Armani dazzles with its ruffles and elegance at the Parisian couture show


Italian designer Giorgio Armani showcased an haute couture collection at Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday, interspersing glittering Hollywood-style silhouettes and ruffles with sleek pantsuits with a splash of sparkle.

In front of a limited number of guests, the models strolled through the lounges of the Italian Embassy in Paris, showing off an Autumn / Winter line of sky blue and silver outfits with metallic reflections, topped with black velvet jackets.

Giorgio Armani, Giorgio Armani creations, Giorgio Armani Paris Fashion Week, In front of a limited number of guests, models paraded
in the salons of the Italian Embassy in Paris. (REUTERS / Sarah Meyssonnier)


Layered dresses in pastel fabrics were followed by a mauve feather jacket and rhinestone-embellished evening dresses.

Armani, 86, also showcased a spiderweb cape made of beads on a pink cropped top, cool-toned pantsuits and a sheer green and pink sequin ensemble.

As with other high-end brands during pandemic-era Paris Fashion Week, Armani mixed physical spectacle and streaming.

Haute Couture Week runs until July 8.



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