An exclusive first look at La Mer’s lightest moisturizer yet

When someone tells me that they use La Mer, I very rarely respond with a “which product do you like?” That’s because Crème de la Mer is one of the legends of beauty routines – smoothing out thick, deeply hydrating cream is like a rite of passage, passed down from generation to generation from mother to daughter (with sons obsessed with care. of the skin that get involved these days, too).

Starting today, a new La Mer moisturizer is competing for its place in your beauty routine. And if you are one of the latest generation of skin care users (i.e. those who are more prone to skin issues like acne), this one is perfect for you.



Infused Moisturizing Emulsion

The hydrating emulsion is perfectly light on the skin, which is quite miraculous considering that it starts with the same two skin secrets as the brand’s super thick creams: Miracle Broth and Lime Tea Concentrate.


La Mer’s Miracle Broth made its debut in the skincare market in 1965 when founder Max Huber released the line’s first product (yes, that was Crème de la Mer). This involves fermenting ingredients like kelp, minerals, wheat germ, citrus oil, and alfalfa in an inflammation-calming broth. Lime tea concentrate was also part of the first cream of the sea formula: lime peels are distilled in an alcohol solution, infusing the juice with the fruit’s natural power to fight free radicals.

From there, the formula is further supercharged with kelp infused soy milk (no more kelp !!) which is packed with vitamins A, C, D and E and minerals and can only be made when it is. placed in a rapid cyclone-like vortex and flash heat treated.

The new texture is designed to be layered so you can choose your hydration adventure. Scatter it in your palms right after the serum of your choice and spread it on the skin to lock in the assets. If you feel that your skin needs more hydration, then apply a moisturizer. Or if your skin is like mine in the summer (i.e. it needs something light), you won’t.

Next time I talk to friends about La Mer, I’ll tell them about the Moisturizing Emulsion. After all, knowledge is power.

(PS If you read the beauty section of ELLE and also love conspiracy theories, then the La Mer brand story is the perfect intersection of your interests.)

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