Best facial sprays of 2021


Ask anyone who frequents a spa for facials and they’ll tell you that the most satisfying part of the visit is the feeling of ease you get when the beautician puts a spray on your face. You’ve heard the claims: Facial sprays open your pores, allow products to penetrate deeper, and brighten the skin. But how effective are facial sprays in your skin care routine?

“One of the main benefits of using a facial spray at home is that it increases blood flow to the skin by increasing the internal temperature of the skin,” says Rouleau. When you raise the temperature of the skin, the oxygen rises to the surface and “nourishes the skin cells with new nutrients,” Rouleau adds. When doing your routine, Rouleu advises you to always cleanse, spray, apply serum, then finish with a moisturizer.

Here’s how it works: Steam raises your skin temperature, which in turn heats up the debris in your pores. Dirt and oils clogging your pores usually have the consistency of hard butter, but with a little heat, they can melt into soft butter. “It only stays soft as long as the skin is damp,” Rouleau adds. Once the pores are opened, it is easier to clean the skin and get rid of any congestion. If you are planning to take matters into your own hands, you should invest in a quality facial spray. The beauty tool can bring the spa experience to your home bathroom.


Coming up, skin experts are sharing their favorite facial sprays.

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