Anthony Davis’ watch has the eye of the tiger


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This flashy Rolex, with streams of diamonds on the dial, was launched as one of the super-secret Crown Daytona drops in 2019. It’s the perfect watch for an NBA superstar like Anthony Davis, not only due to scarcity and law. ice from the factory, but because of the nickname the watch quickly earned. As soon as the watch was released, collectors began to refer to the striped piece with sparkling sub-dials as “the eye of the tiger”. Besides the iPad Davis uses to coach the guys on the bench, this watch is the most effective accessory Brow has to move his team forward as he gets injured in Achilles. The piece has its own pumping music: “It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of combat / risin ‘up to our rival’s challenge. Until Rolex decided to release a watch dubbed “We Are the Champions” (championagne-dial something or other) or the “We Will Rock You” (Daytona with a dial made of real rocks), the Eye of the Tiger will continue to hold the title of best watch to ride the pine. Also this week, great watches aren’t just for NBA players and Michael B. Jordan wears an equally dazzling Rolex.

Christian petersen

Rolex Daytona “Eye of the Tiger” by Anthony Davis


The typical Rolex sobriety makes the brand’s gemstones even more exciting. An extra-chilled version of the GMT “Pepsi” and a rare Submariner set with sapphires are two highlights, but no piece has benefited from Rolex’s fun series like the Daytona. The watch has been remade in several “Rainbow” versions with multicolored diamonds around the bezel and in an absolutely wild “Leopard” pattern. When Rolex gets big, it really works: Davis’s Eye of the Tiger has 36 diamonds on the bezel and 243 more on the dial. Even the indexes on this watch are 18k gold.

Nathaniel S. Butler

The Rolex Day-Date by Michael B. Jordan

Davis is not the only one who can make a flashy Rolex. While Jordan’s Day Date with a diamond-covered bezel looks totally tame compared to the Tiger’s Eye, this is still a factory-set Rolex we’re talking about. Slowly but surely, A-List actors are starting to wear icy watches to once again sit on the field at NBA games. If that’s not a sign of normalcy, I don’t know what is.

Scott Audette

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712 / 1A by Kyle Lowry

The greatest Raptor ever to wear arguably the greatest sports watch of all time. While avoiding a series of rumored deals this week, Lowry appeared to add another gem to his burgeoning watch collection. The Nautilus 5712 is not the much-loved 5711, but what it lacks in prestige it makes up for with its additional complications. The watch comes with a power reserve, date indicator and moon phase function.

Thearon W. Henderson

Quin Snyder Breitling Chronospace Chronograph

Typically, the best watches are reserved for NBA players, while coaches equip themselves with G-Shocks or Apple Watches. But Utah Jazz’s Quin Snyder is stealing a page from the playbook of European football coaches who have personalized pieces from Richard Mille and Rolex. This week, as I watched the Jazz put the slap on my Brooklyn Nets, I couldn’t help but notice Snyder’s watch: a Breitling Chronospace Chronograph. He’s not one of the usual suspects you’d expect to end up on an NBA touchdown. The watch, with its large number “12”, is around ten years old at this point, and is no longer in the Breitling catalog. But Snyder has a track record of gravitating towards interesting watches. He wore the green Rolex “Hulk” Submariner while coaching a game in 2020.

Mark Van Hecke
Courtesy of Richard Mille

Richard Mille RM67-02 by Mark Cavendish

Whether it’s Rafael Nadal, Bubba Watson, Odell Beckham Jr. or cyclist Julian Alaphilippe, it’s hard to overcome star athletes wearing oversized sports watches while participating in their respective sports. It’s a testament to Richard Mille, who makes the watches light enough that they won’t disturb the delicate balance of a golf swing or follow a tennis racquet – and are welcome on the wrists of weight-conscious cyclists. Cavendish’s RM67 is tailor-made for him in a burnt orange color. The exclusive colourway is the result of Cavendish’s cycling through time for the Bahrain-McLaren short-lived team who used that same shade of orange on their uniforms.


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