Buckle up your belt for a wild shoe summer


Even before the pandemic hit the world, menswear was already fluttering its bizarre flag. Extravagant sneakers led the way, and dressy moccasins quickly followed suit. The pants absolutely freaked out, and then so did the actual costumes. The goal of avant-garde guys, it seemed, was to get closer to the more adventurous dressers of today, like Lakeith Stanfield or Harry Styles. That is to say weird and lively and exhilarating at the same time.

Then the pandemic arrived and savage fashion took over the reigning fleece and comfy loungewear. But one part of the closet was still pretty fantastic: the shoes. The most coveted kicks of the past year read like a feverish dream of unexpected shoe styles, from high-quality water shoes to distant mules and more. If you were wondering for a chance that things will calm down this summer, Our Legacy and Sunnei are here to crush that. So buckle up, because it looks like we’re in another wild shoe summer.

The first is Our Legacy’s “Truck” mule. The Swedish brand, beloved for its transcendent sweaters and other irreverent fashions, has never given up on its more eccentric trends – and that is especially true for this summer-ready shoe. The open heel shoe is an international delight. It comes with an Italian buckle strap, a sturdy, USA-made Vibram outsole, and a German leather midsole. Not to mention the raised heel. It’s as advanced a level of a summer shoe as it gets, suitable for both an Italian nightclub or the concrete streets of Soho.

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Next comes the “1000CHIODI” shoe from the Italian label Sunnei. Sunnei, like Our Legacy, has never been content to color inside the lines, and this futuristic-looking shoe keeps the same energy. The lightweight slip-on is made from technical fabric and is reinforced for extra support in the toe, side and heel area. (The stretchy material makes it a shoe that fits like a glove.) The silhouette is covered in tiny rubber studs – much like Dippin ‘Dots is on the moodboard. It also comes in a whole range of colors, from swirls of candy pink and blue to navy blue and neon green.

The picture may contain: clothes, clothes, shoes, shoes and sneakers

If a white leather heeled mule and runway shoe gone crazy are a little too eccentric for your liking, don’t worry – summer is just beginning. Just be aware that things are likely to get a lot more bizarre in the fashion space before they get any brighter. So take advantage: summer is almost here and the shoes are wonderful.


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