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Spectrum Cropped Tank Top

Core 10

$ 28.90


In the world of workout clothes, there are often two facts that sometimes seem diametrically opposed: Your gear is going to get sweaty (and twisted, rubbed and stretched), and it is likely to get expensive. It’s so different from all the other parts of the closet, where shoes, handbags, and expensive clothes are treated with a kind of white glove respect. If it’s just dry cleaning it’s fine for about 25% of my life – and you better believe it won’t come out if something is risky.

I understand that technical crafting and magic can be better and more expensive, but I wonder if we’ve passed a point where the amount we’re paying for our leggings and bike shorts isn’t really justified. It was with this suspicious mindset that I placed my first order from Amazon’s highly regarded fitness label, Core 10. The brand “Almost naked leggings” have racked up thousands of rave reviews, with over 70 percent of them leaving five stars. Much of this appeal is due to the leggings construction option. It lets you mix and match fabrics, lengths and belt styles – a personalization factor that many high end stores would love to recreate.


Almost Naked 7/8 High Waist Yoga Leggings


Crop Muscle Tank Top

Core 10 by Reebok

My booty was relatively simple: a pair of leggings, a cropped tank top with straps and a square top in neutral colors that could easily work together and matches what I already have.

The unboxing itself might not have been as luxurious as the designer purchases I splurged on, but the elements inside all lived up to the high-end elements I convinced myself to be. that I needed in the past. It is soft and stretchy and not shiny, a cheap hardware tactile gift if I’ve ever seen one. Leggings are thick enough to support you and don’t make you worry about squatting sheer, another common complaint when skimping on athletic wear. Many Amazon reviewers are also converted by spending a lot more (like the person who said “I’m tired of paying $ 98 for leggings that have seams that come undone. They are similar feel but better and the better. half the price “).

My Core 10 purchases match a specific need – workout clothes that I would get quickly – while far exceeding what I expected. They cost around a quarter the price of expensive options, but certainly don’t show it in their form or function. Say goodbye to leggings that cost as much as high-end denim; hello Amazon.

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