Best black t-shirts for men: 22 t-shirts that will give you an instant cool look

If the best plain white t-shirt is the Pete Sampras of the menswear world – well-rounded, evenly-mannered, a pre-eminent champion – then the best black t-shirts for men are Andre Agassi. Black t-shirts are sexier, more elegant, more direct. You wear a white t-shirt because it’s easy and goes with everything; you put a black one on when you want to smell Well. They give off Danny Zuko-y bad boy vibes with a leather jacket, bring assassin precision to a black or navy suit, and generally look smart and modern on their own. You are never underdressed in a black T-shirt. And that’s why it’s important to find the best men’s black t-shirts to suit your tastes and needs, which, in this case, is exactly what we’re about to help you do.

The best soft black t-shirt

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Sunspel Classic Cotton T-Shirt


If feel is your number one criteria, then Sunspel’s signature model is your clear winner. All of the tees on this list are more or less soft, but this one competes with newborn lambs and kitten bellies in that department. It’s crafted from a luxurious, long-staple supima cotton that drapes gracefully over your torso and feels like a cool breeze. In post-pandemic times – for better or worse – this is the kind of shirt that *looks* so comfortable that strangers will be bound to come up to you and ask if they can touch it.

The best affordable black t-shirt

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Uniqlo U short-sleeved crew neck t-shirt

Uniqlo U is a cheat code for men, and these t-shirts are the crown jewel of it. At just $15 apiece, Christophe Lemaire’s signature crewneck sweaters have all the hallmarks of a t-shirt four or five times more expensive: thick and heavy, boxy and crisp, a total standout even in the darkest colors. basics of all.

The best modern black t-shirt

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Buck Mason Pima Curved Hem T-Shirt

There aren’t a ton of ways to innovate on a T-shirt. You can have fun with the cut, experiment with fabrics, stretch and reshape the neckline, maybe cut some unfortunate holes in the body. California basics supplier Buck Mason went a more subtle route: they gave the hemline an attractive curve. This small change has the effect of giving an otherwise classic crew-neck tee – with a slim fit and premium pima cotton knit – a subliminal, almost imperceptibly new feel.

The best oversized black t-shirt

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John Elliott anti-expo t-shirt

Usually calling something “rough around the edges” is a bad thing. But that’s the main selling point of this John Elliott t-shirt: the sleeves and hem have not been finished, which gives the shirt a raw and punk feel (literally). Beyond this slight deviation, all of the typical attention to detail and quality that earned Elliott one of our honors for best new menswear designer in 16 is still very much present – he has a cut Very current oversized tailored from a just-right mid-weight fabric.

The best eco-friendly black t-shirt

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Everybody.World Recycled Cotton Trash T-Shirt

It seems like everywhere you look these days, brands of all sizes – from the smallest underground streetwear brands to Europe’s oldest fashion houses – are rushing to develop sustainable practices, often in the form of t -shirts allegedly made from recycled materials. But no one does them better than designers: LA’s Everybody.World, who launched their signature Trash t-shirts in 2017. The brainchild of American Apparel alumni Iris Alonzo and Carolina Crespo, the shirts are made from the Cotton scraps from factory floors, but look and feel like the furthest thing from trash. Instead, they’re buttery soft and perfectly roomy, the kind of t-shirts you’d want to buy even without the added satisfaction of a good conscience.

The best thick black t-shirt

3sixteen Heavyweight Pocket T-Shirt (Two Pack)

3sixteen is known, among other things, for its durable denim. So when the team behind the brand came together to create a tee, they concocted a beefy, double-waisted version. The cotton jersey, knitted to measure for the brand, is dense but surprisingly soft. You can tell they haven’t skimped on the collar either, which miraculously retains its shape through countless wash cycles. And the fit is a perfect classic silhouette that you can wear up your waist or up/down for a slimmer/loose fit. We’ve put these rugged American-made beauties through their paces for years, and they still look and fit as good as they did on day one.

16 more black t-shirts we love

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Comfort Colors Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Comfort Colors extra-soft t-shirts are loved for their, you know, colors. But they look pretty damn awesome in black too.

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Alex Mill Standard Pocket T-Shirt in Slub Cotton

Looking for a black T-shirt that’s not quite so immaculate and inky black? Alex Mill’s slubby, texture-rich tees are the way to go.

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GQ 8-Ball Tee

Two tattooable graphics printed on GQ’s editor-favorite t-shirt blank. (Seriously, we wear them every day.)

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Everlane Premium Weight Crew

So solid as a rock, it’s backed by a one-year warranty.

Velva Sheen Cotton Jersey T-Shirts (2-Pack)

Boxy cut through the body with shorter sleeves that bring out the biceps, like guys like Brando wore them.

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Gap Classic Tee

You probably own a few of these already and for as long as you can remember. We are simply here to reaffirm that it was a good decision.

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Dickies Heavyweight Short Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt

We spend a lot of time here praising Dickies’ hard-wearing work pants, and not enough celebrating their equally hard-wearing and affordable work t-shirts.
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Mott & Bow “Carlton” Heavyweight Pocket T-Shirt

Sometimes beefier tees can feel as stiff and rough as cardboard, but this heavyweight champion feels soft to the touch.

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Reigning Champion T-shirt (2-pack)

Thanks to reinforced collars and cuffs, these t-shirts will almost always come out of the wash looking virtually the same as they came in.

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Hanro Living Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Lightweight, a little baggy and smooth as silk.

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Handvaerk Pocket T-Shirt

If we told you this fabric is made from space-age nano-silk, you’d totally believe it. But no! This luxury t-shirt uses nothing but 100% Peruvian Pima cotton which is softer than expected.

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Proof 72 Hour Merino T-Shirt

When you need to wear a t-shirt for three days straight without exposing people in your neighborhood to rancid BO, this is the one to turn to. It regulates your body temperature in the cold as in the heat, wicks away moisture and naturally defends against bad odors.

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Knickerbocker Ladder Tee

Some things are better ribbed. (We’re talking about T-shirts, of course.)

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Lady White Co. Our T-shirt

Soften those black tones with this perfectly washed tee.

Noah Classic Recycled T-Shirt

Does a heavier T-shirt mean it recycles more? We are not sure. But we know it’s a beefy t-shirt with a nice boxy fit.

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Kirkland Signature Peruvian Pima Cotton T-Shirt (Two Pack)

It might not be a giant sized bulk buy, but it just means that all of that value is packed into two perfect tees. We’re talking thick yet soft Pima cotton, side slits for mobility, and a classic fit that works well as an undershirt or the main attraction.

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