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For those of you who have all Bridgerton the last holiday season and started 2021 feeling absolutely devoid of sizzling romance, you’re in luck. We already know that Netflix produced a second season of the show and renewed the fan favorite for a third and fourth season. But here’s even better news: They’re expanding the Bridgerton universe with a whole new fallout from the universe.

The new series, written by Bridgerton Executive Producer Shona Rhimes will focus on Queen Charlotte and reflect on her life as a young woman before marrying King George III.

“All Hail The Queen !,” Netflix wrote. “I am delighted to announce that we are expanding the Bridgerton universe with a limited series that will tell the story of Queen Charlotte’s origins – the series will also star young Violet Bridgerton and young Lady Danbury.


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“Many viewers had never known the story of Queen Charlotte before Bridgerton brought her to the world, and I’m delighted that this new series further expands her story and the world of Bridgerton“Said Bela Bajaria, Netflix’s Head of Global Television. “Shonda and her team carefully build the Bridgerton universe so they can continue to give fans the same quality and style they love. And by planning and preparing for all the seasons to come right now, we also hope to maintain a pace that will satisfy even the most insatiable viewers. “

Rhimes is very skilled at writing royal stories and building worlds and kingdoms; don’t forget, she co-wrote Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement (2004). Queen Charlotte’s life in the very real England might not be exactly like Mia’s life in the very fake Genovia, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get at least one eye-catching musical number (a girl may dream of).

That last track is utter speculation based on a dream of seeing Julie Andrews perform the way she did in the Princess Diaries sequel, but here’s what we know about this new one. Bridgerton spin off.

bridgerton queen charlotte



The show won’t just focus on young Charlotte.

The scenario will focus on more than one adult in the Bridgerton universe. Deadline confirms that the show will also feature details about the lives of Violet Bridgerton (played by Violet Gemmell) and Lady Danbury (Adjoah Andoh).

Details on the casting of the roles of young Charlotte, young Violet and young Lady Danbury have yet to be released.

Rhimes will be a big part of it.

Rhimes had an EP role on Bridgerton, which was written by series creator Chris Van Dusen and his team of writers. But Rhimes will be writing the show and executive production with Betsy Beers and Tom Verica. Rhimes has her hands in a lot of projects these days, so it’s pretty special that she’s taking on this one.

Queen Charlotte’s story won’t be all new.

Charlotte was a true monarch, even though she wasn’t in Julia Quinn’s original books. She was introduced as a character in the Netflix series, which gives Rhimes the chance to take her story where she wants it. She will also focus on her loves and the things she did before marrying (also very real) King George III.

Now we know Bridgertonapproaching colorblind casting, but some historians believe Queen Charlotte to be biracial. This idea could also give Rhimes the opportunity to explore certain race themes in relation to the history of the monarch.

We may have to wait a bit for this one.

There is no release date for this series yet, but Netflix already has Seasons 2, 3, and 4 lined up. Depending on how Netflix wants to roll things out, this series could come up anytime, but when it comes to their hit series, they tend to grab the attention of their fans.

Guess we have to stay seated until Shonda tells us more!

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