Posted on October 24, 2018

Best leggings to shine under UV light @ Clubbercise

Clubbercise takes over! With a huge explosion of new classes across the country everyone is talking about it and (more importantly) everyone is frantically shopping for shiny lycra to get her shine!


So what exactly is Clubbercise? Think “healthy rave”!
It’s a one-hour choreographed class on Club Classics: striking tunes, disco lights, and glow sticks, letting you get your clubbing fix without the hangover or loss of sleep!
We can see why it’s so popular and it’s the most fun you can have while being in shape!

Tikiboo works closely with Clubbercise to bring you shiny lycra to complement your classes and many instructors have introduced UV lights into their classes to create the glow.

So what products actually glow in UV?

We get asked this question constantly so we thought we were going to show you some examples.

Leopard Floral (pictured below) is a great example of how white glows under UV (all yoga lines glow under UV as they all contain large areas of white).


Basically, any product that has large areas of white (including Zebra Print, Cow Print, Stars and Stripes, Palm Springs, Leopard Floral) will glow under UV.

In addition, all products containing light or neon colors shine super bright.
Here is a selection of our favorites:

Zebra print

To burst


Rainbow leopard and mint leopard

Flags: USA and Union Jack


Naughty little miss

Halloween and red and black skulls


Graffiti printing

Fiery tiger

Cool princess


If anyone has any questions or wants to see any under our new UV test station, drop us a line.

You can also go to our community page and search for “UV” which will display loads of photos.


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