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The 10 best dressed men of the week

Harry Styles at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on March 14, 2021.Kevin mazur

Harry Styles

Appropriate party attire.

Liev Schreiber in SoHo, March 12, 2021.Raymond Hall / Getty Images

Liev schreiber

Big trend this week: actors in cool-dad outfits indulge in things on wheels. It sounds strange, I know, until you see …

Bradley Cooper in SoHo, March 12, 2021.Raymond Hall / Getty Images

Bradley Cooper

… Bradley Cooper swinging a kid’s pink scooter and helmet like killer props. (The large luggage compartment situation really helps.)

Big Sean at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on March 14, 2021.Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

Big sean

Even if you’re just the guy who signed with the label, it doesn’t hurt to dress like the one who founded it in 1974.

Will Barton arrives for a game in Denver on March 13, 2021.Garrett Ellwood / Getty Images

Will barton

The NBA becomes space goth.

Phoebe Bridgers at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on March 14, 2021.Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

Phoebe bridgers

As cheerful as a skeleton outfit can be.

Justin Bieber in Los Angeles, March 9, 2021.Getty Images / Mega

Justin bieber

Bieber masters the mathematics of fashion. Something old (those toasted Carhartts) plus something new (the Yeezys that just released) equates to a great fit.

Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, March 14, 2021.Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

Anderson Paak and Bruno Mars

Two guys are having a really good time.

Justise Winslow arrives for a game in Oklahoma City on March 14, 2021.Zach Beeker / Getty Images

Justise Winslow

Trucker caps, fancy t-shirts, ripped jeans, colorful dunks: the spirit of 2004 is alive and well.

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Solo stove sale: this smokeless fireplace will supercharge your outdoor suspensions (plus 8 other great equipment offerings)

After months of endlessly cold winter temperatures, (a few) warmer days have arrived. It’s the weather that makes even the most loyal bodies at home peek out the window and consider going to the park. But sunny days still seem to slip into cool nights. The solution? A home.

product picture

Solo Stove Range Smokeless Fireplace (was $ 270, now 20% off)

In the transitional months of spring and fall – not to mention the really cold winter – fireplaces have become essential for anyone wanting to burn the midnight oil. The pandemic has seen fireplace sales skyrocket as people seek to socialize safely outside without freezing (indeed, this Solo Stove bestseller was out of stock for most of 2020). A voucher will provide you with an adjustable amount of flame, but a large one will do so without creating plumes of smoke the size of a papal ad.

Solo Stove has been making fireplaces that tick both boxes since 2011. Their fireplaces use a unique design that makes them easy to start and keeps them from releasing a ton of smoke. At 15 pounds, the range is the smallest it currently sells. You’ll still get plenty of flames and heat, but you can also transport it from your apartment to the front porch without throwing your back. Right now, thanks to a Solo Stove sale, the range (and its big siblings) are all available at a nice 20% discount. It’s time to supercharge your outdoors.

product picture

Solo Stove Range Smokeless Fireplace (was $ 270, now 20% off)

Want to take advantage of other good deals? Here are 8 more to discover in addition to the Solo Stove sale.

product picture

Kartell Only Me Large Mirror (was $ 365, now 25% off)

The kind of mirror that makes your shaped photos about 20% fresher.

product picture

Columbia “Watertight II” Jacket (was $ 90, now 60% off)

This one’s for the self-identifying umbrella reps among us.

product picture

Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set (was $ 160, now 20% off)

Brooklinen’s Last Chance selling section is full of great models that she is considering removing for some unfathomable reason. Get them before they’re gone!

product picture

Deer Stags “Tijuana” slip on (was $ 75, now 40% off)

Leather sandal season can’t come soon enough.

product picture

Pablo Designs Tubetop Table Lamp (was $ 160, now 15% off)

product picture

Bose Noise Canceling 700 headphones (was $ 380, now 20% off)

The best noise canceling headphones we’ve tested yet, at one of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen. The only catch? The discount only applies to the soapstone version, but given that this is the best color option, it’s not much of a trap.
product picture

Gramicci adjustable satchel (was $ 59, now 33% off)

When you have reached the maximum storage of your cargo pants, this satchel can hold everything you have.

product picture

AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard (was $ 45, now 50% off)

Super clickable mechanical keyboards are endlessly customizable and are incredibly satisfying to type. Your roommates may hate it, but you’ll be spending the time of your life.

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Repetto Zizi: Steal the perfect spring shoe from Mick Jagger and Serge Gainsbourg

Nothing in the world seems certain – and that ambivalent mood includes the shoes. Last spring, a handful of mega menswear designers including Dries Van Noten and Jil Sander released ballet flats, while Jonathan Anderson continues to reinvent the crunchy clog into something sublime. Some observers have predicted this to signal the demise of the sneaker, while others have pointed to the moccasin’s ancestry. But in truth, it seems the world is in a shoe bind. Everything goes there, and yet nothing seems quite law.

Except for a shoe. This shoe is flexible. It’s comfortable. It goes with everything.

It’s a jazz shoe.

Mick Jagger in his Repettos.

Michael Putland / Getty Images

Repetto, the French ballet brand, first launched the Zizi in the early 1970s, with a target audience of dancers, who require soft shoes made of supple leather for the technical aspects of glare and glare. He quickly became a favorite of Mick Jagger, who then paraded on stage with even more aplomb than today, and Serge Gainsbourg. For Gainsbourg, the Zizi was practically orthopedic. Her partner at the time, Jane Birkin, tried to treat her “sensitive” trotters, like the New York Times once, finding, in Birkin’s words, “gloves for his feet.” He found the answer in the Zizi, whose goatskin upper and performance sole (as in … performing a dance) make it soft and malleable, but not brittle. It’s like wearing a sock, but with more structure and elegance. It is a lace-up babouche. Apparently Gainsbourg spent 30 pairs a year until his death in 1991. Almost all photos of Gainsbourg wearing them show them battered – the surest sign of a good shoe.

Mick Jagger, June 1975.Michael Ochs / Getty Images

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17 best men’s underwear in 2021: light and comfortable

Wearing an undershirt might seem like your first step into daddy style – not the cool kind. But the best men’s underwear isn’t reminiscent of Homer Simpson or Ed Bundy. Like other ultra-practical investments – think bullet powder, nose hair trimmers, and calf-high dress socks – the best men’s underwear does just that. meaning. Whether you go for a 100% cotton version or a synthetic moisture wicking number, a Sopranos– a style ribbed tank top or a classic crew neck (we’re always on deep v neck tees) you need a base layer that protects against excess sweat and nipple visibility .

Whether it’s the swampiest part of summer or the coldest days of winter, the underwear below is specially designed to keep you dry, comfortable and stink-free. And, since their main purpose is to sacrifice themselves to save your favorite buttons and dress shirts, most of our top picks cost less than a fancy cocktail party – so you can wear them and wash them to death, then replace them. regularly worry-free in the world. Oh yes, and all of them are unlabeled, as no one needs to spend all day trying to ignore a small rectangular piece of fabric. Without further ado: the 17 best men’s undershirts to come home pronto.

The Best Buy-in-Bulk Underwear

product picture

Uniqlo Airism Short Sleeve Round Neck T-Shirt

Uniqlo continues to do what Uniqlo does best: providing technology-driven, well-designed, perfectly-tuned foundations at simple prices. Their Airism t-shirts are made from a smooth, breathable polyester blend that is antimicrobial, deodorant, and will keep your armpits fresher than the Fonz in the sweltering turgid and sweltering July days. At just $ 10 a soft drink, you can afford to buy enough for each day of the work week, plus a few extras for the gym, hikes and whatever summer throws at you.

The best soft as a kitten underwear

product picture

If you’ve ever purchased underwear using a podcast discount code, you’re already familiar with modal fabrics. Made from beech, the fabric is allegedly [extremely Marc Maron voice] twice as soft as cotton, naturally antibacterial and fully biodegradable. These Tani t-shirts take those claims even further: They are made from Micro Modal Air, the finest form of the fabric which the brand claims is thinner, stronger and softer than cotton. silk. We have no way of proving the science behind these claims, but we can at least anecdotally say that these shirts are so soft and light that they almost feel like wearing nothing at all, and they seem to do a job. remarkable for keeping summer- induced stench at bay. Now back to the pod.

The best classic cotton underwear

This image may contain clothing, apparel, home decorations, shirts and sleeves

Calvin Klein Regular Fit Round Neck Cotton T-Shirt (3 Pack)

In case you really I just want to keep it the old fashioned way, well Calvin Klein still makes the best 100% cotton underwear in the business. They’re lightweight, snug-fitting, and polished enough to be worn casually like a regular tee. If you’re lucky enough to land at the drier, less smelly end of the ladder, and just need a simple, regular, regular cotton base layer to get you through the week , this three-pack is for you.

The best silky and slimming bikini bottom

product picture

Tommy John Second Skin Undershirt

Tommy John’s aptly named undershirt doesn’t just fit like a second skin – after a few wear and tear it hugs your body, hugging every contour with more enthusiasm than your most affectionate aunt. Its soft, silky finish doesn’t lint no matter how many times you run it in the ringer (or in the washing machine, for that matter), and in a micromodal blend – with a touch of spandex for good. measure – this is a solid Spanx alternative for anyone trying to hide a growing gut.

The best gain enhancing undershirt

product picture

2 (X) IST Essential Cotton Square Fit Tank Tops (Pack of 2)

Far be it from us to unilaterally declare anything objectively sexy, but if we had to pick a tank that matches the descriptor, 2 (X) IST might just be it. The brand’s distinct square styling will make your upper body look exponentially more defined, no matter how long it has been since you last saw the inside of a squat rack.

Twelve other underwear we love

product picture

Hanes ComfortSoft Short Sleeve T-Shirt (6 Pack)

No scuffed label and no crooked collar no matter how many times you wash it. At around $ 3 a shirt, you can afford to purchase additional multipack to store in your desk drawer in case of an emergency.

product picture

Tom Ford cotton-jersey crew-neck T-shirt

Do you need to spend over a hundred dollars on an undershirt? No, but if you are To go to drop a serious coin on the fanciest version the money can buy, should it come from Tom Ford? Absolutely.

product picture

Calvin Klein Solid Tank Top In Super Soft Stretch Modal

Don’t let anything get between you and your Calvins, let alone a preference for soft tanks.

product picture

FOG Essentials White Jersey T-Shirts (3-Pack)

Large, loaded and ready to use for layering under suitable cuts.

product picture

Everlane organic cotton crew

Rugged enough to wear everyday under your best oxford shirts, smart enough to wear on its own as a standalone tee.

product picture

Bombas Pima Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt (3 Pack)

Surprised, surprise: The brand behind some of the most kindly designed socks in the industry also makes a high-quality undershirt. Sleep on it at your own risk.

Image may contain: Clothing, Clothing, Sleeves, Undershirt, Long Sleeve and T-shirt

Spanx cotton compression crew neck

Yes, Spanx does stuff for guys. Yeah that’s gonna keep things tight on the days you need to watch really sharp and assembled.

Sunspel cellular cotton T-shirt

Sunspel cellular cotton T-shirt

Sunspel has found a way to make a loose, airy knit look consistently clean and refined.

Image may contain: Clothing and clothing

Fruit of the Loom Stay Tucked Crew Tee (6-Pack)

For guys who want their shirt to stay on all day, these minimal underwear is where it is at. The longer body construction means it tucks away easily and won’t come loose every time you bend over to stretch or grab a dime.

Image may contain: Clothing, Clothing, Undershirt and T-shirt

Mack Weldon Silver Crew Neck T-Shirt

Infused with antimicrobial silver to keep your armpits fresher for longer.

Image may contain: Clothing, Clothing, Sleeves, Undershirt and T-shirt

Hugo Boss Regular Fit Short Sleeve T-Shirts (3 Pack)

Smooth cotton, more roomy body and slightly scoop neckline will make you feel like a boss.

The picture may contain: clothing, long sleeves, sleeves, clothing, interior decoration and undershirt

Polo Ralph Lauren Fitted Round Neck Undershirts (3 Pack)

It’s Ralph, tho.

More better things

The best men’s underwear is worth every penny
The best long underwear is your secret weapon to stay warm all winter long.
The best socks will help you win the winter
The best fleece jackets will make you the most comfortable style of living God __

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The transport power of fashion by Pedro Almodóvar

Growing up in a drab suburb, my main focus has been fantasizing about every bored teen’s favorite subject: becoming an adult and moving to town.

It was pre-streaming and pre-social media, so my ideal form of escape involved going to the public library every week and renting movies. (I never said I was a fresh teenager.) I loved the ritual of spinning the grids and going through each section in alphabetical order, first making intuitive decisions based on covers that appealed to me, and then learning to construct my tastes more deliberately. . If movies were the most reliable way to temporarily transport me, then Pedro Almodóvar’s movies were the most reliable of all.

Often shot in Madrid, where the director thrived during the electrifying years after the fall of Spanish fascism, Almodóvar’s films captured a world I had never seen before. The men were women, the women were dramatic, the nuns got pregnant, the beautiful matadors suddenly fell into a coma, and everyone was obsessed with their mothers. A world so alive needs clothes to match: ridiculously bright colors and umpteenth-degree maximalism. In Women on the verge of nervousness Breakdown, that meant a tomato-red dress and kitschy Moka potted miniature earrings; in Law of desire, a flamingo pink shirt paired with the most perfect bolo tie known to man; and in Bad Education, Gael García Bernal swinging in a tight sequin dress. The clothes reinforced the narrative, but were also sturdy enough to hold onto. Above all, the costumes – miles from the Ugg boots and North Face jackets that surrounded me – represented unfettered adult life.

Law of desire (1987)

Courtesy of Lauren Films

Women on the verge of nervous breakdown (1988).


Eventually I became an adult and moved to town, but I continued to watch Almodóvar. His films have remained lush but have become more sober; the plots were less playful and wacky and more preoccupied with estrangement, aging and death. The looks weren’t quite as outrageous either, but he retained a high-fashion pedigree, bringing in Gaultier to create nude body stockings for The skin i live in and dress Penélope Cruz exclusively at Chanel in Broken hugs. Antonio Banderas-as-Almodóvar-proxy’s burgundy suit and printed silk top in 2019 are memorable. Pain and Glory.

Pain and Glory (2019).

Alamy / Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

Then I looked at Almodóvar’s latest (and his first English-speaking business), Human voice, which debuts in the US on March 12 and stars Tilda Swinton as a woman… on the verge of a nervous breakdown. (Old habits die hard.) Her partner has suddenly left her and their dog, and she is adrift and in shock. But the clothes! The film barely lasts thirty minutes, but features no less than six outfit changes. They include Almodóvar’s favorite tomato-red hue, in the form of a Balenciaga domed dress; a masculine, monochrome cobalt Balenciaga suit worn at the hardware store; and a Dries Van Noten set of gold lamé pants and a black leather jacket that Swinton’s character chooses just before the dramatic final scene (no spoilers but, in Almodóvar’s universe, that’s to be expected). It’s Almodóvar’s vintage sensibility, filtered through the present.

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23 meilleures bottines Chelsea pour hommes en 2021: toutes les versions épurées et épurées à porter avec tout

Cela fait peut-être longtemps que vous n’avez pas sérieusement envisagé les meilleures bottes Chelsea pour hommes. Nous sommes à quelques années de l’apogée du style, et beaucoup de choses ont changé dans le monde sauvage de la mode masculine. Mais la botte Chelsea est toujours là, son esprit non découragé par les préférences changeantes des connaisseurs de chaussures inconstants du monde entier. Les tendances? Ha! La botte Chelsea se moque des tendances. Depuis son ascension au milieu du siècle dans les rues de Swinging London, on en a vu plus d’aller et venir qu’il ne s’en souvient. Il a gagné son statut «essentiel» tant convoité à la dure: en étant à la hauteur de l’honneur. Alors apportez les mules funky couvertes de fourrure et les hybrides de baskets prêts pour les sentiers. (Non, vraiment. Apportez-les. Cela fait une minute que la bottine Chelsea a bien ri.)

À la base, les meilleures bottines Chelsea pour hommes sont définies par deux détails importants: une hauteur à la cheville et une tige construite à partir de deux morceaux de cuir cousus ensemble. (La silhouette la plus courante comporte également un panneau élastique qui unit les deux parties de chaque côté.) Mais l’élément clé de toute botte Chelsea qui aspire à la grandeur de Keith Richards pendant l’exil fiscal est la forme de l’orteil. La règle d’or? Plus l’orteil est effilé, plus la chaussure est habillée. Ce qui signifie que vous allez vouloir quelque chose qui n’est ni très pointu ni énorme. La forme idéale devrait ressembler à la partie supérieure d’un œuf: ronde mais pas trop ronde. Et grâce à la popularité de la silhouette, il y a de fortes chances qu’il y ait une superbe paire de bottes Chelsea pour vous en ce moment même. Bien sûr, la vedette de la chaussure Chelsea s’est peut-être légèrement atténuée au cours des dernières années, mais si 2021 s’avère être le retour décadent de la forme qu’elle s’annonce, nous ne comptons pas encore la chaussure. Que vous ayez 100 $ ou 1000 $ à dépenser, ce sont les meilleures bottines Chelsea à porter avec tout en ce moment.

Le Chelsea Boot

image du produit

Bottines Chelsea «Wyatt» Saint Laurent

Il y a près de dix ans, les collections de prêt-à-porter d’Yves Saint Laurent ont été rebaptisées Saint Laurent et l’esthétique de la maison a été repensée de tout ce qui est français et luxueux et propre aux choses bohème, punk et badass. Et le point d’ancrage de chaque look à l’époque – et même maintenant, après – Hedi Slimane, sous la direction créative d’Anthony Vaccarello – était une paire de bottines Chelsea élégantes. Ces bottes, en fait. La Wyatt est une bottine Chelsea en cuir noir par excellence, fabriquée en Italie à partir de cuir de veau qui est durable mais toujours souple (crucial pour une chaussure comme celle-ci, dans laquelle vous voulez avoir fière allure mais aussi pour marcher – beaucoup). Ce sont les porte-étendards à cause de tous les petits détails qu’ils écrasent absolument: l’élastique qui serre la cheville, la silhouette en amande et une languette de traction intelligemment conçue cachée à l’intérieur du dos qui permet de les mettre et de les enlever un jeu d’enfant. Bien sûr, ils ne sont pas bon marché. Mais si vous voulez la Rolex des bottes Chelsea, alors vous voulez ces bottes.

La bottine Chelsea sans fioritures

image du produit

Bottines Chelsea en daim New Republic “Sonoma”

La magie des bottines Chelsea? Si vous prenez la bonne paire, ils peuvent totalement changer votre point de vue. C’est exactement ce qui est arrivé à Clay Skipper, membre du personnel de GQ. «Les vêtements n’ont jamais vraiment été mon truc», écrit-il. Et pourtant, après avoir acheté une paire de bottes New Republic – daim sable, semelle en crêpe moelleux, étiquette de prix de 128 $ – le monde entier a basculé sur son axe. «En marchant pour dîner un soir, j’ai eu l’impression de me glisser enfin dans le sillage, une figure de plus dans le défilé nocturne des New-Yorkais à la mode», dit-il. «Même au dîner, mes bottes cachées sous la table, j’ai eu une dose supplémentaire de confiance juste en sachant qu’elles étaient là. De plus: les semelles intérieures donnent l’impression de marcher sur des oreillers en mousse à mémoire de forme. Des bottes de marche-oreillers qui renforcent la confiance et qui confectionnent à la mode à ce prix? Difficile de refuser.

La botte Chelsea légèrement plus volante

image du produit

Bottines chelsea en daim Common Projects

Si ce n’est pas votre premier rodéo de bottes Chelsea, pensez à Common Projects. CP, bien sûr, est la marque italienne chauffée à blanc qui a transformé des baskets blanches ultra-minimales en vêtements de bureau et de mariage. Ainsi, lorsque ces magiciens de la chaussure se sont tournés vers la bottine Chelsea, la magie était inévitable. Et voilà, c’est le cas – ce qui est à peu près comment vous expliquez pas moins que Kanye West entre dans plusieurs paires. Ceux-ci viennent en daim et ajoutent la semelle extérieure en crêpe à coussins hauts – et vous obtenez également le lettrage doré estampé au talon de la marque. Comme tout ce que fait Common Projects, ces bottes trouvent le juste milieu entre un DJ qui saute sur les continents et un homme en costume élégant, ce qui signifie que vous pouvez facilement les porter au bureau et lors de votre prochaine tournée des bars (essayez simplement de ne pas renverser toute votre bière sur leur).

La botte Chelsea tout usage

image du produit

Bottines chelsea en cuir pleine longueur RM Williams «Gardener»

Ces bottines Chelsea comblent le fossé entre habillé et décontracté mieux que toutes les autres sur cette liste. Les bottes de jardinier de RM Williams sont bien adaptées pour mettre sous un, euh, costume quand vous voulez dire affaires, et sous un denim éprouvé pour vos activités plus en plein air (et par plein air, nous voulons dire n’importe quoi, que ce soit assister à un mariage dans une grange ou acheter des produits d’épicerie. ). Les orteils sur ceux-ci sont tranchants au scalpel – taillés et biseautés, plutôt que ronds et bulbeux. Ce qui signifie qu’ils auront fière allure avec tout ce qui est mince et ajusté.

La botte Chelsea hors de la boîte extrêmement abordable

image du produit

Botte Chelsea Steve Madden “Dex-P”

Ici, les bonnes gens de Steve Madden ont saisi les meilleurs éléments d’une option de bottes Chelsea de haute couture et l’ont rendu disponible – pour ne pas dire abordable – aux masses. La tige est fabriquée à partir de vrais poils de poney, la zone des orteils est parfaitement ciselée et la surface en cuir de vache (un motif que même les vétérans de la chaussure les plus expérimentés ont du mal à obtenir) est l’échelle parfaite pour ce type de botte. Face it tiger, vous venez de toucher le jackpot. [Chef’s kiss emoji]

Le vraiment, vraiment, Vraiment Bottines Chelsea Rich Guy

L'image peut contenir: Vêtements, vêtements et chaussures

Botte simple de Saint Crispin

Il ne se vante peut-être pas des siècles d’histoire que certains de ses homologues français et britanniques font, mais en un peu plus de 30 ans, Saint Crispin’s, basé en Roumanie, a réussi à s’imposer comme l’un des cordonniers sur mesure les plus vénérés et les plus recherchés de la planète. La raison de son ascension relativement rapide parmi les geeks les plus geek de la mode masculine? Des grails comme ceux-ci, avec une forme sculpturale façonnée à partir d’un cuir à la texture exquise, ont tous brillé pour voir la perfection de votre propre reflet.

La botte Chelsea la plus prête pour la scène

image du produit

Bottines chelsea en cuir à casquette argentée Alexander McQueen

Si vous êtes à propos de la vie rock ‘n’ roll (ou du moins du look qui lui est associé), un talon cubain argenté pourrait bien être le moyen le plus simple – et le moins dangereux – de télégraphier vos manières de roue libre. Parce qu’à quoi servent les bottines Chelsea sinon se pavaner autour de votre petit appartement exigu comme si vous étiez Jagger de la fin des années 70 qui s’apprête à se lancer spastiquement dans une nouvelle série de “Gimme Shelter” à l’adulation chantante de la foule?

La Chelsea Boot No-Nonsense

L'image peut contenir: des vêtements, des vêtements, des chaussures, des bottes et des bottes d'équitation

Bottines Chelsea à semelle en caoutchouc Jack Erwin “Ellis”

La marque derrière nos mocassins à penny go-to propose également une botte Chelsea Ace pour pas une tonne d’argent qui dispose d’une semelle en caoutchouc antidérapante.

La botte Chelsea intérieur-extérieur

image du produit

Bottine Chelsea Arpenteur x Paraboot “Elevage”

Bien sûr, vos bien-aimées Blundstones (voir ci-dessous!) Sont techniquement une botte Chelsea tous temps. Mais leurs orteils bulbeux et leurs semelles épaisses ne seront probablement pas parfaitement assortis à vos meilleurs vêtements sur mesure. La collaboration de Paraboot avec Arpenteur vous offre le meilleur des deux mondes: ces semelles à crampons robustes vous garderont au sec en cas d’averse, mais le cuir nubuck élégant sur lequel elles reposent est de la classe pure.

Bottines Chelsea The Runway Dupe

image du produit

Bottines Aldo “Vardode” (au lieu de 170 $, maintenant 30% de réduction)

La meilleure partie du long règne de domination des bottines Chelsea? Les marques à petit budget ont eu amplement le temps d’intensifier leur jeu. Ces numéros Aldo ne tiendront pas aussi longtemps que notre paire préférée de Saint Laurent, mais pour bien moins de 200 $, ils sont un fac-similé assez décent. Même taille plus haute à la cheville, même talon haut mais pas trop haut, même forme d’orteil agressive, teinte tueur de daim marron amande.

La botte Chelsea Subtle Flex

image du produit

Bottines chelsea en cuir à bout fendu “Tabi” Maison Margiela

Les chaussures à bout fendu distinctives de Maison Margiela ont été un pilier de la garde-robe des initiés de la mode depuis que le style a fait ses débuts sur le podium à la fin des années 80. Dans la forme de la botte Chelsea, le design élégant atténue la bizarrerie dans un mouvement IYKYK destiné à plaire aux connaisseurs de chaussures et à Margiela stans.

La bottine Chelsea qui définit l’époque

image du produit

Bottines Chelsea Bottega Veneta Level

Lorsque Daniel Lee a pris les rênes de Bottega Veneta fin 2018, l’alun de Céline – la marque avait encore son accent quand il était là-bas – est arrivé avec un pedigree impressionnant, mais pas beaucoup en termes de notoriété grand public. Depuis lors, le créateur britannique a transformé la maison de couture milanaise en une centrale de luxe brûlante, apparaissant régulièrement sur des tapis rouges (vous vous souvenez des tapis rouges?!) Et sur le dos de certains des mecs les mieux habillés du secteur. Aucun produit n’a défini le mandat de Lee au sein de la marque plus que les chaussures bulbeuses et exagérées du créateur, un succès instantané lors de leurs débuts et un pilier des collections de la marque depuis. La botte flaque d’eau hautement photogénique de Bottega est peut-être le style le plus respectueux des IG que la marque propose, mais en ce qui concerne Chelseas, il est difficile de battre les silhouettes légèrement plus élancées de BV. Ici, la tige en cuir de veau beurré associée aux semelles en caoutchouc transparent désormais emblématiques de Lee vous permettent de fléchir votre mode de bonne foi sans trop vous éloigner du territoire des influenceurs – une ligne fine que la marque chevauche de manière experte. Si vous recherchez la botte Chelsea qui définit le moment actuel, ne cherchez pas plus loin.

11 plus de bottines chelsea que nous aimons

image du produit

Bottines chelsea en cuir surpiquées Toga Virilis

Les bottes que Lil Nas X avait probablement à l’esprit lorsqu’il a annoncé pour la première fois qu’il avait des chevaux dans le dos.

image du produit

Bottines Chelsea en daim «Prenton» Church’s

Depuis plus d’un siècle maintenant, Church’s fabrique des chaussures que toute la famille peut soutenir. En d’autres termes, ce sont des bottes Chelsea que votre père – et, bon sang, son père – voudra voler dans votre placard dès qu’ils les verront.

image du produit

Rick Owens Bottes chelsea en cuir Beetle Bozo Tractor

Une unité absolue d’une chaussure gracieuseté du seigneur noir le plus effrayant de la mode masculine.

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Bottines chelsea en cuir ciré à semelle de roulement Jacques Soliviere “Ranjo”

Des bottes à semelle de roulement qui conquièrent les tempêtes qui iront parfaitement avec un costume en laine ample ou une grande paire de cordons plissés.

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Bottines Chelsea Beckett Simonon “Bolton”

Il est déjà assez difficile de trouver une botte Chelsea abordable qui puisse aller de la tête aux pieds (heh) avec ses homologues de créateurs, sans parler d’une botte en cuir de veau pleine fleur provenant directement des meilleurs moulins d’Italie. Mais les chaussures parvenues chez Beckett Simonon réussissent et réussissent avec style à revendre.

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image du produit

Bottines Chelsea Frye “Grady”

Parce que les meilleures bottes sur le marché aujourd’hui devraient avoir une sensation un peu occidentale.

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Bottines Chelsea Dr.Martens “Graeme II”

Il est difficile de battre une paire fidèle de documents en termes de propostion de valeur. C’est doublement vrai quand les Docs sont de belles bottes Chelsea qui coûtent 150 dollars et incluent toujours les semelles en caoutchouc profondément aimées (et extrêmement amorties) de la marque.

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Bottines chelsea en daim et caoutchouc Diemme “Balbi”

Stompers élégants et prêts pour les sentiers de maestros de la chaussure italiens qui maîtrisent depuis longtemps la forme.

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Bottes en cuir à semelle angulaire “Hacienda” Martine Rose

Martine Rose apporte sa marque particulière de style britannique effronté à une paire de Chelseas remarquable avec une semelle angulaire lourde.

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Bottes Chelsea Dr.Martens x Needles 2976

Les anciens documents réguliers ne le font pas pour vous? Essayez une paire inspirée des mocassins à mors, réalisée en collaboration avec Needles, le papillon de cette dernière marque (ou papillion, si vous êtes fantaisie) insigne très inclus.

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Who needs a mutual fund when you can invest in sneakers?

There is a sneaker drop of gigantic proportions on the horizon. The shoe in question has what you would call serious provenance: A pair of player-exclusive and star-studded Kobe Bryant 2s … which the late Lakers star gifted to LeBron James … who wore them during a high school game … against Carmelo, 18-year-old Anthony. This ownership history was enough for the shoes to sell for $ 156,000 at auction last month. They are now back on the market, but with something different. When they go on sale – later this spring, on an app called Rally – there’s a good chance you may be the owner of these historically important shoes. Or at least a proud owner of a little metaphorical piece of them.

That’s because Rally was the proud buyer of these shoes at auction – and because Rally is a platform that allows people like you and me to invest in partial shares of high-value products. The rally started out as a place for investors to buy shares of rare cars, before moving on to art and watches. Now he’s increasing his sneaker offerings with these Kobe 2s, plus more: a pair of Air Jordan 6s worn by the game and signed by Michael Jordan himself; the shoes Zion Williamson wore in action; and a 1972 prototype of Nike’s Moon Shoes. The new fleet of sneakers coming to Rally is part of a burgeoning alternative investment class. In addition to Rally, there are companies like Otis, where investment opportunities range from rookie Kevin Durant cards to a pair of Dior Air Jordan 1s, and the WatchFund, which allows participants to invest in a physical group of watches, grouped together in the same way that a mutual fund groups stocks. Think of it like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, if the jeans are subject to capital gains tax.

The Kobe 2 worn by LeBron James. Does your accountant have an investment plan that includes patriotic shoes in the shape of minivans? We didn’t think so.

It all sounds a bit absurd, but the general idea behind these apps – put your money in sneakers, kid! – is not a new investment strategy. Sneaker dealers have been treating shoes as investment vehicles for years, while StockX, one of the most popular resale platforms, tries to recreate the experience of stock exchange trading with Wall Street lingo, by replacing “buy” and “sell” with “offer” and “ask”. Goat, a competitor to StockX, offers buyers the ability to keep purchased shoes in stock while they increase in value.

But where platforms like StockX and Goat deal with sneakers like strengths, for Rally and Otis, they are stocks – no comparisons, metaphors or comparisons needed. For a shoe like the Kobe 2 worn by LeBron’s game, Rally will “secure” the item, file critical documents with the SEC to make it a tradable item, and then list shares in what the company calls an offer. initial product. Rally employees take comparable auction results and the price they paid to acquire the item into account to determine the sneaker’s value, then break it into enough slices to keep the stock affordable. Then investors can buy stocks until demand is met. (If the shares don’t sell completely, Rally buys the remaining shares, reimburses existing investors, and attempts to sell an item privately.) Each month a one-day trading window will open for the product during which people can buy or sell their shares. If an opportunity arises to sell the shoe to an interested buyer or collector, Rally coordinates a vote among the shareholders. If more than 50% vote to sell, the shoes are moved and everyone is cashed. Otherwise, you could be one of over a thousand people currently holding a handful of $ 8.50 stocks in, say, a pair of Jordans. baseball crampons (a real shoe on Rally at the moment). Rally, meanwhile, makes its money by charging insurance, storage and supply fees. Naturally, the platform also releases derivative products with new offerings (of course!).

These Jordans – or at least a fraction of them – can be yours!

The shares of these Jordan 11 do not correspond to specific portions of each shoe. So you can just pretend you own the coin with the autograph.

James kern

The sneaker market has been teaching its customers to navigate the sneaker market like the stock market for years. Goat employs a former Citigroup trader to advise high volume sellers on their shoe portfolios. Many Instagram accounts have sprung up for the sole purpose of analyzing shoes not as aesthetic objects, but as investments. The son of a former Nike executive set out to start a sneaker resale business based in part on selling “bricks” – without popular shoes that don’t sell for more than their retail price – in massive quantities. Turning sneakers into action “was inevitable,” says Rob Petrozzo, co-founder of Rally. “It is certainly a natural progression for people to begin to shift their focus from trivialized utility to real fairness,” that is, treating shoes like shoes and being treated like money. “And this is partly due to the fact that these platforms [StockX and Goat] really kicked the door down, ”Petrozzo continues.

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Ken is 60 and has never felt better

Paul Newman and Pharrell Williams may be fashion icons of their time. But you could argue that no man has defined the look of the past 60 years like Ken. It was the shorthand of the most fundamental male ideal. He has been underestimated and misunderstood. But now, finally, in his Berluti leather, and a corresponding capsule of Berluti accessories on a human scale, he is at home.

Maybe that kind of gratitude just comes with age. Ken has been a muse for designers Jean-Paul Gaultier and Gareth Pugh – the kind of attention that made him the envy of his friends Allan Sherwood and Talking Brad (his first black friend, who debuted in 1970, thank you very much).

Courtesy of Berluti
Courtesy of Berluti

Of course, the hill is not what it used to be. Hell, sixty looks a lot different than he was when Ken was young. (It doesn’t matter what young means.) He’s been a doctor, pilot, tennis star, firefighter, and lifeguard. (It doesn’t even fit into his movie roles – he learned to play multiple instruments for this 2004 pic. The princess and the poor man, and you don’t hear a thing.) He won two Olympic gold medals, for goodness sake! Last year he made this stint as a barista. He could spell Barbie’s name in milk. How many other dolls can say that?

But what is a career? What are the rewards? Is this the only measure of a man’s life?

Barbie says he’s never looked better, more modern. If progress, rather than progressivism, is a boomer ideal, so be it. Let Ken be a boomer. People laugh at Ken, say he’s old-fashioned, but they forget he’s actually two years and two days younger than Barbie – not to mention only half an inch taller. And he’s left her with his own things from the start – his own car, his own dream house, that series of roller coaster careers. Always comfortable giving up the show. Always happy for her to surpass him.

Courtesy of Berluti and MattelDavid Chickering 1920465A

Think how far we’ve come since 1961 when he cost just $ 3.50 and wore that red swimsuit and cork sandals. Hard to believe Barbie even went looking for him on the set of that TV commercial, her hands shaking trying to light his cigarette between takes. Her towel was yellow – marketers knew nothing about color theory at the time – and her hair was only blonde or brunette. It was nothing like today, with our joy rediscovered in the inexhaustible variety of life, of identity!

And it’s true: now that Ken can be anyone, he’s never looked like himself again. Three body types, nine skin tones, ten eye colors, twenty-seven hair colors and twenty hairstyles. On any other guy, that would be vanity. But with Ken? It is Power. One way of seeing. Of understanding.

We never saw him that way until he turned 60. Could this be the work of all these years? The emotional burden of living and carrying the story? Ken smiles, looks at himself in the mirror of his beach stroller. Maybe it’s just his killer leather jacket.

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17 Best Bath Towels in 2021: Replace Those Moldy Old Shower Rags for Under $ 75

PS Right now if you deposit $ 50 to buy GQ Spring 2021 Trick Box, which includes an $ 80 pair of Richer Poorer sweatpants and a ton of other editor-adored toiletries, you’ll also get the Quick-Dry Onsen Bath Towel.

The best standard bath towel

Image may contain: Bath towel and towel

Imagine a towel in your head, and you probably imagine this one from Boll & Branch. It’s medium thick, but with a big pile. It feels plush, but not the kind of plush that feels like it doesn’t dry out very quickly. It is soft and feels just as good after 10 washes. Plus Add: Boll & Branch make sure their product is sustainably made with organic cotton, so you can brag to your hippie in-laws when they review your cute set of bath towels.

The best giant bath towel

Image may contain: blanket, bath towel and towel

Coyuchi air weight bath sheet

All of the towels we recommend come in a bunch of different sizes, but if you’re looking to embrace the enormous life of the bath sheet, consider the Coyuchi Air Weight Bath Sheet. This towel is a bit thicker than the Onsen, which helps give it a slightly softer feel, especially after the first wash. Each spot absorbs water quickly, but due to its massive size, you’ll never want a dry spot to wipe down a new part of your body again. The problem with a thicker bath towel is that it can take an absurdly long time to dry and take up a lot of space while doing so. The Coyuchi bath towel does not have this problem. Even if your roommate crushes it on the side of your towel rack after your morning shower, those large bath towels will still be nice and dry when you take them off the next day.

The best spa bath towel

Image may contain: Bath towel and towel

Yes, we said there are three categories of towel thickness, but like most things, reality exists on a spectrum. The Riley towel sits somewhere between Brooklinen plush and the more typical Boll & Branch towel thickness. It’s extremely soft with a medium pile, which looks a bit like the towels you envy in fine hotels, but at a price where you could afford a full bath set. It dries you easily and is ready to be reused even if you shower again later in the day. Extra bonus: The small integrated hook makes it easy to hang it anywhere, a breeze.

The best luxury towel

Image may contain: Bath towel, towel and mat

Bath towel Frette diamonds

Frette makes some of the finest linens in the world – think of the finest hotel bed linens you’ve ever been, and that’s probably Frette – so it makes sense that they also make a deeply luxurious, high-quality towel. . The “diamond weave” is beautiful and functional, drying quickly without being too heavy at all (it’s just a little heavier than the Onsen, but with a more even thickness). Jacquard fabric (practice pronunciation before flexing: jack-erd) is made of extra long staple cotton in Portugal. Sure, it’s $ 80, but it’s really not a crazy amount to ask for a few years of lavish drying. We particularly like the graphite version.

11 other napkins we love

Image may contain: Bath towel, towel and mat

Parachute striped towel “Fouta”

Fouta striped towels are probably the thinnest towels on this list – they’re barely thicker than the washcloths you use to dry dishes. But if you prefer an ultra-thin, quick-drying towel – maybe something that can easily corral your fluid quarantine locks – this is ideal. Moreover, its cute striped design could add a welcome design element to your bathroom.

Image may contain: Carpet

Snowe Honeycomb Bath Towel

Snowe’s Honeycomb Towel is quite similar functionally to the Onsen Towel, but has a slightly different texture. Instead of a uniform waffle weave, its ribbed higher pile stitches are distributed more randomly across the towel. The effect is just as lovely, but we think the Onsen is just a little prettier and comes in a lot more colors and sizes. But if you know you want a bath towel and love muted grays and blues, the Snowe towel is a lot cheaper.

Image may contain: Bath towel and towel

Restoration Hardware Turkish Towel

The Restoration Hardware Turkish Bath Towel is a plush absorbent towel. The company claims that its long staple Turkish ring spun cotton weave makes it a bit faster than other towels of similar thickness. We didn’t really find this particularly true, but it was still a comfy towel that we would absolutely take if we were really picky about our towel colors (there are 15 different shades).

Image may contain: Bath towel and towel

Lands’ End Supima Bath Towel

The centerpiece of Brad Pitt’s October 2019 blanket look is actually a really good towel. Like a lot of things from Lands’ End, the towel is an absolute workaholic. It’s not the softest towel we’ve used, but it’s really absorbent and durable. And, you can get it monogrammed with a cute sailboat. What’s not to like?

product picture

Brooklinen waffle-weave bath towel

Brooklinen’s Waffle Woven Towel is quite similar to the Onsen, but it has a much tighter weave. This means that despite its fabric having a kind of smooth coating, it is a bit rougher on your skin. But many people appreciate the absorption that one gets in exchange for a little scratching. We found this Brooklinen Bee Towel a bit prone to stretching, which might not bode well for its long-term health, but no other waffle weave comes in so many great colors.

Image may contain: Bath towel and towel

Frontgate Resort cotton bath towel

This long fiber Turkish cotton bath towel is extremely soft, smooth and durable. Its thick surface is pleasant against your skin thanks to a fluffy and tight velor. And even after several washes, it will feel and look as good as new.

Image may contain: Bath towel, towel and mat

Towel Target Fieldcrest Reserve

Target actually makes a lot of really decent textile products, including some of our favorite percale sheets. These towels are thick and fluffy, but not too heavy. They hold up well to use and are available in a variety of beautiful, lighter colors. And you can get one for less than the price of a big meal.

Image may contain: Bath towel and towel

Bed Bath and Beyond Dri-Soft Plus Bath Towel

The cheapest towel we’ve used is this Dri-Soft Plus bath towel, made by Bed Bath & Beyond. Most terrycloth towels are thicker than this, a bit softer and larger, but this lightweight option is quite soft and dries a little faster than something from Lands’ End or Frontgate. If you’re a price-conscious student, get four of these towels at a time so you can do laundry less often.

product picture

The first thing you will notice about the Havly Towel is the extra large corner loop that is designed to be easily hung from a hook. This loop, in addition to the relatively fine weave of the towels, makes them dry a bit faster than those of a similar size. And if your bathroom is busy but light on towel rails, these two features alone could make the Havly the best choice for you. The actual towel is a bit larger than a standard bath towel, but not as large as a bath towel. Its texture is a bit rougher than the Coyuchi Air Weight towel, but it’s still softer than many other such thin towels we’ve tested.

product picture

Nutrl waffle-weave bath towel

Both Onsen and Brooklinen Waffle Woven Towels are sturdy, but neither are cheap. The only decent waffle cloth towel we’ve tried on the more affordable end of the spectrum is this from Nutrl. Brooklinen and Onsen towels are more luxurious, but the Nutrl is built better than you’d expect for the price and comes with all the super absorbent and quick-drying benefits you’d expect from a waffle weave.

product picture

Rikumo “Yukine” bath towel

Rikumo’s * MO * offers Japanese products that are hard to buy in the United States. These Yukine towels are incredibly plush, just like Brooklinen and Riley’s, but they have a unique, almost * squeaky * feel. The manufacturer says it’s the result of how their towels are refined, a process that takes place after the towel is fully constructed rather than before the fibers are woven together. Most people will prefer the more natural and fuzzy feel of Brooklinen or Riley, but if you’re up to trying something that’s both mellow and stylish, you’ll love the Yukine.

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David Beckham’s Custom Tudor is part of a great watchmaking tradition

welcome to Watches of the week, where we’ll follow the rarest, craziest and most coveted watches spotted by celebrities.

An engraving is a gentle way to personalize a watch, whether you want to engrave a heartfelt message, warning, or rude rejection into the caseback. However, getting a brand like Rolex to clean their precision dials with your company logo is a privilege reserved for very few. Although the practice is non-existent now, before the turn of the century, it was possible for companies and even large events to obtain Rolex commemorative coins with personalized dials. The Comex Rolex Submariners, made for the French diving company of the same name, are very valuable; The Air Kings with the Domino’s logo, originally given to store managers who reach $ 20,000 in weekly sales, are dormant hits; and once upon a time Rolex made watches for Cartier with the jeweler’s logo on them.

While Rolex has abandoned this tradition, its small brand Tudor is carrying the baton. This week, David Beckham wore a Tudor Pelagos emblazoned with the seal of Inter Miami, the MLS expansion team the soccer star has been working on since 2014 (zoomed in here). Those in the market for co-branded dials found a willing dance partner in Tudor. Recently, the brand has made dials with the London Metropolitan Police Royalty and Specialist Protection Unit and the passionate group Qatar Watch Club, found the watch blog Time and Tide. Also this week, GQ cover star Steven Yeun keeps it classy and Chris Paul wears yet another beautiful Patek Philippe.

Johnny louis

David Beckham’s Custom Tudor Pelagos

Even if you can’t get one tailor-made for you or your work project, the Pelagos makes a great watch. While the Black Bay is Tudor’s liveliest watch, the Pelagos is its workhorse. The Pelagos is Tudor’s true tool watch: the watch is the first in the Rolex family to be made of titanium, which makes it very light despite its size of 42mm. The watch can also dive to 500 meters; the Black Bay, for comparison, is waterproof up to 200. All the while, the Pelagos retains the rugged beauty we’ve come to expect from a Tudor, with its matte dial and snowflake hands.

Rich fury

Omega De Ville Trésor by Steven Yeun

Steven Yeun has proven this week that he is nothing if not versatile. In our GQ On the cover with the actor, Yeun stripped off cowboy hats, chunky western belt buckles, bolo ties and fringed pants like a rodeo regular. The night before her cover fell, Yeun dressed in Prada for the Critics’ Choice Awards, with an equally versatile Omega watch. If the brand is best known for its very sporty Speedmaster, De Ville Trésor de Yeun is a dress watch par excellence. This cowboy cleans well.

Joe murphy

Chris Paul’s Patek Philippe Nautilus

Call him Chris Patek! Just a few weeks ago, we featured Paul wearing an incredibly rare Patek World Time, and now he’s back with another amazing product from the brand. Collectors who were on the waiting list for the recently discontinued Nautilus 5711 are looking away.

Everyone else: Enjoy this rose gold version of Paul’s wrist watch. While the 5711 is praised for its simplicity – blue dial plus stainless steel case and only a date window – it was clearly a bit too tame for Paul.

Micaiah carter

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra by Daniel Kaluuya

The Omega Seamaster is technically another of the brand’s sports watches. Introduced in 1993 and famously worn by Pierce Brosnan’s 007, the Seamaster is a watch Bond could wear to a black-tie event he knows will end in chaos. This version is the one you’d wear to a never-ending night of an action movie, though. Kaluuya’s all-gold version of the Seamaster might be a far cry from its maritime heritage, but if you take a closer look you’ll see a nice nod to its original purpose. The vertically split design of the dial is meant to evoke the look of planks on the deck of a boat.

Sami Drasin
Vincent wulveryck

Cartier Santos by Paul Mescal

Paul Mescal Knows How To Make Jewelry: The 2020 crush alone fueled a chain necklace obsession when his character Connell wore one last summer Normal people. Now he’s making the Cartier Santos look just as cool – not that the watch needs a lot of help. 175,000 people follow an Instagram account dedicated to Connell’s chain necklace; Think of me as a single account for Cartier de Mescal.

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