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What shoes to wear with a maxi dress

Shoes to wear with a maxi dress

As the summer season prevails, with it comes the trend for maxi dresses. In warm weather, this light, airy and airy fabric works wonderfully. What else? They are super versatile and you can just adjust the look for the colder days by simply layering them over or even under these maxi dresses.

But what shoes to wear with maxi dresses? We are here to give great advice on the maxi dress shoes match. Because the best part about maxi dresses is that if they are embellished well, they give off a delicate aura, perfect for summer days and nights. The maxi dress is long, so you have to make it stand out with perfect shoes.

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So to learn how to create such a beautiful aura around you, simply by matching the maxi dresses with the right shoes –

1. Holding flat

The best thing about flats is that they pretty much go with any outfit! So while styling your dress with flat sandals, the only thing you really need to coordinate is the design of the sandals. This is the key that can increase or decrease your behavior. You can go for an apartment with sparkling jewelry for a charming look or choose gladiators for a fresh look. What about studded sandals for a bolder look or with woven, multi-colored bands for more ethnic clothing?
What shoes to wear with a maxi dress

2. The outfit with flip flops

They are comfortable, versatile and easy to put on. Flip-flops, when coordinated with long dresses, give the whole garment. Again, just select the appropriate prints and patterns and get the match. They can be printed on animals or in bright colors, choose what goes best. A maxi dress with flip flops is fantastic for a beach outfit or if you are up for a casual day. But don’t try to wear them in a formal place!
What shoes with a maxi dress

3. The outfit with wedges

For a more charismatic and trendy balance, why not pair your maxi dresses with wedges? When worn together, the wedges help give your maxi dresses even more height and stature. How to mix designs? Maybe you could don floral wedges with pale colored maxi or tan wedges with an Aztec maxi. Merge styles to find the look that’s right for you!

Best shoes to wear with your maxi dress

4. The heeled outfit

A crisp shoe to pair with maxi dresses if you’re going to a lavish place like parties. They can even work for a casual outfit if the heel is very low. Like the wedges, these also add to your height. There is a huge range to choose from – stiletto heels, pencil heels, chunky heels, etc. So slip into it depending on the event or the occasion!

shoes with maxi dress

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5. The outfit with sneakers

Espadrilles are another stylish and chic shoe, perfect to wear with maxi dresses. Available in a large amount of gorgeous designs, they can redefine your maxi dress outfit. But how to vary their style of slippers? Well, just choose some heeled espadrilles. This will build a new layout everywhere, different from the classic toggles.

So that was what to wear with maxi dresses. But what about shoes to avoid? We suggest that you avoid closed-toe shoes to wear with a maxi dress. It just doesn’t pair well with the maxi dress. So what shoes not to wear with maxi dresses?

1. No outfit with boots

The gallant aura of the boots just doesn’t do justice to the charming semblance of the maxi dress. Plus, they’re too hot and clingy to wear on a summer day. It just seems trendy and wrong.
closed shoes to wear with a maxi dress

2. No outfit with sneakers

Again, sneakers are too sporty to blend in with the pleasant maxi dresses. They bring the low look as the maxi dresses are light and airy and they just add weight to the ensemble.

What shoes to wear with a maxi dress

3. No outfit with low-heeled clogs

High heel clogs could still be incorporated with maxi dresses but not with low heels. There is simply no correspondence between the two separate pieces. Try not to “make it work”.

Shoes to wear with maxi dresses

4. No outfit with moccasins

Just like the boots, they are too manly and don’t quite follow the beauty of maxi dresses. Wearing closed shoes is not recommended anyway. Select something else.

Best shoes to wear with maxi dresses
So now you have an idea of ​​what shoes go with a maxi dress. Have fun mixing and matching these shoes and get that perfect look!

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18 health benefits of Prekese to make you feel better

Prekese or tetrapleura tetraplera is a species of the pea family and is native to tropical West Africa. The fruits of the plant have a strong aromatic smell with anti-insect properties. This medicinal plant belongs to Nigeria and African countries. Several diseases can be treated with the use of prekese like inflammation, leprosy, rheumatoid arthritis, seizures, etc.

Advantages of Prekese

The plant also contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. Its bark, fruits and leaves are also full of medicinal agents.

Nutritional values ​​of Prekese:

Aridan is very nutritious because it is full of phytochemicals and nutrients essential to our body. It is also rich in iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, flavonoids, tannins, steroids and phenolic compounds.

Prekese also contains approximately 234.42 to 379.48 g / cal of dietary energy, 7.44% to 17.50% crude protein and 4.98% to 20.36% crude fat.

Other local names of Prekese:

Prekese is originally from West Africa. Therefore, the tribes and various countries of Africa have different names for the plant. For example, Nigerians in Igbo call it oshosho or osakirisa, while Nigerians in Yoruba call it aidan and ubukirihu.

In Twi, Ghana’s prekese is called prɛkɛsɛ.

The English name for the plant is Aidan fruit.

18 Prekese Health Benefits Worth Knowing About:

Now let’s take a look at the immense health benefits of prekesis:

1. Control diabetes:

According to a study in rats, Tetrapleura tetraptera is beneficial for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus. Prekese fruit extract is said to lower glucose levels during fasting and non-fasting hours.

2. Acts as a mosquito repellant:

The plant has a strong scent and therefore acts as a mosquito repellant. The properties present in the prekese are attributed to the essential oils present.

3. Postpartum care:

The plant pod is used as a soup additive and is best served to postpartum mothers to prevent contractions. The pods are said to contain calcium, iron and potassium. These three things are said to be important for postpartum women. It is said that prekese soup produces milk by nourishing mothers and restores lost blood.

4. Fever:

Prekese is an excellent remedy when suffering from a cold. The best way to use the plant is to soak it in lukewarm water. Bathe in the infused water. It is said to provide great relief from fever and body temperature. You can also try this remedy when you are suffering from enema, constipation and emetic.

5. Wound healing properties:

The wet extract of the plant contains healing agents. According to a study done at Uyo University, the low concentration (200 mg / ml) is more effective than the higher concentration (200 mg / ml). It is therefore recommended to use the lowest concentration of the plant to treat wounds.

6. Has antibacterial properties:

The plant contains antibacterial and microbial agents. Due to these properties, the plant extract is used to make soap. Soap can be used to cure skin diseases, inflammation, and bacterial infections.
Apart from that, prekese can also add suds, perfume and harden soap.

7. Contraceptive properties:

The stem and bark of the prekese plant contain saponin and ethanol extract. These properties release a luteinizing hormone that is said to be used as a contraceptive.

8. Treat leprosy:

According to a study, the aridan plant is also used in the treatment of leprosy. The disease greatly affects the skin, mucous membranes, and nerves, resulting in skin bumps and blemishes. The most severe cases of leprosy can also lead to mutilation and abnormalities.

9. Seizure management:

The stem, fruits and leaves of the prekese are used to create herbal concoctions in traditional medicine. This can help manage seizures. Studies reveal that the aqueous plant extract leads to anticonvulsant activities and affects the central nervous system.

10. Anti-inflammatory properties:

Plant extracts have anti-inflammatory agents and create an impact on several human pathogens. This can lead to a decrease in body inflammation, arthritis, and rheumatoid pain.

Uses of Prekese

11. Culinary purposes:

The dried Taub plant has an aromatic scent and is often used as a spice to add flavor to several dishes like white soup, meat and pepper soup, stone soup, and pepper and fish soup. This spice can be crushed or broken into small portions while cooking.

12. Treats the cardiovascular system:

Prekese is beneficial for the cardiovascular system due to its addition of essential phytochemicals. It can also be used to treat heart disease.

13. Contains molluscicidal properties:

According to studies, aqueous extracts from the leaves, stem, stem, roots and bark of the plant contain molluscicidal agents. This reveals why it is used as a pesticide to treat pests. Prekese is mainly used for gardening and planting flowers to get rid of harmful gastropods like slugs and snails.

14. Dermatological care:

The prekese fruits can be dried in direct sunlight and mixed into a fine powder. This extract is then used as an ingredient in soaps. It serves as a skin care product due to the presence of antibacterial and antimicrobial agents. The dried powdered extract can be used with other ingredients like palm kernel oil and shea butter for external use. You can research these ingredients while researching for soaps.

15. Hypertension:

The stem and bark of the plant can be used for the treatment of hypertension. Studies reveal that the herb is useful in curing high blood pressure and checking oxidation levels in patients with hypertension.


16. Supports the immune system:

The plant is a rich source of vitamins, iron, calcium, potassium, zinc and magnesium. It helps to strengthen the immune system.

The presence of iron in the plant helps in the regeneration of lost blood, zinc provides protection against the virus that leads to respiratory tract infections, while potassium and calcium help to manage, prevent and control muscle disorders and strengthening of bones.

17. Treatment of gastrointestinal diseases:

The plant can be used for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pain due to its presence of phytochemicals.

18. Has antibacterial properties:

Studies suggest that water extracts and the presence of alcohol from the plant can lead to Staphylococcus aureus. The presence of tannins and glycosides in prekese can also help prevent bacterial growth.

Tetrapleura tetraptera

How to prepare Aridan or Prekese:

Prekese pods can be crushed and broken into small pieces to add them as a food flavor. In addition, the plant can be added to food during cooking and hollowed out before serving. It is essential to add this spice to food so that it infuses well and provides an aromatic scent.

In medicinal plants, the stem, root, leaves, bark and pods of aridan can be mixed, boiled, pressed, soaked, crushed, extracted and made into concoctions.

Now that we have covered the prekese health benefits and discussed the quality of this super food for everyone. We would like to know your opinion? Could you add it to your diet? Or is it part of your daily diet?
Talk to us in the comments box below. Or you can share this article with your loved ones to let them know about the amazing wonders of prekesis as well.


This post is for reference purposes only and should not be treated as treatment or professional diagnosis. Always consult a doctor before making any health related decisions. They will guide and provide the right treatment.

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What not to wear if you are pear shaped

Pear Shaped Body Dress

If you have a pear-shaped figure, you are heavy at the bottom. You have rounded hips and buttocks, and the challenge of dressing your body is to give the illusion of a more balanced figure. To do this, you need to better understand what not to wear if you have a pear-shaped figure.

Here is how to dress a pear shaped body.

Don’t wear skinny jeans

Since you are heavier around your hips and bottoms, you should avoid wearing jeans or pants that fray. So skinny jeans, leggings, and other pants that accentuate your pear shape should be avoided at all costs. Instead, opt for straight jeans, palazzo pants, or even boot-cut jeans.

Pear body shaped cothes

Avoid wearing belts

Since the goal is to distract from the hips, it is best to avoid wearing belts or scarves or any other accessory around the hip area. Wide belts are especially bad because they tend to emphasize your hip size, making it more obvious.

Say no to tight dresses

Bodycon dresses just aren’t for you. These are dresses to avoid a pear shaped look. There’s no way to camouflage the pear shape in the overly revealing bodycon dress that clings to the body and shows off every curve. Empire waist dresses will go well on a pear-shaped body, as the fitted bodice followed by the flowy skirt is perfect for showing off her narrow shoulders while cleverly keeping the hip areas hidden at the same time.

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Bodycon dresses

Avoid pastel-colored pants

As we all know, dark colors tend to sharpen an appearance. So by this logic, dark colored pants are your best friends, while pastel colored pants are to be avoided at all costs.

Pear Shaped Body Dress

Do not wear high waisted pants

High waisted pants are just not a good idea if you have a pear-shaped figure. They don’t do anything to hide your heavy butt and will actually make it a lot more obvious. So opt for low waist pants instead to keep your figure more balanced.

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Avoid wearing mini skirts and booty shorts

Mini skirts and very short shorts are best avoided as they are not suitable for a pear-shaped body type. Short clothes will make your butt look limp and your thighs heavy. Knee-length skirts and shorts will work best for a pear shape.

Go for pointed toe shoes over round toe shoes

It’s a fact that shoes with pointy toes make your legs look longer, while shoes with round toes make your legs look sturdy. Since a pear-shaped body type needs longer legs to balance wider hips, pointy toes are the way to go.

Pear-shaped figure

Quick advice: If you have a pear-shaped figure, jackets are your best friend. Wear well-structured jackets that end beyond your hip. Not only will the jackets give your shoulders more definition, but they will also help hide problem areas. Just make sure your jacket ends beyond your hips and not directly over them.

When it comes to pear-shaped prints and morphology, make flowers your best friend.

The rule of thumb when it comes to the pear shaped body type is to keep it simple and subtle at the bottom while playing it at the top. So, wear tops and dresses with details in the bust area and go for some interesting necklaces and scarves to draw attention and attention to your chest and shoulders and away from your hips.

Each type has their own set of challenges. The trick is to know your body type, what works and what doesn’t for you, and then harness your strengths. Now that you know what you can and can’t wear for your pear-shaped body, go ahead, follow these simple pear-shaped fashion tips and revamp your wardrobe to suit your body type.

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10 natural remedies for droopy eyelids

Have you ever thought about the perils of old age? Sagging skin or loss of skin elasticity is an unwanted guest of this era. Droopy eyelids are the worst of them actually. In the age of eyeliners and winged eyebrows, imagine having to deal with the consequences of sagging eyelids, despite the speed of beauty treatments.

Home remedies for droopy eyelids

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Some statistics show that every year more than one hundred thousand men and women seek surgical solutions to this problem. Why take an extreme step when you can go the natural way to improve the appearance of droopy eyelids?

First, let’s find out the causes of sagging eyelids.

Causes of sagging eyelids

There are many conditions and situations that can trigger sagging eyelids.

  • Normal aging of skin cells
  • Horner’s syndrome (a disorder that affects the nerves in the eyes and face)
  • Any other disorder affecting the proper functioning of nerves or muscles

Sagging eyelids can occur in one eye and in both eyes as well.

Let’s see the causes in both situations –

Causes of sagging eyelids

When present only in ONE EYE:

  • An eyelid neoplasm (similar to a “stye” in the eye which is a small, painful lump on the inside or outside of the eyelid)
  • Normal change or variation of the eyelid

When present in BOTH EYES:

  • Normal eyelid variation
  • Medical complications – myasthenia gravis is one example, which affects the muscles around the eye and the nerves that control them.

Now that we’ve identified the problem areas, let us know about some home remedies for droopy eyelids.

Home remedies for droopy eyelids

Here is the list of home remedies to prevent and minimize the problem of sagging eyelids.

1. Cucumbers

Not just for salads, cucumbers are a great remedy for droopy eyelids. All you need to do is put chilled cucumber slices on your eyelids and let them sit for 15-20 minutes. Cucumber is good for moisturizing the skin and restoring skin firmness which is the need of the hour. Additionally, cucumber is a good source of potassium and vitamin C which helps treat droopy eyelids.

Cucumber for eyes

2. Chamomile tea bags

Chamomile contains anti-inflammatory agents that help treat the condition of droopy eyelids. To benefit, put chamomile tea bags in the refrigerator for a while and then place them over the eyes. Keep them for 20 minutes. By making this your regular routine, you will start to see the benefits in no time.

Chamomile tea bags

That’s not all. Even green tea, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, helps with the problem of droopy eyelids. The polyphenols in green tea are to be thanked as they help improve the elasticity of the skin. Simply massage your eyelids with green tea water or drink green tea regularly to benefit.

Green tea bags

3. Ice water or cubes

Thanda thanda cool cool… this line is good not only for prickly powders but also for combating droopy eyelids. Wash your face with cold bottled water or ice cubes. This will help tighten the skin that has lost elasticity and reduce sagging eyelid skin.

Ice cubes, in particular, constrict the blood vessels, which prevents the drooping effect of the eyelids.

Ice cubes

4. Homemade lotion

To revitalize your eyes, you can rely on natural ingredients. To do this, mix 4 tablespoons of plain yogurt, 4 tablespoons of aloe vera gel, 2 tablespoons of oatmeal and 5 slices of peeled cucumber until you have a smooth and thick paste. The next step? Apply the paste to the eyelids, leave on for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water.

Homemade lotion

5. Eat grapes

This is a good option because grapes have a high content of resveratrol, which helps prevent or slow down the process of cell aging. Add more grapes to your daily diet and see how droopy eyelids can be a thing of the past.


6. Egg white mask

The white of an egg contains natural enzymes that help prevent sagging (or drooping) eyelids. It also helps in improving the elasticity of the eyelids, thus reducing sagging. Take an egg and collect the white. Whip it properly and then apply it on the eyelids. Let it dry, then wash it off in cold water. This will bring much needed relief and reduce the sagging effect.

Egg white

7. Olive oil

The antioxidants in olive oil help to deal with the problem of sagging eyelids quite well. Heat some olive oil. Once you have reached a lukewarm temperature, massage your eyelids with it and let it stay overnight. Wash it off in cold water. This technique will help rejuvenate your eyelids, while restoring elasticity to the skin. Plus, olive oil is known to keep the skin hydrated and prevent dryness.

Olive oil

8. Drink water

Yes, it’s true. Under all circumstances, you need to keep your body hydrated – and this can only happen when you drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Not drinking enough water per day is a common cause of sagging eyelids. Therefore, drink plenty of water daily to avoid the problem of droopy eyelids.

Drink water

9. Eye serum

One of the easy remedies to prevent droopy eyelids is to apply eye serum. It helps to rejuvenate and tighten eyelids with nutrients and vitamin C. Squeeze some eye serum from the tube and massage it on your eyelids. Leave it on overnight and rinse it off with cold water. For best results use Neuroliquid Volufill Youth Eye Serum by Peter Thomas Roth.

This eye serum works as an eye mask and is perfect for the skin under the eyes in winter.

Eye serum

10. Sagging eyelid exercise

The video below teaches you effective techniques for sagging eyelids. Try them out!

Hope you have found some great remedies for sagging eyelid problem here. If you have any other natural remedies to share with us, please write to us.

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Top 5 Reasons We Love To Celebrate Holi

Holi is a festival of colors and pranks, where children are often seen hiding behind walls throwing colored water balloons at passers-by, where there is no age limit for taking handfuls of color to paint everyone’s face and where the festive atmosphere is alive until the sun goes down. The markets appear extremely vibrant and colorful with shops selling colorful powders, water balloons, and water guns. But more than anything, Holi is about living in harmony with one another and destroying the evil within us.

Holi celebrations

Reasons we love to celebrate Holi:

Here are five reasons why we love to celebrate Holi and always look forward to this holiday every year.

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1. It brings the season of heat:

Holi is usually celebrated in the month of March and is believed to mark the start of the warm season. This festival is considered a spring festival, which says goodbye to cold winters. Many crops in India are celebrating this change of season and many farmers are also starting their new crops.

Holi celebrations

2. We love squirting colors:

There’s nothing quite like running through clouds of color, splashing paint on your friends, and throwing water balloons at each other – a true meaning of color bombardment. ! Being in the middle of this riot of color gives a sense of belonging. Everyone has color on their face, hair, and clothes. Some of the best memories are made during this festival and don’t forget, the beautiful photos that come out that day will stay forever!

Colors of Holi

3. It’s a festival of love and antics:

Besides the celebration of the death of evil, the color tradition of this festival was born thanks to Lord Krishna. It is believed that Little Krishna, along with his buddies, played with the colors in Vrindavan and Gokul that day. Therefore, paint colors on everyone’s faces and have a fun celebration turned into a community event. Another folklore tells us that Lord Krishna painted the face of Radha on this day. So they fell in love and the festival of color was born.

Radha Krishna Holi

4. Everyone is your friend:

It is the only festival where all personal boundaries are dropped and people come together to frolic with joy. From young to old, everyone launches into the frenzy. Anyone can throw colors at anyone and no one is held to that. The thing called ‘personal space’ is unknown on Holi, as the day only ends with lots of new friends. Colors do not differentiate a boy from a girl or fair skin from dark skin. The whole nation looks united, drenched in a riot of color.

Holi for women

5. We like to dress in white:

Wearing white for Holi has become an unwritten rule. After all, what other color can the Holi rainbow stand out as well as white. So if you’re wondering how to wear your whites this Holi season, here’s our quick guide to help you figure out what to wear on the holidays.

Monochrome white outfit:

Wear white from top to bottom. Go for a white salwar, with white pajamas and a white dupatta, or go for a pair of white palazzos with a white tank top or tee. Go for a full white ensemble that will showcase the colors of Holi brilliantly. Of course, your clothes are going to be completely ruined with no hope of salvation, so go for some cheap clothes that you can throw away after the celebration.

Holi Outfits

White with prints:

If full white is too boring for you, you can combine whites with prints to create interesting combinations. How about a white kurta with printed leggings or maybe even a white top with a printed skirt? Opt for tribal prints or some other form of ethnic print to really get into the spirit of Holi.

White with prints

Color blocking with white:

Color blocking is all the rage these days, so why not use white to create a color blocked outfit? Use your imagination and go crazy; after all, it’s Holi – the festival of colors! So go ahead and pair white with red or yellow, too bright? Regardless, it’s Holi time and anything goes!


Color blocking with white

Pair of white with denims:

White with denim is a classic combination and you can’t go wrong. Pair a white top with your old faded jeans or shorts. Just make sure jeans aren’t your favorite as there will be little hope after the colorful Holi celebrations. Distressed jeans look especially good with white, as do cropped shorts. White paired with black jeans is also a great look for Holi. Try pairing a white top with three quarter black jeans and see how you like the look.

Pair of white with jeans

Pair of white with pastels:

If you don’t have an all-white outfit or think it’s too austere, you should consider pairing white with other pastel shades. It’s actually a pretty cool and chic look. Chances are, you’ll try this look, decide that you like it too much to ruin the clothes during Holi, and put it back in your wardrobe to be worn another time when you won’t get flushed with colors. .

Pair of white with pastels

Hope our guide on how to wear white for Holi was helpful. Remember to opt for clothes that will provide maximum coverage. This will help protect your skin from the colors as much as possible. So, go for a long sleeve top versus a sleeveless one and full length skirt or pants over shorts or knee length skirt. Also, keep in mind that most white clothes tend to turn transparent once they get wet. So always wear underpants or something underneath so that there is no risk of such embarrassing events.

Remember to wear comfortable shoes as well, preferably easily washable rubber or plastic shoes. Holi is a very physical festival because it is without you having to put extra strain on your feet by wearing uncomfortable shoes. You need to be totally comfortable and in your element to have the most fun possible during Holi.

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Holi outfits and style ideas to look crisp and lively!

Remember the Bollywood Holi anthems Rang Barse Bheege Chunarwali at Balam Pichkari Jo Tune Mujhe Maari? There is hardly an Indian or NRI who does not remember these playful and alluring songs on the eve of Holi. Nothing can erase the magic and enigma of the whitest white salwar kameez and dupatta for women and almost doodh colored kurta pajamas for men. This is where the fun begins and in real time. Plus, it’s a perfect example of Holi style outfits and ideas.

Holi style outfits and ideas

We all know Holi is a festival that brings color back into our lives after the gloomy winters. On the fashion side, Holi uplifts the spirits in the following ways – through the dress code of the Holi festival, the cute hairstyle for Holi, the accessories to wear on Holi and the shoes for Holi. Do you think perfumes are necessary when everyone is looking for a chance to smear you in gulaal? Nah… but yes, a certain amount of makeup can do on Holi day if you want to look your best.

Holi outfit ideas

Since Holi is here, so too is the need for style inspiration. To help you choose outfits and style ideas, here are some cool tips and tricks for dressing in style and comfort.

Holi festival dress code

Style Inspo for Holi:

For those of you who like to dress comfortably, why not take inspiration from the gorgeous Deepika Padukone?

What should you do then?

Transform yourself into a hottie by sporting a vibrant t-shirt with a pair of warm pants, like she did in the song “Balam Pichkari”.

Want to add a little touch to that Holi festival dress code?

If you think Holi isn’t the time to flaunt your long legs, pair a t-shirt with comfy pajamas. This will help protect your skin from the onslaught of stubborn colors. You’ll thank us for this styling tip that will help you reduce your bathroom’s difficulty removing all those color stains.

What to wear this Holi

Words of wisdom for you –

Avoid wearing sheer, sticky clothes on Holi as you are sure to get wet and feel uncomfortable.

Best fabric for Holi:

Without a doubt, it is cotton. It keeps you cool while enjoying the outdoor fun that the festival brings. For Holi, you can dress up in a vibrant cotton dress that is rich in hues and prints to add a touch of liveliness to your festive celebrations. Alia Bhatt’s Holi outfit in “ 2 States ” is a perfect example of flaunting the Indo-Western look or you can don a vibrant skirt with flares and still look dazzling. But if you want to minimize the damage to your skin from chemicals and tanning, then without hesitation, pair linen pants with a short kurta or a palace with a long kurta. Make sure you choose a top with full sleeves.

Alia Bhatt Holi

Chikankari and Holi?

Ah, that makes an awesome statement. A white chikan kurti when paired with jeans is fabulous and so perfect for college Holi functions, right? Ask Dia Mirza.

Dia Mirza Kurti

Think I’m going to miss a Patiala Salwar costume for the Holi festival dress code? Certainly not.

Patiala Salwar jumpsuit for Holi

And then there is a colorful tank top and an ethnic skirt. A trendy Holi outfit with a touch of tradition. In doing so, accessorize this dress with colorful bangles and funky jewelry.

Trendy Holi Outfit

Ethnic clothing for Holi:

If ethnic wear is your calling for festive occasions, then go Bollywood style by opting for an all white Rekha ensemble in the song “Rang Barse”. It’s an evergreen trend that will make sure you look your best!

And what is that? Wear a crisp white chikankari kurta with the basic leggings. Want even more twist? Pair the white kurta and leggings with a colorful bandhani print dupatta.


White outfits work as the perfect canvas for painting the city red on Holi with your friends and family. You can even go for a white kurti and pair it with jeggings.

Do you want to get ahead of the game?

You can simply add a colorful dupatta or tie dye scarf to add that pop of color to your choice of classic wardrobe and use it to protect your luscious locks as well.

Ethnic clothing for Holi

Accessories for Holi:

Holi fashion demands a twist. You have to be messy with the colors and the water at the same time. And the accessories to wear on Holi have a lot going on to help you nail the look. Here’s how:

Caps and bandanas: Take your family and friends by surprise when you wear the best headwear (a stylish cap or a printed bandana) with your outfit this Holi. It is an effective way to style your outfit. Plus, you end up protecting your hair as well.

Bandanas for Holi

Sun glasses: You can’t go color blind on Holi, but you can definitely add that extra glamor to your outfit by wearing sunglasses. Look a star at your Holi party wearing one of these awesome sunglasses. Going for classic aviators will definitely help you steal the show. Plus, when you wear sunglasses while playing with color on Holi, it ensures that your eyes are protected from harsh chemicals.

Accessories for Holi

Flip flops: For the fun festival, are you going to wear one of these fancy sandals or pumps? Do not do that. Holi is that festival which gives you the chance to wear and show off your shoes for Holi. So do it while wearing flip flops in public. Just pair them with your funky clothes and complete your Holi outfit. Other shoe options include sneakers, floats, ballet flats, moccasins, or simple slippers.

Shoes for Holi

Denim shorts: Suppose you don’t want to go the traditional route this Holi. Be a smartie wearing denim shorts and a cute white top or t-shirt. Complete this look by wearing a bandana and flip flops.

What to wear on Holi

Hairstyle for Holi:

Protect and protect!

It will always be your hair mantra on the occasion of Holi. To do this, moisturize your hair with coconut oil beforehand. Bring out the hairdresser in you and go for a braided bun or a double French braid tied into a high ponytail. It is the best and sleekest way to save your hair from the onslaught of colors and chemicals.

Cute hairstyle for Holi

Nail Art for Holi:

To protect your nails from Holi colors, paint them in bright shades. It could be bold, contrasting colors or a Holi-inspired nail art design. Add a pop of color to your nails by using vibrant shades rather than letting chemical colors take their toll on your manicure.

Nail Art for Holi

Now that I’ve shown you some great possibilities for Holi style outfits and ideas, feel free to follow them. Don’t be shy, go out and soak in the colors of joy that only come once a year. Happy Holi to all your readers and family members!

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Celebrity inspired outfits and hairstyles to try this Holi

Holi Celebrity Hairstyles

Now nothing beats the excitement we Indians have for the Festival of Colors. We’re sure you’ve already planned your Holi party. But before you stop on what to wear to bring attention to this Holi, we suggest you scroll down for some celebrity-inspired outfit and hairstyle ideas, which are sure to make your Holi look great. even more divaliscious.

Taking inspiration from what’s hot in the trend charts of our Bollywood actresses, we’ve compiled this guide especially for you, my friends, to help you dress perfectly for Holi, 2021.

7 celebrity-inspired outfits for Holi, 2021


With athleisure continuing to be one of the hottest trends even this season, you can choose to wear your chenilles and tank tops to your holiday season. If you are like us bored of living off your tracks then we say upgrade to something cooler and comfier like a lightly pleated denim jogger and pair it with a not-so-tight luminous vest just like Alia wore. recently when promoting its Holi release, Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya.

Alia Bhatt Outfits

Shorts and shirt

Since Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani came out, it’s our favorite Holi dressing protocol, thanks to Deepika’s look in Balam Pichkari. With celebrities taking that weird plunge, we’re saying elevate your basics to their more quirky versions and wear them with your loosely tucked shirts. Carefree and impeccable look.

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Alia shorts

If you fancy a slight variation on your shorts, we suggest using a hearty print overlay for a bit of that extra fun element. Take inspiration from Alia Bhatt’s Dear Zindagi look.

Alia Bhatt shorts


Dividers in their coordinated and complementary forms are a celebrity favorite. You can evolve them to make your Holi chic and starry.

Go for a pair of brightly colored dividers, to turn heads at the Holi party. Stick to bright, strong colors. Alia gives us major inspiration here by wearing a bright red and yellow Raw Mango separates.

Alia Bhatt in Raw Mango

For the more carefree dresser, we highly recommend coordinating partings like the one Anushka wore most recently during Phillauri. The polka dot print on the denim got a chic quotient.

Anushka sharma

Short Kurta Hand Loom

Short kurtas paired with patialas have become like Holi staples. With the fervor of hand weaving, ditch the usual chicken and work the kurtas in linens, handlooms and Indian textiles, this holi. For a little more charm and sparkle, you can opt to amplify your desi agendas with a long necklace. This look from Vidya Balan’s recent sighting can be duplicated for your Christmas party this year.

Handloom Kurta

Bombers overlay

Bombers are hot this season and not wearing them will be a crime. A recent look from Kangana Ranaut, Rangoon promotional planners may well be translated into your statement look for Holi this year. A cropped denim and white-on-white vest look was instantly revamped with an edgy denim bomber jacket. We were all hearts for this one, and we hope you already have a denim bomber jacket in your closet to create a look that turns heads.

Kangana Ranaut

Off the shoulder with white used denims

Off-the-shoulder and cold shoulders are always trending on the fashion charts. Instead of whites, pair tops in light pastel shades like pinks, blues and lemons with one of your more distressed faded white denim to create a rock chic Holi look. Take inspiration from Athiya Shetty’s laid back street style.

Athiya Shetty

Glam this basic look with a pair of neon metallic hued sunglasses and you are sure to catch the spotlight. Take inspiration from these crazy pink hues that Parineeti recently sported during her vacation in Dubai.

Parineeti Chopra Fashion

A Saree

Bollywood seems to be going back to beautifully printed sarees with flowing palas. If you can handle a saree perfectly and are more of an audience at Holi parties, we recommend going for a light saree printed in pastel hues for your party this Holi.

For inspiration, check out Kangana’s Rangoon promotional planners, in which the lady was on a roll with her collection of printed sarees.

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Kangana Ranaut Saree

If you want to do white, which will always be a popular choice for Holi, choose a white saree with a bright color touch-up, like Dia Mirza wore from Raw Mango.

Dia Mirza Saree

5 celebrity-inspired hairstyles for Holi, 2021

Man’s buns and top knots

You just can’t say no to Man updos and stylish knots this season. If you are looking for a casual and chic Holi appearance, then a men’s bun is almost a mandate to complete your playful and edgy vibe.
With the celebrities going gaga over this trendy hair bun, you have every reason to be bold and beautiful. From Sonam Kapoor, to Alia Bhatt to Sonakshi Sinha and Anushka Sharma, every diva has had her mane tied up in man’s buns and elegant knots.


Take inspiration from their hairdressing books to enhance your look for the festival of colors.

Celebrity Hairstyles for Holi

Unconventional braids

Braids have been a great choice for Holi. Instead of wearing the messy way, braid your hair giving it unconventional twists for a more dramatic and ott element. After all, it’s the holiday season, why do the usual?

Try something like Anushka’s cornrows to make an edgy statement

Anushka sharma

Alia’s mats
Alia Bhatt ponytail

Shamita Shetty’s Braided Twist Ponytail
Shamita Shetty ponytail


A host of celebrities are returning to cute ponytails to enhance their style files. Whether stylish or with side strands spilling out to the sides, our fashionistas wear them their own way. An easy hair bun to keep your manes on Holi could be to pull them back into a pony and give you a neat and tidy look.
These celebrity sightings in ponytails will definitely have you bouncing off the trend.

Deepika’s textured, side and side braids pull on ponytail looks

Ponytail Deepika Padukone

The blanket

If you are extremely cynical about your hair and are willing to give up playing just to protect it from the side effects of colors, we suggest covering it up. A little before and after hair care and a few hairstyling tips will make you enjoy this bright and fun festival that only takes place once a year.

For those who are very possessive on their manes, full coverage is suggested. Try to wrap your hair in colorful, funky scarves. You can experiment with ways to cover yourself. We are propagating the way Nargis Fakhri does it.

Nargis Fakhri

An alternative to reduce the effects of colors on your hair is to wear your hair in a braided bun, sealing your crown with a hat. This is sure to reduce the impact and still make you vibrate beautifully. We got this inspiration from the appearance of Olivia Wilde.

Holi hairstyles

Short waves

If you like our celebrities to cut your hair short or bob, wearing it in beach waves is highly recommended. Flirtatious, casual and playful, this short hairstyle is just the perfect one for your Holi party. The best part being, this one is a winner for both your desi dress or a more chic and casual appearance. Scrunch them up or go for a soft blow-dry look, short waves are totally happening this season.

Kangana Rranaut

Kangana Ranaut’s perfect waves

Kangana Ranaut Hairstyles

The soft dried look of Vaani Kapoor

Hairdressing Vaani Kapoor

Parineeti’s fun wavy look

Parineeti Chopra Hairstyles

Now, without wasting any more time, start preparing to play Holi the fashionista style. Don’t forget to thank us while you enjoy all of these compliments.

Be careful and have fun, after all, it’s only once a year that you play colors.

Happy Holi Dearies!

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Image source: instagram

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How To Safely Remove Holi Colors From Face, Neck And Other Body Parts

How to remove Holi colors

Stop hiding at home and watching your neighbors and besties peek-a-boo play at the festival of colors because we’re here to help you learn more about how to remove holi colors.

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How to get rid of Holi color on the face

Holi, the festival of colors is an amazing festival, and we keep talking about indulging in a splash of color in fashion, and fashion is life, right? So stop staying indoors from this year and play the festival with total joy, using our tips for getting rid of Holi colors on the face, neck and other parts of the body. Read up on PYTs and share this article on how to remove Holi colors, with family and friends who stay away from the colorful affair and splash.

1. Wash and rinse with cold water

The biggest mistake made is using lukewarm or hot water for bathing after a color scheme. Stop doing that. Before you indulge in the game, we would like you to apply spoonfuls of cold cream liberally to your skin, then wait an hour. You can also use coconut oil and wait too. What this would do is form a protective layer over the skin of the color thrown at you. After the color scheme is complete, use cold water, not hot water, to wash. Hot water solidifies the intensity of the color, while cold water lowers the intensity.

Wash Holi Colors

2. Besan pack for the skin

We would like you to mix a cup of besan with half a cup of curd and a tablespoon of essential oil. Make it into a paste and apply it liberally to your skin. Wait ten minutes before gently rinsing the pack off, using facial cleanser and water. After the cleansing is complete, you can further hydrate the skin with cold coconut oil applied to the washed skin. Wait another ten minutes for the oil to penetrate the colored areas before washing it off. For the final rinse, mix half a cup of lemon juice with half a cup of rose water and rub the skin with it. Finally rinse with cold water.

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Besan skin pack

3. Amchur powder to the rescue

Half a cup of amchour powder should be mixed with water and applied as a packet to the face and neck. This is for OILY SKIN TYPES only. Wait half an hour and then wash it off in circular motions. Excessive use of amchour powder can lead to dehydration of the skin, if this happens, you can follow the coconut oil massage an hour later to restore hydration levels and balance skin texture .

Ways to get rid of Holi color on the face

4. Use Fuller’s Earth

Fuller’s earth or Multani mitti is an amazing way to remove color from the skin. Half a cup of Multani mitti soaked for an hour with four tablespoons of curd and applied to the face and neck can help you remove stubborn tones and undertones. Gently rub with cold water when the pack dries. This is a pack for VERY OILY SKIN to COMBINATION SKIN only.

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Fullers Earth for Holi Colors


5. Half a tablespoon of glycerin

For very SENSITIVE SKIN types that itch and flake, you can undo it with a good dose of glycerin potion applied to the colored area. Mix half a tablespoon of glycerin in a cup of rose water and apply the potion to the face and colored parts of the body. Wait an hour, then rinse with water.

How to remove Holi color from the face

6. Use a cleansing milk solution

Always choose cleansers that contain aloe vera and lemon, as the potion would be very effective in removing stubborn colors. Here is how to get rid of holi color on the face, neck and forehead; choosing antiseptic creams and cleansers for this purpose would be the best thing to do.

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How to get rid of Holi color on the face

7. Methi Paste to remove scalp colors

Let’s not ignore the scalp as this part would also be washed with organic holi colors. Make a paste of methi seeds to fill a tablespoon in which a teaspoon of lime should be introduced. Apply the paste to the scalp and wait ten minutes. Wash under cold water and pat dry. Methi seeds also help remove dandruff and promote hair growth!

Tips for removing Holi colors

Use these proven ideas and wash off the holi colors as well. We hope you have a happy and fashionable holiday this year!

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Hair care tips to follow this Holi season

Hair care tips to follow this Holi season
Holi, the festival of colors, is a very vibrant and fun affair. But the colors used, while a lot of fun, can wreak havoc on your hair. So how do you have fun while making sure your hair doesn’t take damage from harsh chemicals in colors? Well just follow our hair care tips to help protect your hair and get you through Holi.

Seal your hair follicles with conditioner

A great way to add a protective layer to your hair, effectively seal it in color, and deter it from entering your hair follicles is to apply conditioner to your hair. Instead of applying the conditioner to wet hair and washing it like you normally would, apply the conditioner to your dry hair, then go ahead and join in all the holi festivities. Not only will the conditioner protect your hair, but you will also get soft, well-conditioned hair over the hours.

Seal your hair follicles with conditioner

Braid your hair

If you have medium to long length hair, it is a great idea to braid your hair. This way, your hair won’t be too tied up and messy after hours of fun and frolicking. Alternatively, you can also put your hair in a tight bun to protect it.

Braid your hair

Cover your hair with a bandana

Consider covering your hair with a bandana or scarf. It can actually go a long way in protecting your hair and keeping it from getting saturated with Holi colors. If you can’t get your hands on a bandana, you can use anything from a towel to a dupatta to cover your head to minimize damage.

Cover your hair with a bandana

Apply coconut oil to your hair

Instead of applying conditioner, you can choose to apply coconut oil to your hair. The added benefit of doing this is that although you cannot apply the conditioner to your scalp as it will leave your scalp oily and make your hair limp, there is nothing stopping you from applying walnut oil. coconut on your scalp. Thus, you will not only protect your hair, but also your scalp.


Apply coconut oil to your hair

Use a clarifying shampoo

Clarifying shampoos are specially formulated to cleanse the scalp, removing impurities. This makes it an absolute must-have for the Holi season. The residue of the colors, if not completely removed, will settle on the scalp and hair and can eventually lead to hair loss, breakage and itching. So invest in a good clarifying shampoo to help keep your hair and scalp perfectly clean.

Use a clarifying shampoo

Use a hair mask

No matter how many precautions you take and how careful you are, your hair will always suffer, albeit to a lesser extent. So give it a boost with a deep conditioning hair mask to help it regain its glow. You can also indulge in hot oil massages and hair care to help your hair recover from whatever it went through during Holi.

Use a hair mask

Refrain from using heat on your hair

For a few weeks after Holi, try not to use a hair dryer or a straightener or curler on your hair. Your hair needs time to repair itself and regain its elasticity and texture. Using heat on your hair will only weaken / damage it further.

Refrain from using heat on your hair

Follow our tips to make sure your hair doesn’t suffer terribly from all the fun you’ve had during Holi. All you need to do is take a few simple precautionary steps to make sure your hair is protected from possible damage. Now that you know everything you need to do to protect your hair, don’t hold back. Let go and get into the spirit of Holi!

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5 essential oils for Holi to apply on the body before going to play

Essential oils for Holi

Now we know that most of you would like to apply and rub some oil on your skin and body before playing Holi, and sure enough do, but know which of the essential oils for holi would be the one. better to use.

Oils to apply before playing Holi

Depending on your skin type and condition, we want you to use the best essential oils for holi, which would protect the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays and toxic dyes. Here are five amazing essential oils to apply before playing Holi, which you should buy and keep now!

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1. The good old coconut oil

A tablespoon of warm coconut oil should be used as a skin protector and since time immemorial, coconut oils to apply before playing Holi have always been the number one diet to use. The oil is also known for its anti-aging, antimicrobial and super hydrating properties, which also helps protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Coconut oil is also high in vitamin E, which does amazing things for your skin. While you were actively playing Holi, there would be colors that stick to the skin and also penetrate the cracks. Coconut oil rubbed into the skin before game day or vacation day can help repair the skin and remove wear and tear on the skin. This helps to smooth the texture of the skin and protects the skin from future cracks.

Oils to apply before playing Holi

2. Try a tablespoon of sweet almond oil

Almond oil has been used for a very long time by beauticians and the beauty industry to work magic with skin and hair, but this time it can also help protect the skin from harmful dyes used during holidays. With lots of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats, the high nutrient content of almond oil makes it one of the best skin care products we could dream of. Keep your skin healthy and supple, by using a tablespoon of almond oil as a rubbing agent on the skin before the start of the holi game. UV rays from the sun can harm the skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. Almond oil helps to cleanse and cleanse, protect and make the skin soft and supple. The oil is non-greasy, versatile and enriches the skin’s radiance while hydrating the skin. There would be no more skin irritation and pimples to deal with, as well as the use of sweet almond oil.

How to protect the skin from Holi colors

3. Lemon oil to enrich the skin with

If available near you, choose a bottle of lemon oil that would help nourish the skin and cleanse it of colors. Lemon oil also fights the attack of free radicals and toxins that build up on the skin, thus protecting the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The best part is that lemon oil can be used all over the body and can energize every cell with a really good massage done before the start of the holi game. With antimicrobial properties to its name, lemon oil can also help keep the skin safe when dirty hands touch your skin.

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Holi Safety Tips

4. Sunflower seed oil for glowing skin

Most Indian households use sunflower seed oil for cooking and for various health and beauty reasons, but this time around when you read more about how to protect skin from holi colors, we bring you would also ask to use a tablespoon of sunflower seed oil. For normal to oily, dry to sensitive skin, sunflower oil can help as a cleansing agent. The oil does not irritate the skin and there would be no more irritation to deal with. Sunflower oil has antioxidants that fight free radicals and also measures as a cleansing solution after the holi game. Apply a tablespoon of sunflower seed oil an hour before playing the holi on your skin; helps remove colors faster.

Sunflower oil


5. Grapeseed oil for flawless and glowing skin

Wondering whether or not you want to play Holi, because you are afraid that the colors will spoil your skin? Do not worry! As long as you have a few drops of grape seed oil mixed with a tablespoon of coconut oil, you won’t have to lose that shine. Apply the concoction an hour before the holi game and enjoy your time. Wash it off with cold water later and then pat dry the skin, you will notice that all the color is gone in no time and the antioxidants in grape seed oil also protect the skin from harmful toxins and UV rays from the sun.

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Grape seed oil

Enjoy your vacation and have fun! We hope you refer this article on Holi Safety Tips Using Essential Oils to everyone!

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