Britney Spears and sister Jamie Lynn’s online feud heats up on Instagram


Amid the ongoing conservation battle of pop superstar Britney Spears, the singer has apparently regained full control of her Instagram account and used the opportunity to go after her “so-called support system.”

In a post shared on July 17, Spears defended his now iconic Instagram dance videos and redirected anger to those involved in his case, including his father, Jamie Spears. “For those of you who choose to criticize my dance videos,” she begins. “… look, I won’t be performing on stage anytime soon with my dad who manages what I wear, say, do or think ️ 🚫 !!!!”

But Spears also used the post to snap a more revealing photo of his sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, who fans criticized for showing little support during Britney’s fight.


“I don’t like my sister showing up at an awards ceremony and performing MY SONGS as a remix !!!!!” Britney wrote, referring to Jamie Lynn’s performance at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards. “My so called support system hurt me deeply !!!!”

Jamie Lynn Launches At The 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards

Jamie Lynn Spears at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards.

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The family feud continued on July 18 after Jamie Lynn posted a mirror selfie on Instagram, initially captioned: “The peace of the Lord be with you and your spirit.” In the photo, the actress and singer wears a red dress and heels.


Hours later Britney appeared to respond to the message with her own, in which she twirled over to Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” and wrote, “May the Lord wrap your wicked ass in joy today …. PS RED 🌹🌹🌹 !! !!! “

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The not-so-subtle caption apparently prompted Jamie Lynn to revisit his original post, changing the caption to include only emojis and removing the reference to “peace from the Lord.”

Comments on Jamie Lynn’s photo are turned off, but comments on Britney’s account showed fans got the message loud and clear: “Girl, you’re really coming for Jamie Lynn’s neck, FREE BRITNEY,” wrote one of them.

As press and fan fervor around Britney’s trusteeship affair heated up, Jamie Lynn has positioned herself strategically on several occasions. On June 28, the day after her sister’s heartbreaking testimony, Jamie Lynn posted a series of Instagram videos in which she exposed her role within the family.

“I think it’s extremely clear from the day I was born that I only loved, adored and supported my sister,” she told fans. “I made a very conscious choice in my life to only participate in her life as a sister, as an aunt to these boys. Maybe I didn’t support her the way the public would like with a hashtag on a public platform, but I can assure you that I supported my sister long before there was a hashtag, and I will support it long after. “

Later, she added, “I am not my family. I am my own person. I speak for myself. I’m so proud of her for using her voice.

But Britney has already targeted the hypocrisy of her family. In a post shared just hours before her call to the “so-called support system,” the “Toxic” singer dropped another legend who seemed to target her family, and possibly Jamie Lynn in particular: “He doesn’t. there is nothing worse than when the people closest to you who have never introduced you post about your situation whatever it is and speak uprightly for support … there is nothing worse than that !!!! How dare the people you love the most to say anything … even reach out to lift me up even at TIME !!! ??? How dare you go public that NOW YOU WISH… did you reach out when I was drowning ???? Again… NO.

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