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After having surgery last year, I was afraid nothing would help with the two inch-long bright pink scars. I looked at expensive options like lasers and peels, but they required multiple sessions and downtime, which in some cases was not insignificant.

I had heard of Bio-Oil throughout my years as a beauty industry editor, but honestly, I thought it sounded too good to be true and didn’t want to put my hopes on a product which proved to be ineffective.


But after reading many of Bio-Oil’s 90,000 5-star reviews on Amazon and re-evaluating my options – to spend a million dollars (approximately) or to use this oil twice a day for a few months – I chose to give Bio-Oil a try. Oil.

Products tested: Bio-Oil Care Oil
Product Ingredients: Chamomile, sunflower, and lavender oils, plus vitamins A and E
Trial period: I started seeing results one month after the brand promised 3 months. I continued to use the oil and my results became more pronounced.
Product price: $26
Verdict of the test: With consistent application and a dose of patience, you will start to see results slowly but surely, and they will only get better over time.

What is bio-oil?

Designed to target and treat skin discoloration and uneven skin tone – most commonly acne scars or stretch marks – Bio-Oil is a gentle oil-based liquid formulated with vitamins V and E as well as oils chamomile, sunflower and lavender. It promotes the growth of new collagen to support skin renewal and elasticity. In theory, faster cell turnover equals faster skin regeneration, effectively eliminating the appearance of scars or marks on the skin little by little.

Still, I wasn’t convinced that this over-the-counter product was strong enough to reconcile post-op scars. Small acne scars? May be. But certainly not my surgical scars.


How to use bio-oil

Bio-Oil is ridiculously easy to use. The instructions are simple and my estimate that it would only add a minute or two to my routine was accurate. Morning and night, I took a little Bio-Oil – two or three shakes – in my hands, rubbed my hands together and patted the light oil directly onto my scars.

My skin absorbed the Bio-Oil quickly, which was a pleasant surprise as oils tend to take longer to penetrate the skin and often settle on the surface (one of the main reasons dermatologists advise to apply oils last in a skin care routine).

The skincare product was light, somewhere between a watery and an oily consistency (the liquids in the product separate, so be sure to shake it well before using), with no trace of sensation viscous or greasy like the one I was expecting.

Determined to give this product my best, I was pretty religious about applying twice a day and only skipped an application once during a day of travel.

The results of the bio-oil tests

Think of Bio-Oil as a slow, steady process. I didn’t see results overnight, or even after a few weeks. It took a solid four or five months before I started to see a visible improvement in my scar color; it went from a bright pink to a duller, more subtle shade that started to blend into my skin, rather than screaming for attention like it used to. This subtle color change was all I needed to keep the momentum going, and I’ve continued to use the oil twice a day, with a few exceptions – like when Amazon ran out – ever since. .

Over time, the coloring has evolved to camouflage itself even more into my natural skin tone, to the point that I’m not as embarrassed or worried anymore about whether people can spot it so quickly – because I know they can’t. can’t, unless they’re watching, which is rude.

This affordable beauty product on Amazon surprised me at almost every turn, and if you have the patience to stick it out and keep going even when you see no change, you might be surprised too.

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