Best Running Hat: Oiselle Runner Trucker Review


The Perfect Racing Hat: Oiselle Runner Trucker Review

There aren’t many pieces in my wardrobe that are so sturdy that I wear them day in and day out for years to come. But today I will talk about one of them. I own 5 Oiselle runner trucker caps and have been wearing them for almost all single run and hike for over 2 years now. Cumulatively, I have run and covered thousands of miles in them. It’s safe to say that is true love.


Best women's hiking hat: Oiselle runner trucker review

Oiselle runner trucker cap review

The first thing I like about this hat is the fit. Most of the time, trucker hats just look totally silly to me. They tend to form awkward shapes around my head and fit tightly, never feeling quite comfortable. This is not the case with this one! The flexible mesh body conforms to the shape of your head without the stiffness. Along with the useful mesh for adjustment, it also keeps your head nice and cool.

Another key feature to getting the right fit is an adjustable toggle on a stretchy bungee cord that you can tighten well. Even on windy days, I can squeeze it enough that I don’t lose it while not being uncomfortable. It’s quick enough and easy to adjust that I did it without even slowing my stride halfway.

The opening in the back is large enough for a ponytail. Since the elastic cord stretches, you can easily pull it around your pony and put everything in its place.


The hat is sold in one size. The mesh and rocker make it fit snug even on my relatively small head. Oiselle lists it as suitable for heads up to 23 ″. Some reviews note that it does not fit particularly large noggins, so be careful if this is you.

Oiselle runner trucker review: the perfect hat for hiking and running

Oiselle runner trucker cap review

The second thing I love about this hat is the style. Passionate about trail running in a mountain town, I like the imprints of natural scenes. This iconic view of Yosemite Valley is one of my favorites. If you are not convinced by the photo scenes, Oiselle also offers abstract and simple designs on this hat.

The only negative experience I have had is when I ordered one with a white mesh body. It arrived with a more noticeable crease at the brim of the hat near the band, which made the design look a bit distorted. You can see a photo here – notice how lumpy the logo is. I’m not sure if I was unlucky with this particular hat, or if the white mesh and print just called attention to the slight irregularity. Anyway, I’ve avoided the white mesh options since then. And anyway, I prefer the look of darker colors.

Best women's running cap: Oiselle runner trucker

Another feature that Oiselle has slipped into this hat is the compaction capacity. It has a pleat on the spout so that you can fold it up for your suitcase, which is useful when traveling for errands or other outdoor expeditions. For me, this feature is more of a side note than a big selling point. The crease slightly breaks the line of the beak, but it’s not very noticeable in my opinion.

The best hat for hiking: Oiselle runner trucker review

Overall, it’s probably pretty obvious that this hat comes with a really strong recommendation from me! If you’re a runner, hiker, or just someone who loves cool outdoor hats, add this one to your lineup.

The Oiselle runner trucker is currently available in many print and color combinations. New prints are usually released every two months, so come back to find one you like and collect more.

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