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Merrell shoes: this hiking brand covers your summer shoes

Last summer, the incredibly bizarre Merrell Hydro Moc took a serious leap from outdoor amphibious shoes to the latest center-left darling of menswear. We wrote about it. So done the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. (It also wouldn’t be a stretch to call this shoe a mass-branded version of Kanye West’s Yeezy Foam Runner.) Fast forward to a summer later, and Merrell’s latest collection includes another eye-catching style. The proven outdoorsman brand isn’t a one-off marvel when it comes to coveted summer kicks.

The brand’s hiking-centric “Alpine” silhouette isn’t as stunning as the Hydro Moc, but it still won’t be mistaken for your regular sandals. It comes in three different styles – a slide sandal, strap sandal, and clog – as well as a variety of easy-to-wear shades. (Don’t sleep on that olive green colourway.) All three use the same design language: a textile and neoprene upper, an EVA foam sockliner for comfort, and a jagged rubber outsole for super-grippy traction. . Instead of putting too much vibration on the trail, it has more in common with highbrow sandals made by beloved brands like Suicoke or Visvim. (Think of the clever use of suspenders, a sturdy outsole, a minimalist and edgy silhouette.) This gives a raised look that is worth adding to any summer shoe rotation.

This type of shoe just feels right at home when paired with comfortable shorts or light, airy pants. Need a pair of kicks for your daily coffee, or just something to relax around the house? Done and done, the Merrell Alpine has you covered. It might not be as daring as the Hydro Moc, but either will be infinitely more stylish than those seedy pool slides that have been lurking deep in your closet for six months.

Merrell shoes: this hiking brand covers your summer shoes
Merrell shoes: this hiking brand covers your summer shoes

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How to grow a beard for the first time

The most important thing to know about how to grow a beard is that you actually need to grow that beard. You need the canvas to throw paint on, and you need to engage in real time to do not shave if you want a beard. This is rule # 1.

But there are still dos and don’ts to keep everything clean and tucked in, so we’ve put together our best beard growth tips to get you started growing your first beard. Or maybe it’s not your first beard, but you’re determined to make it your better beard. Or maybe it’s the first time you’ve been realistic about what’s possible, given your specific amount and where the whiskers are on your mug. (If you’re dealing with inequality, we’ve got a guide for that as well.) Wherever you are, with these tips, the best beard your DNA allows can start right now.

1. Identify your goal, but be realistic

There are many beard styles to choose from; you don’t need to stick to perfectly maintained and even growth. (Think about how your beard can best flatter your face shape.) Let your growth be influenced by the style you want to achieve. However, I insist on “wanting” for one special reason: you can’t necessarily achieve your ideal beard if your facial hair isn’t meant to grow that way.

If your beard is patchy or has a unique growth pattern (sparse on the cheeks, full on the goatee, for example), you need to set your expectations correctly. This goes for large, small and medium beards.

2. Let it grow

Patience is a virtue. Not only can a little time help fill in some irregularities, it is also necessary for almost any style. A beard turns into something new every week. So if it looks like you never each is your goal – especially if it’s a long beard – then you might honestly wake up one morning and realize you’ve arrived at your destination.

3. Pay attention to the perimeter

One of the principles of beard maintenance is to keep it defined. In short: shave the cleavage and clean the cheek lines. These give him more beard and less neck – unless, for some reason, a woolly stoner beard is your goal. In this case, let it grow wild and free.

4. Trim it as it grows

The second way to keep things intentional is to sculpt and trim your beard as it grows. It might sound counterproductive – and contrary to # 2 – but it’s the same way you have to cut your hair while growing your hair out. This helps direct the hair exactly where it needs to be: fuller in some places, less in others. The styling products in the next tip can of course help influence matters, but most of all you want to keep the hairs under control if necessary: ​​this could mean checking for parasites, trimming split ends, or just removing some bulk. You will need a beard trimmer or a pair of sharp scissors.

How to grow a beard for the first time
How to grow a beard for the first time

Tweezerman mustache and beard scissors

5. Use some nourishing products

There are a handful of beard products that you should consider getting if you are serious about proper care and maintenance. A few drops of beard oil will quickly absorb and give your hair the right nutrients (plus a pinch of shine), while also making it more tame in the process. You can also swap out a beard balm or cream, something slightly heavier than an oil, to help style the beard and keep it in place all day.

How to grow a beard for the first time
How to grow a beard for the first time

King C. Gillette Beard Balm

You also want to keep the thing clean. The shampoo works well, but a dedicated beard wash will be gentler on your face. Either way, that skin still needs hydration – a moisturizer will keep it from getting dry and scaly.

How to grow a beard for the first time

Beardbrand unscented beard cleanser

How to grow a beard for the first time

Grooming Lounge beard and skin lotion

6. Brush it every night

Beard brushes help exfoliate the skin under the beard, to begin with, which lifts dead skin cells and prevents future flaking. In addition, brushing a beard at the end of each day will ensure its health and ability to tame in the long run. This distributes the natural oils produced in the skin, which otherwise collects at the base of the shaft and only nourishes the bottom of each hair. This oil distribution prevents breakage, frizz and split ends. (This is a great time to apply a few drops of beard oil as a booster, especially after a shower.)

How to grow a beard for the first time

Goodfellow & Co beard brush

7. Try a new style

Once your base has grown – it can take months – it’s time to really make it yours. One of our favorites is to cut the bridge between the mustache and the chin, thus blocking the mustache. Or, reduce the beard itself, leaving a fuller mustache. You have a lot of options and it is your privilege as a barber to display it.

This image may contain cosmetics and a bottle

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Why I bought Bruce Lee’s watch

Bruce Lee at a press conference, September 1971.South China Morning Post / Getty Images

There’s a lot you can speculate about Bruce Lee about from his choice of Seiko: Ferrell points out that the 6139 was far from a cheap watch – it would have sold for around $ 200 in the early ’70s, roughly the same price as a Rolex Submariner at this time. Avoiding typical Western status symbols in favor of a watch designed and built entirely in Asia could have been an accurate statement as Bruce struggled to gain traction as a leading man in Hollywood. There is no doubt, however, why so many Asian Americans are suing 6139-6010 today.

“We really only had a person“Says Will Yun Lee, whose father participated in martial arts tournaments alongside Bruce in the late 1960s.” At that time, Bruce was the only Asian figure brave and daring enough not to follow in his footsteps. belongs to nobody. What brings him to another level of icondom, just like Muhammad Ali, is that he was the complete package: a cinematic hero, a philosophical hero, a style hero. And growing up, I wanted to imitate him in all possible ways.

Yang-Yi Personal Seiko 6139-6010 Automatic ChronographCourtesy of Yang-Yi Goh
Yang-Yi Personal Seiko 6139-6010 Automatic ChronographCourtesy of Yang-Yi Goh

For Ronny Chieng, wearing his Seiko on stage is a way to channel some of that energy in a slightly more subtle way than dressing like Kill BillHe joked. “It really makes me look extravagant,” Chieng says. “It reminds me of Bruce Lee’s struggle to express himself authentically, which is the point of stand-up comedy. You want to uncover the truth, speak out openly and honestly, and bring joy to people – which I think is what he was trying to do as well. It is something that everyone can learn from. But then as a Chinese in America? As a Chinese designer, a Chinese interpreter in America? It’s too much. This is too much. Just wear it and get it.

I do You understand. Last fall, I pulled the trigger on a pristine Seiko 6139-6010 from Ferrell’s stable, with a rally bracelet very similar to Bruce’s – the save, in fact, of the bracelet Ferrell had. purchased for Daniel Dae Kim. For the first time in my life, I understood the appeal of wearing a serious watch: its weight, the precise engineering, that austere but striking dial. It highlights all my looks – my adjustments instantly give me a more thoughtful, more finished, more grown-up feel. In a time when being Asian in America has never felt more difficult or complicated, that connection to Bruce Lee’s steadfast and relentless self-confidence really gives me a jolt every time I slip it up. I stand a little taller and feel a little more courageous. It reminds me that I belong exactly where I am and that no one can tell me otherwise. I feel powerful. And above all, it is proof of the greatest of all truths: Mom always knows the best.

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Buy Yuppie Scum: ’90s Rich-Guy outfits are all the rage

There is something odd familiar about all of this. I remember the 1980s and early 1990s: how, towards the end of George W. Bush’s presidency, the WASP signifiers were overturned. Seeing a guy skate on the street in a yellow Rowing Blazers “FINANCE” hat in 2021 has a similar impact to that of a rapper or a scuzzy indie rock band wearing boat shoes 12 or 13 ago. years: that doesn’t make sense, but it looks good. Look at the humble boat shoe.

Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig in the most beautiful yuppie fashion of 2008.

Mick hutson

Until 2008, the boat shoe was generally considered “the typical frat boy look or a stuffy old look,” as Cristina Fairs, former product manager at Sperry, put it. This brand’s Top-Sider shoe evoked visions of people named Muffy and Chip singing the praises of William F. Buckley at their weekend home on Cape Cod. Fairs highlights Sperry’s Spring 2008 collaboration with Band of Outsiders as WASP looks began to assimilate into hipster style. “It took an iconic figure that everyone knew as a pattern and basically a color and flipped it over on their head.” Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig and Pharrell were both rocking boat shoes, while Kanye wore LL Bean duck boots. It didn’t look like a celebration at all of the Connecticut-born Yale rich former education son, another Connecticut-born Yale education rich former president; in fact, it was the opposite. After eight years as a country club at the helm of the country, it was like taking a symbol of this rich and privileged world and making it for everyone.

What we see today has a similar feel. It doesn’t matter if you come from a poor family, you are a person of color, were born in another country, or maybe your family was not allowed to join the country club a few decades ago because your last name is Goldberg. Now you can wear an old Range Rover sweatshirt or a piece from Noah’s collaboration with Barbour and feel like a cool, modern descendant of a character called PG Wodehouse. Ernest Wilkins has the same feeling of being a black man walking around Chicago with a banker’s bag.

“I can guess the number of people who look like me and who have [a banker bag] is a very small amount. The likelihood of someone seeing him and assuming I’m a 1% member is very low, ”he says when I ask him if he thinks he’ll be mistaken for, well, a banker because he wears a bank bag. But for Wilkins, it’s all part of something bigger. “I think of all the black people who have kept Ralph Lauren rich for all these decades, including myself. I think about how we’ve always felt like these brands and labels mean we’re getting to the money, which is the essential driving force of American culture. Now, if you take these symbols of power and wealth and turn them into your look, you’re doing something similar to what Bronx-born Ralph Lauren (née Lifshitz) did by transforming the symbols of the world. old style WASPdom currency that anyone could wear. , or Dapper Dan did it when he made his high-end Gucci and Louis Vuitton knockoffs the signature look of early hip-hop.

Of course, the style is always evolving; right now, you can walk down the street in any trendy neighborhood in brooklyn, oakland, chicago, or anywhere else see a creative director of an italian spirits brand rocking the western look, or a person holding a macbook wearing overalls Carhartt. It’s fun to dress outside of our own realities, and wearing a rich dad’s hat is one way to do it. Of course, this doesn’t obscure the reality that people who aren’t rich almost always don’t tend to like rich people. The rich will likely continue to get richer and we will continue to hate them for it. But it’s always fun to punch big holes in the myth that it’s only because you’re rich that you’re special.

“We’ve seen New York City be taken over by costumed finance bros that spin so hard and order bottles of the most expensive shit without even knowing what they’re talking about,” Harris says. “These finance brothers have poisoned the city. If anything, we’re sort of trying to take it back from them. Free my seafood towers. “

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Brett Gelman Rings in Season Jaddy

CBS Photo Archive

Brett Gelman

We’re happy to see that Gelman’s retro ’70s Jaddy style – think lots of leather and lots of hair – is still alive and well.

Michael reaves

David Beckham

The guy is dressed like he owns the place – which, in a way, the owner of Inter Miami does.

Omar Vega

Canelo Alvarez

When you wear custom Dolce & Gabbana pajamas to your weigh-in, the result is basically sealed. (Canelo won by TKO.)

Adam pantozzi

Julius Randle

Randle led the Knicks to unlikely success this year with his brand of bully ball – the hoops equivalent of, basically, a tone-on-tone brown dress-up. Not flashy – but by golly it gets the job done.

Jared C. Tilton

Keith mitchell

Mitchell rocked his woolen pants to a third place finish at the Wells Fargo Championship.


Nick thune

A little Father John Misty cosplay never hurt anyone.

Kent smith

Terry rozier

It’s always the time of leather in the NBA.

Raymond Hall

Kid Laroi

A perfect sweater for the shoulder season.


Will arnett

Not ready for the return of hard pants? Try soft tailoring.

David M. Benett

Vincent Cassel

The French actor knows that the only dress code for an F1 race is “to look like a super cool French dude”.

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The 17 best men’s leather wallets to carry it all

The search for a new men’s leather wallet is deeply personal. You are entering into a long-term relationship. Which means the best wallet for you is the one that fits your lifestyle, but it’s also something you can. love. Are you the front or back pocket? Carry-it-all or just cards, ID and cash? And then you have to decide, are you going classic with a brown or black leather wallet, or are you looking to flex?

Listen, a new wallet is an opportunity. This is your chance to grab everyone’s attention in the cafe with an anything but boring leather card holder. This is your chance to part ways with that goofy triplet you stuffed with credit cards, coupons, and a ticket stub you saved at an Outkast gig in 2003. It’s here. opportunity to solve the problems that have plagued you for years. That is: yes, we found a stylish leather wallet with a coin pocket to store all that extra coin that vibrates at the bottom of your tote bag – a wallet that doesn’t look like the velcro wallet from your childhood (or worse, your adulthood).

The dizzying amount of men’s wallets on the market today can be a minefield to wade through. So we sifted through hundreds to find 17 of the best men’s leather wallets to buy right now. In particular, we’ve researched brands that make premium leather products, some of which have decades (if not centuries) of experience in making cowhide masterpieces. Because if you want to find a new soul mate in your pocket, love should last.

The classic choice

Image may contain: wallet, accessories and accessory

Tumi Leather Money Clip Card Holder

It’s impossible to talk about men’s leather wallets without talking about Tumi. The sleek, BS-free approach to design has made it a mainstay of the accessories scene and its wide selection of leather wallets exemplify what the brand does best: accessible and always reliable products, lasting luxury. This one comes with the added bonus of an outdoor money clip to help you keep track of the little bills you’ve racked up from a life of resisting the cashless wave.

The leather pick

The 17 best men's leather wallets to carry it all

Since the late 1800s, leather enthusiasts have flocked to Guidi in droves to stock up on the Tuscan brand’s meticulously crafted products. Over the centuries (plural), the cult brand has developed a hard-earned reputation for manufacturing leather products with impeccable craftsmanship. This vegetable tanned horse skin men’s wallet might look like something a medieval monk would tithe in, but it will serve you well to hide the little accessories of modern life.

The royal choice

The 17 best men's leather wallets to carry it all

William & Son silver-trimmed leather card holder

William & Son was only founded in 1999, but it already has a Royal Warrant, which means it supplies goods to the Royal Family of England. Which makes sense: The Streamlined Operation Card Holder, made in the UK and reinforced with silver edges for added polish, is the type of wallet that will make you feel like a king every time you get it. get out. Even if – especially if – you only catch a large Snickers at the drugstore.

Designer’s choice

The 17 best men's leather wallets to carry it all

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Card Holder

Designer Daniel Lee reinvented Bottega Veneta as a source of freshness in the fashion industry, but the designer wisely retained the brand’s signature intrecciato weave. Hand-woven nappa leather bands crisscross the front of the wallet, adding textured interest to a super functional accessory that already includes six card slots (count them!). It’s hard to go wrong with any of the colors available here – you might as well have fun.

The vegan choice

Image may contain: Wood

So you see the allure of a leather wallet, but are morally uncomfortable with what it takes to make them possible? Understandable. This Corkor faux leather fold is a beautiful, perfectly pockmarked take with a handy fold-out ID window inside. It’s made in Portugal with cork leather, which is surprisingly soft and durable – and available in black or brown if the look of the wine stopper isn’t right for you.

Plus 12 other leather wallets we love

The 17 best men's leather wallets to carry it all

Smythson “Mara” crocodile-effect leather card holder

This crocodile only eats cash. (And the occasional credit card.)

Image may contain: wallet, accessories and accessory

Lotuff Leather Bifold Wallet

The 17 best men's leather wallets to carry it all

Corter Leather Mechanic Wallet

Even if you don’t know how to change your car’s oil, that shouldn’t stop you from buying this well-pocketed, no-frills wallet.

The 17 best men's leather wallets to carry it all

Comme des Garçons ruby ​​eyes half-zip wallet

Sky blue leather and gold hardware are always a combination worthy of madness.

The 17 best men's leather wallets to carry it all

Loewe puzzle card holder

The last piece missing from your springs.

The 17 best men's leather wallets to carry it all

Noah Leather Card Holder

Stamped with the official Cool Downtown logo.

Image may contain: wallet, accessories and accessory

Tanner Goods Universal Zip Wallet

It’s like that soft cafe racer jacket you’ve been wearing for half a decade in a row, but much easier to penetrate (and we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a matching leather jacket.)
The 17 best men's leather wallets to carry it all

Red Wing Heritage Card Holder Wallet (was $ 75, now 35% off)

For years, you’ve trusted Red Wing to keep your feet dry during the worst times of winter. Now let it protect your valuables all year round as well.
Image may contain: wallet, accessories and accessory

Want Les Essentiels colorblock pebble grain card holder

Attention, black and blue opponents: Want les Essentiels is here to make you eat your words.

Image may contain: accessories, accessory, purse, bag and wallet

Ezra Arthur leather snap pouch

The kind of deceptively practical accessory you could pull off just about anything, Mary Poppins style.

The 17 best men's leather wallets to carry it all

RRL Horween Leather Surveyor Wallet

A rugged biker looks for much less than it costs to buy a Harley.

The 17 best men's leather wallets to carry it all

Valextra grained-leather wallet

Valextra, maker of ultra-luxurious Italian leather goods, has been refining its approach for nearly a century. Who are we to discuss this level of expertise?

Image may contain: wristwatch, building, clock tower, architecture and tower
A collection of different celebrities like Lil Nas X, Brad Pitt and Timothee Chalamet wearing sunglasses

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How To Wear a Cropped Top: A GQ Writer’s 5 Day Style Experience

GQ writer Yang-Yi Goh spends his days providing high level adjustment advice for our GQ Recommends operation, which he is qualified to do because the man did, to my knowledge, never missed an outfit. It’s a sartorial magpie, reconstructing puzzles with a truly annoying nonchalance. While we were in a pandemic sweats, he was carrying Issey Miyake. Yang is Simone Biles on the floor exercise, which makes the hard look easy and the look impossible possible. Concrete example: Yang doesn’t even need an entire shirt anymore.

Day 1: pétanque and wind blowing.

As Yang says, her crop-top style experiment started with the help of a Hollywood inspiration and a pair of scissors. “I ran into pictures of guys like Will Smith and Adam Sandler looking fair in cropped t-shirts in the ’90s and I just thought,’ Huh. Why not? ”He said.“ It turns out it’s really hard to cut fabric in a straight line with old kitchen scissors. ”That’s when Yang created the Brad Pitt Pivot. .

“In the interest of no longer messing up my t-shirts and sweatshirts, I decided to spend the rest of the week experimenting with knotted, Brad Pitt-style shirts on the pages of a little magazine called GQ. My knotting skills would make a Scout leader want to stick his head through a wall, but I was pretty much in it! It’s a bit like wearing a bow tie on the low your button down. “

Day 2: Yang tees up…

Day 3:… then ties up.

Day 4: A costume with a twist.

Day 5: An undershirt (or tank top) helps if you’re shy.

There was also all the abs-al fresco effect to get used to. “No matter how comfortable you think you are with your body,” Yang says, “walking outside with your stomach exposed will make you the most intimidating.” Not that you need a six pack to tie your shirt. A little bit of advice from Yang might help though – so he kindly bought a few shirts to help you on your own crop top trip.

4 shirts that you can cut or tie for your own short style

How To Wear a Cropped Top: A GQ Writer's 5 Day Style Experience

Russell Athletic Dri-Power Fleece Sweatshirt

There aren’t too many heather gray crewnecks.

How To Wear a Cropped Top: A GQ Writer's 5 Day Style Experience

Hanes short sleeve Beefy-T (pack of 2)

Two plans to cut a straight line for only $ 12.

How To Wear a Cropped Top: A GQ Writer's 5 Day Style Experience

Alex Mill Shirt “Mill”

Increase the size to give yourself a little extra knotting length.

Image may contain: clothes, clothes, shirt and pattern

Banks Journal “Wilder” Shirt

Four people wearing different pleated issey miyake pants on a colorful abstract background
The picture may contain: clothes, clothes, sleeves, shoes, shoes, costume, coat, overcoat, long sleeves, human, person and woman

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Justin Bieber and Rihanna agree: jeans are back and better than ever

Throughout the pandemic, clothing has been a useful measure of our confidence, or lack thereof. It’s no surprise that in the dog days of the pandemic, sales of sweatpants exploded. New York Time reported last April that although overall clothing sales fell 79%, sales of sweatpants rose 80%. The deployment of vaccines has the opposite effect on clothing sales. The cautious optimism of customers seems to be reflected in the clothes they buy. All of jean’s stats are now pointing up: Levi’s expects revenue to grow by about a quarter in the first half of this year. At LL Bean, “pants with buttons and zippers have started selling more than those with drawstrings or elastic belts” in recent weeks, according to the the Wall Street newspaper.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner in Los Angeles, May 1, 2021.Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

The good news is that the pants did not remain in stasis during the quarantine. You may have heard that skinny jeans are dead. Teens are saying it, and even designer Mike Amiri, who made a killing with thigh-hugging jeans, unceremoniously threw them away last month. Just like people who learned to bake or became master yogis in their forties, jeans have also discovered a few new tricks. Look no further than the legendary Diane Keaton, who took her dog for a walk in cutting edge denim: huge and bulky with pockets big enough to store your keys, wallets, and all your hopes and dreams.

Diane freakin ‘Keaton!

BG004 / Bauer-Griffin

The return of jeans is reflected everywhere you look: A recent American Express ad shows a woman returning in her jeans. “It’s coming back to you now,” said a narrator softly before letting out a sigh of relief. “Real pants.” The woman buttons her last button and she smiles. Jeans are back – and they’ve come to represent a return to normal. And if you haven’t come back to hard express pants just yet, you’re in luck: Levi’s has a massive sale going on right now.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid in New York City, April 23, 2021.Raymond Hall / Getty Images
The Kid Laroi in New York City, May 4, 2021.Raymond Hall / Getty Images
Bella Hadid in New York City, April 8, 2021.Raymond Hall / Getty Images
Jamie Foxx in Atlanta, April 24, 2021.Prince Williams / Getty Images

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House of Gucci: The Hollywood Story Behind Lady Gaga’s Gucci Movie

The family were less happy when it became apparent that the book was juicy cinematic material. Shortly after Forden’s publication of the book, Martin Scorsese expressed interest in an adaptation, and the family immediately voiced objections. New York Post reported at the time. Most recently, the family has spoken out against Scott’s production and the paparazzi images flooding the internet. “We are really disappointed,” Patrizia Gucci, a second cousin of Maurizio, told the AP last month. “I speak on behalf of the family. They steal the identity of a family to make a profit, to increase the income of the Hollywood system. “

A Gucci display from the 1980s.

Laurent MAOUS

Specifically, the family seems concerned about the film’s focus on Reggiani, but also the casting choices. “My grandfather was a very handsome man, like all Guccis, and very tall, with blue eyes and very elegant,” Patrizia Gucci told the AP. “He’s played by Al Pacino, who’s not that tall already, and this photo shows him as big, short, with sideburns, really ugly. Ashamed, because he does not look like him at all.

Adam Driver and Lady Gaga on the set of the new production.

Mondadori wallet

In March, an Italian photographer who sold several images of the shoot told me by email that while film crews generally try to keep paparazzi away, this crew was not “particularly” harsh “” about the presence of photographers. In addition, he explained that Scott had filmed on location in several areas of Rome, such as Piazza di Spagna and Via Condotti, which are almost impossible to completely close to the public. The photographer said the pictures didn’t cost much more than usual, “but hope is the last to die”, and added: “The point of this set is without a doubt the great cast, Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Jared Leto, Al Pacino…. “In other words, the great American movie stars, one of our country’s biggest exports. Like Gucci, the film knows exactly what it’s selling.

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This affordable Casio fishing watch will please you

The watch: The Casio Pro-Trek PRT-B70 series

The best thing about this watch: There is something fishy about this.

The backstory: Casio has concocted the ultimate companion for a booming fisherman – this watch tracks the best time to bring them back and even calculates the likelihood of catching something based on your time and location. And while this may seem like a niche concern, know that the entire watch industry is built around service to professionals and amateurs. Even though the Rolex Submariner is technically a diver’s watch, it is just as popular with offices as it is among diving enthusiasts. In fact, these “tool” watches – whether made for diving or piloting an airplane – are the hottest part of the watch market. Think of this Pro-Trek the same way: Even if you’re not a seasoned angler, this watch offers a lot to love in terms of design. The chunky design is reminiscent of celebrity-favorite G-Shocks (also made by Casio) from the 2000s, and the dial features a colorful ring of fruity red, orange, and yellow accents. Plus: The digital display that highlights the best time to cast a line isn’t just a useful tool – it’s a fun tip for making a school of fish materialize on your watch. The thing about creating a great tool watch is that it ends up being a great watch, period.

Men’s clothing has gone fishing: Now might be a particularly good time to invest in a fishing-themed watch, as the sport has moved from the hobby of the taciturn and wading-wading into a full-fledged menswear trend. We have observed the influence of peach on men’s style over the past few years. David Letterman has created one of our favorite outfits over the past few years: a tactical waterproof jacket, a bucket hat, roomy pants and… a fishing rod. Letterman’s outfit was pure purpose – it was just stunning. (It looks a lot like this watch, to be honest.) Recently none other than Supreme recognized the way the tide was flowing and teamed up with South2 West8, the coolest supplier of fishing gear. David Coggins, a former menswear statesman, has a new book on fishing. This Casio Pro-Trek strikes just at the right time to catch that wave.

Where and when to buy it: The Pro-Trek is currently on sale on Amazon for $ 168.

product picture

Casio Pro Trek Quartz Sports Watch with Resin Strap

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