Aritzia uses Tencel in so many amazing dresses


I love shopping online with the best of them – it’s my favorite hunting method – but there’s no denying that you lose something when you can’t touch or smell. It’s a bit like real estate, where photography and styling can go a long way to showcasing something mediocre. The shopping trick that I’m surprised more people don’t use is to check the materials list before putting anything in your cart. What looks amazing can fall apart ridiculously fast when you see something like poly in the front and center.

The summer material that I always hope to see is TENCEL ™, a wood-based fiber from sustainable sources. and feels amazing. Extra pro-shopping tip: It becomes extremely easy and quick to find if you are focusing on a brand or retailer that uses it reliably, which is exactly why I have become even more of a staunch fan of dresses from summer of Aritzia.

The brand has focused on sustainability from the start, with a conscious eye on social and environmental impact, a commitment that has led it to use TENCEL ™ fibers throughout its Wilfred and Wilfred Free collections. Wood-based materials come from a closed-loop production process that avoids releasing byproducts into the environment as they go, which means forests, water bodies and animals who inhabit them are more secure.



Saturn mini dress


$ 68.00


Market dress


$ 78.00

This is all important, but a harder sale if it isn’t to feel Well. TENCEL ™ fibers, like Lyocell and Modal, are known to be super soft, super breathable and super flattering, making buying pieces made with them a real win-win. Then when you are ready to improve your buying skills, turn it into a triple earn by doing your next errands with a retailer that is committed to using it extensively so you don’t get stuck looking for labels.

Welcome to the big leagues.

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