Angry Taapsee Pannu shreds a troll who called him ‘sasti maal’: ‘Wait until this country returns to normal breathing’


Taapsee Pannu reacted strongly after a troll called her ‘sasti maal’ amid her attempts to amplify the need of those suffering from Covid-19. The angry actor denounced the troll in no uncertain terms, asking the person to return when the “ country recovers to breathing properly ”.

This happened when a Twitter user tweeted to him: “Apni car de pannu… sab kaam twitter per hi karegi… baketi karwa lo iss sasti maal se”. Taapsee quickly quoted the tweet and responded, “Can you please shut up! Like just STFU! If that’s all you wanna say in these times then wait until this country comes back to breathing normally, then go back to your shitty ways until then DON’T CROSS MY TIME WITH YOUR NONSENSE and let me do what I do! “

taapsee pannu troll answer Taapsee Pannu responded strongly to a troll. (Photo: Taapsee Pannu / Twitter)


Taapsee had recently called Twitter the most toxic social media platform. She, however, said the way people have come together to provide support for those suffering from the coronavirus on the platform gives her hope.

Appreciating Twitterati for extending her support as India battles the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, she tweeted that she doesn’t regret being on the microblogging site even though it is ” one of the most toxic social media platforms ”.

“There was something about me that made me stay here despite being one of the most toxic social media platforms. Seeing the timeline filled with requested support and altruistic / no agenda help makes me believe once again in the power of intuition. Magnificent (sic), ”Taapsee wrote.

Soon she received praise from her fans, while many appealed to her and other celebrities to help those in need.



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