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As workplaces and schools continue to open up, a very real fear begins to set in: How the hell are we supposed to stop wearing sweatpants and switch to so-called “real” clothes? My solution: no. After all that sweatpants have given me over the past year – comfort, mental stability, and a sense of safety and security enveloped in non-judgmental elasticity – why would I turn my back on them now? The era of the basic is upon us and we plan to keep it that way. We haven’t quite come up with the excuse we’ll tell our bosses when we walk into our headquarters with tie-dye joggers, but we’ll leave this problem to find out in the future. Keep sweatpants life with our pick of the 25 best styles to buy now.

1 out of 25

Gabi wide leg pants

If you spend the majority of your day in fluffy Ugg slippers, you need these sweatpants in your life.

2 out of 25


Short track pants


$ 790.00

If you’re going to be a designer dud, shouldn’t it be Gucci?

3 out of 25

Accolade track pants

Alo Yoga

$ 108.00

Alo’s sweatpants are a cult favorite. Buy them now before you inevitably sell them (again).

4 out of 25

Comfortable Fleece Cargo Joggers

We call it now: cargo sweatshirts are about to be huge.

5 out of 25

Cozy knit pants

Cosplay as a very comfortable teddy bear.

6 out of 25

Jogging pants

This affordable pair of eleven different colors, but Kelly Green is our favorite.

7 out of 25

7/8 training pants

No, we’re still not on the tie dye, especially when it’s done right by Nike.

8 out of 25

Boyfriend Sweatpants

Norma Kamali

$ 160.00

We may have found the most idyllic pair of gray sweatpants ever seen with Norma Kamali.

9 out of 25

Snake Country Pants


$ 330.00

These sweatpants are not for the faint of heart.

ten out of 25

Nimbus track pants

Outdoor voice

$ 88.00

As ELLE Associate Editor-in-Chief Margaux Anbouba says of these pants, “they’re your classic thick and plush daddy-style sweatpants material, shaped into a flattering fit, just tight enough so you don’t feel like you’re wearing it. not embarrassed to leave their house. ”

11 out of 25

Classic track pants


$ 146.00

Les Tien, founded in 2018, flourished in 2020 as one of the best sweatpants on the market.

12 out of 25

CL Cream Sweatpants

Cold laundry

£ 95.00

Opt for a chic monochrome look with the Cold Laundry sweatshirt set.

13 out of 25

Jogging pants with pockets

Leggings deposit

$ 14.99

With over 56,000 positive reviews on Amazon, you can’t go wrong with this $ 15 pair.

14 out of 25

ZNE 3-Stripe Wrapped 7/8 Pants


$ 126.00

We assume only very cool people wear these sweatpants.

15 out of 25

French terry barrel jogging pants

A pair of sage green joggers elevate the jogging pants off the sofa at the grocery store.

16 out of 25

Cloud jogging pants


$ 525.00

Put your head and butt in the clouds with these Insta-worthy sweatshirts.

17 out of 25

Lightweight French terry jogging pants


$ 58.00

Everlane’s new home clothing line means you can relax in lasting peace.

18 out of 25

Frank Knit Joggers

Bikinis Frankies

$ 250.00

This knit pair is the softer sister of loud tie-dye sweatshirts.

19 out of 25

Heavyweight recycled cotton pants


$ 120.00

For the eco-conscious, look no further than Pangaia. Their products are made from responsibly sourced recycled and organic cotton, using less water and energy than your typical pair of sweatshirts.

20 out of 25

Brooklyn pants

Cotton Citizen

$ 225.00

Cotton Citizen calls these pants a trousers, which means they can be worn in the office, right? Law?

21 out of 25

Cashmere lounge pants

The Group by Babaton

$ 188.00

Have an aversion to sweatpants? Try cashmere.

22 out of 25

Logo jogging pants


$ 49.00

These bubble gum pink sweatshirts work on the thinner side, perfect for those who hate the baggy trend.

23 out of 25

Upstate Signaturesoft Plush Track Pants

Lou and Gray

$ 69.50

Three ELLE editors swear by these. You can’t get a better recommendation than this.

24 out of 25

FEP tracksuit

Frederick Edwin Poe

$ 180.00

Don’t forget to match the range of premium sweatshirts from independent brand Frederick Edwin Poe.

25 out of 25

Rosa jogging pants

Brandy melville

$ 32.00

Brandy Melville does peak sweats for daddy, except they come in very non-daddy colors.

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