims to chronicle India’s first covert operation that took place in 1984 after a plane hijacking. He has Akshay Kumar play a RAW agent who runs the task with the code name ‘BellBottom’.

Speaking more of directing a superstar like Akshay, and if there’s any pressure involved when the actor is probably a bigger name than the project, Tewari said, “It’s a challenge, but the challenge is created by you. -same. Akshay sir does not put any pressure. He’s actually relaxing it. But because he’s a huge star it takes a while to figure it out, but once you do you start to function the way he’s supposed to be. Then it also brings you that comfort, that discussion, and that respect. It helps you on the journey to just focus. Our job is to entertain people, so being judged is a natural thing. You have to accept it. Then things get easy.

lara dutta bellbottom Lara Dutta as Indira Gandhi in BellBottom.


The lower end of the bell has been in the headlines since the release of its trailer recently, for the incredible transition from Lara dutta in the former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Ranjit Tewari called Lara’s participation for the role “Akshay sir’s card”. According to him, the main challenge was to get Lara’s good look. “Lara is a great actor, a strong woman and has so much composure. But what could we do physically with her. We had a great team so eventually things fell into place. We expected such a reaction. because we ourselves were surprised when we saw her. When my editor Chandan Arora watched the rushes of the film, he called me and asked me where Lara was, ”Tewari explained with a smile.

We may have had a lot of spy thrillers in the past, but for Tewari, BellBottom has a novelty in the narrative and an individuality in the story. The director has revealed that he’s also trying to learn to see through the script, which can translate into good cinema.

“Sometimes the writing is great, but it doesn’t look like it should. Sometimes reading is better than viewing experience. So this marriage of writing to visuals is one part that I want to learn and improve the most from day one. In fact, everyone should learn this.

But what pressure does he feel when directing someone like Farhan Akhtar who is himself a director? “In such a scenario, you can’t do anything because you know exactly what’s going on behind the camera. So as soon as you know he is listening to you, you know he is in tune with you. Whatever the outcome of the film, if there is no contradiction, there is no problem. Farhan is one of the coolest guys, ”Tewari said.

The director concluded by saying that for now, he wanted people to go back to the movies and watch BellBottom, with all security protocols.


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