Whenever we think of young talent in the fashion industry, a name always comes to mind. A name that made an impression and was a model for many. Someone who’s worked hard and is one of the most successful role models in the business. Yes, we are talking about the gorgeous Ashley Graham.

Discovered at the age of 12 in a mall in Omaha, Nebraska by an international modeling agency, I&I, Ashley Graham was the chosen one. With his extravagant personality and a great attitude, his journey to stardom began at such a young age. Listed after a year, she was among the very young models to pursue a modeling career so early in her life.

He is an American model who has appeared on the cover of various fashion magazines such as Vogue, Glamor, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. She has appeared in several Levi’s campaigns and was the first plus size model to appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. But if you fancy reading the latest update, in 2018 she became the first plus-size model to appear on the covers of British Vogue and American Vogue.

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Ashley Graham biography

Personal details of Ashley Graham:

Last name Ashley ann graham
Birthday October 30, 1987 [celebrity_age_calc data=”1987-10-30″]
sun sign Scorpio
Eye colour Dark brown
Hair color Brown to dark brown
Nationality American
Religion Not shared by Ashley publicly
Education Scott Middle School (1999-2002), Lincoln Southwest High School in Lincoln, Nebraska (2002-2005)
Occupation Plus-size model (and prolific too given her modeling contracts)
Civil status Married

Wouldn’t you like to know a thing or two about Ashley’s family history? While few details are available, let’s see how much justice we can do with it.

Family Details:

Dad N / A
Mother N / A
Brothers and sisters Two younger sisters
Spouse Videographer Justin Ervin
Children Nothing

Ashley Graham’s beauty bytes:

Ashley Graham created the buzz for her fabulous weight loss results. She recently posted some makeup-free selfies and we totally agree that she looks absolutely flawless. She posed for magazine shoots with very minimal makeup and drew it like a goddess. Her weight loss effect also seems to have slimmed down her face in a magnificent way. Her spotless skin seems to have no problem being exposed without any cosmetics and we love it.



Body Status:

To build Voluptuous
Height 5 ft 9 inches (= 175 cm)
Weight 91 kg (= 21 lbs)
Waist size 30 inch
Hips 46 inch
Shoe size 10 (United States)
Body measurement 42-30-46 or 107-76-117 cm

Favorite things and hobbies:

Color Black
Food fries
In law N / A
sport Tennis
Mark N / A
Actor N / A
Actress Tilda swinton
Movie Gypsy Eyes, Boys Klub

Let’s take a look at the history of Ashley’s work, from the formative years until today.

Brand endorsements:

Ashley has a reputation for working for several brands including Bloomingdale’s, Elomi lingerie, Evans, Hanes, Lane Bryant, Levi’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Old Navy, Simply Be, Target. The list is endless.

Ashley Graham Net Worth

Remuneration: N / A

Net value : $ 1 million

Speaking of fat issues, Ashley Graham is working around the clock to say goodbye to unwanted fat. Let’s take a look at his weight loss plans and strategies. They can be useful to you if you follow them religiously.

Ashley Graham Weight Loss:

Ash is a strong advocate when it comes to kissing her curves. But at the same time, she takes care of her body at the gym.

Graham believes his reason for training is not just to lose weight, but to feel healthy. She told InStyle magazine “I like to think of going to the gym as a way to stay strong rather than a way to lose weight. Yes, I model a lot of swimwear and lingerie, but for me exercising is more about being healthy and feeling great.

According to Dawin Pena, co-founder of The Dogpound gym in New York and Ash’s trainer, “Ashley is a busy woman… But that doesn’t mean she can’t get a good workout in a short time. Usually we do weights with a high number of reps and a few gymnastic exercises in between to increase his heart rate. “

This workout routine designed by Dawin Pena gives Ashley an extra boost and confidence to say goodbye to pesky fat.

Squats (warm-up): Stand so that your feet are wider than hip distance. Your hands should be right in front of you when doing this pose. Do the squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Come back now to begin. That makes a representative. You need to do 20 repetitions.

Lunges (Legs): You should stand hip-width apart, keeping your hands on your hips. Step forward and forward with your right leg. Then lower your body until your right knee bends 90 degrees. Return to the starting position and repeat with your left leg. That makes a representative. You need to do 20 repetitions.

Ball Smash (The Cardio): Stand with your feet hip-width apart. At the same time, hold a medicine ball with your knees slightly bent. Lift the ball so that it passes directly over your head. Using your core, bring your torso and arms down as you kick the ball to the ground. To do the finish position, aim for your torso parallel to the floor, keeping your arms behind you. Do 20 repetitions of this.

Training plan:

The very voluptuous Ashley Graham is a regular in training to maintain her curves. The gym is as important to her as bread and butter.

To tone his legs, Ash does hamstrings, quads and glutes. She also cycles from Brooklyn to Harlem and then back, which is about 25+ miles.

And then there are high-intensity aerobics and cardio sessions included in his workout itinerary.

After seeing some of the steps in Ashley’s weight and workout plan, let’s take a look at her eating habits.

Ashley Graham Weight Loss


Let’s take a look at Ashley Graham’s Food and Fitness Diary.

Breakfast: For Ash, green juice per day is the motto. Her favorite blend is lemon, ginger, kale, parsley, apple, and beetroot.

Lunch: A bowl of quinoa and brown rice with vegetables and tahini are just perfect.

Having dinner: Nothing in the world can take baked salmon, sweet potato, and arugula salad off Ashley’s dining table.

This obviously means that Ashley is very aware of her dietary policies (as much as her beauty regimen and modeling assignments).

By the way, she has a guilty pleasure when it comes to food, and the mac and cheese satisfies her satisfactorily.

Talk about Ashley’s favorite healthy snack and it’s Raw Vegan, Organic and Vegan Rayo de Sol Rye Bread paired with Vegan Organic Cheezehound Blue Cheese.

Ash’s signature healthy dish is Kale Paste Pasta Sauce with Gluten Free Pasta and his go-to healthy drink is Juice Press’s “Green Giant”.

Ashley Graham Instagram

Social profiles

While Ashley leaves no stone unturned to look her best, we’re sure she inspired her to embrace healthy wellness and lead a fit and glamorous life. Hoping to see more, we wish him all the best!

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