Alyx Slides: How many trends can you fit into one pair of shoes?


The world of men’s footwear has looked a bit like the Wild West for a few years now. In some ways, the stranger the trend, the most feverish guys flock there. Sneakers have jumped off the runway – designers have given us everything from chic ugly sneakers and sock sneakers to ultra-technical mountaineering sneakers. Moccasins, not wanting to be left out of the conversation, also got a little weird. Then last summer at least a few stylish guys started wearing water shoes and ballet slippers.

Looks like a designer – Givenchy’s creative director and founder of Alyx Matthew Williams – has quietly studied every little micro-trend. It has apparently incorporated the latest style cycles into a single advanced level shoe: the Alyx Mono Slip.

Unveiled as part of Alyx’s Spring / Summer 2021 collection, this is a whole new style from Williams. The luxury brand is perhaps best known for its elegantly sturdy boots and unmistakable ‘chest rig’ bag, so this slipper feels like new territory. The Mono Slip pulls aesthetic nods from everywhere: both water shoe and ballet slipper, with a heavy dose of rugged technology in the mix. The elegant matte black and white colors also give it a dressy look. The design is constructed from a single piece of EVA foam, with intricate ridges and crevices covering the exterior silhouette. (In this way, it’s reminiscent of Kanye’s Yeezy Foam Runner.) This seamless molded construction means extreme comfort in a sleek shape, a winning combo for anyone looking for a shoe that can be worn anywhere. inside and outside the house. The ultimate achievement here, however, is that Williams has managed to bring all of these things together into one design while still making it look harmonious and wearable.


Everything Williams creates has a slight technical edge, a quality that tends to make her work tactical and forward thinking without turning to full cosplay. The Mono Slip is another winning step in its roller coaster resistant belt. As warmer weather (and hopefully a return to semi-normal life) waits around the corner, here’s the shoe you’d be fit to wear: extremely comfortable, stylishly sharpened with just the right amount of innovative flair.

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