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Amiri: Prince of skinny jeans says goodbye to it all

So Amiri’s loose fit is not the famous’ 90s oversized Armani fit that evokes a spirit of admonished humility – the one recently taken over by designers from Evan Kinori to Jerry Lorenzo, and which looks so well in part because, as I wrote last spring, people like Jared Kushner made the skinny suit so ridiculous. Amiri’s new cut has a more grainy richness – inspired, he said, by his memories of working in Downtown LA when he first launched the brand. (Her accompanying video, well choreographed and soundtracked with a few songs from The Roots, had a nice Drive And let’s face it: maybe her clients just aren’t too keen on a super skinny fit after spending the year indoors, even in health-conscious Los Angeles. “Boiled wool or the nice cashmere pants could almost replace the idea of ​​a comfortable French terry cloth,” he said. He’s kept things snug on the top – there’s svelte outerwear and several zaddyish knits and shirts with billiard room designs.

Courtesy of Amiri
Courtesy of Amiri

Still, I wondered if Amiri was worried about alienating his followers by presenting the new figure. “I think I would be scared if I kept doing the skinny jeans, you know what I mean?” Something that works for you is a great building block. It was really linked to my youth – Sunset Boulevard and those first things that I remember. But, he said, “there is a responsibility to your own supporters to lead them. Because having that support is really deserved, and it comes from not always being safe and always presenting a discussion with your consumer. “

It is true that Amiri is less interested in highly commodified creation. joints than to conjure some sort of person. “I don’t design parts,” he says. “I design in a spirit. I think about the emotion I want someone to take out of the coins. He’s the healing and creative globetrotter man who runs his life, taking photos for his hot girlfriend’s Instagram, dating Coachella and escaping to Tulum. One wonders if such characters experienced a particular existential crisis this year, since they could not travel. You know the millennial question: if a man can’t post a Joshua Tree Instagram about being #blessed, is he really #blessed?

Courtesy of Amiri
Courtesy of Amiri

But that could be too reductive. Amiri, along with a handful of other brands like John Elliott and Jerry Lorenzo, have made Los Angeles fashion a codified sensibility with global appeal, a sensibility that social media has cannibalized and transformed into e-boy style. (Hedi Slimane added several terribly confusing storylines to this transcontinental swap of fashion trends with his TikTok-themed collections.) “It’s easy to plug things into ‘Oh, that’s a brand from LA’. And I never saw myself as an LA brand, ”Amiri said. “I saw myself as a global brand headquartered in Los Angeles, super aesthetically inspired by Los Angeles. And I think as the collections have evolved a lot of people looking at the brand have now kind of said, ‘Oh wow, this is a really global thing. And that’s amazing. LA is a real place for fashion. I always felt that way, but you have to win, little by little, this title.

Will next season’s tunnel adjustments get a little more relaxed? Will Lebron appear in bootcuts? He’s bold enough to try it out – the real test is whether NBA and Amiri-obsessed James Goldstein will adapt.

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