Apurva Asrani and her partner Siddhant announce their separation: ‘Every day of these 14 years has been precious’


Writer Aligarh Apurva Asrani has announced his separation from longtime partner Siddhant. The two dated for 14 years, which Apurva described as “important and precious.”

Apurva shared the note on his Instagram account and wrote: “I inform you with a heavy heart that Siddhant and I have gone their separate ways. I know we’ve been seen as role models by many in the LGBTQ community, and it’s sure to be a bit of a disappointment, but I have to tell you that every day of these 14 years has been important and precious, and that we separated amicably. . “

The author of Criminal Justice Season 2 also mentioned that the two are “the first generation in India to live our love so visibly and courageously”, adding that “I think there is hope. For Sid, for me, and for each of us looking for love, commitment and security.


On Saturday morning, Apurva also said: “Loyalty is not gray. It’s black and white, either you are totally loyal or you are not at all loyal ”on his Instagram stories.

Apurva Apurva shared this on his Instagram account.

The couple had celebrated 14 years of being together on February 14. “14 years today since we first held hands. We fought against a law that criminalized us, a society that rejected us and found solutions to our problems without role models or family support. We hope the new 377 India post will be kinder to LGBTQ couples. Here is for more visibility, had shared Apurva earlier this year, with a photo of him with Siddhant.



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