Channing Tatum Crocs: The New Rules of Crocs


To the anger and distress of many, Crocs are cool. And although you can’t stop the inevitable, you can minimize its impact on your general well-being. Zoë Kravitz, the notoriously cool daughter of two notoriously cool people, knows this all too well. Which is why, after choosing Channing Tatum to star in her directorial debut, she had him sit down to discuss genre dynamics and, naturally, Crocs. In an interview with Deadline, both sides recalled that Kravitz had “categorically” told Tatum that he “should not wear Crocs” – advice he immediately heeded.

It seems, however, that Kravitz is not adamantly opposed to Crocs. She went on to explain her advice, “There are people who can pull off the Crocs thing,” she said. “I just wasn’t sure [Tatum] was one of them. Case in point: This week alone, she and a Crocs-adorned friend sat on the field at a Nets game, having a good time, or at least avoiding an argument ending their relationship over rubber shoes. Kravitz simply knows and respects the safeguards that we as a society desperately need to integrate Crocs into our lives. On a scale from Victoria Beckham to Post Malone, she sits somewhere in the middle. So if you find yourself staring into a Jibbitz-filled abyss, wondering if you too should slip your tired feet into a pair of perforated clogs, we’ve put together a handy rulebook according to Kravitz’s refined taste.

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Go crazy with the socks.


To remove Crocs, you need to know that they are ugly. So the best way to wear them is not to bow your head in shame, but to lean into the chaos of it all. Diplo, one of the many celebs to whip up a dreamy Crocs collaboration, wears trippy socks in campaign imagery that really elevate the look. While Kravitz’s companion has become more two-tone, the effect is equally successful.

Avoid tiaras.

Channing, bless his heart, has spent much of the past year wearing various sets adjacent to princesses while promoting a princess book he wrote for his daughter. Kravitz, perhaps having taken note of this, may have decided on fairy wings and the Crocs don’t exactly reach that ironic sweet spot.

Choose your plaids wisely.

This one is tricky, as our mysterious short guy’s lumberjack shirt really pulls the whole wacky ensemble together, while Tatum’s plaids tend to be a bit more conservative, making it less of a backdrop for that Crocs really shine.

Channing Tatum with host Jimmy Fallon on May 5, 2021.Andrew Lipovsky / NBC via Getty Images)

Grunge is a must.

Tatum, who reigned supreme in a more serious era of pop culture, leans more rugged than grungy. But Crocs demand grunge. Justin Bieber, the king of the headboards, got it right, as did Post Malone. Channing’s eternally crisp buzz cut and penchant for comfy, ready-made white t-shirts? Not really.

Keep your shirt on.

Look, absolutely no one is complaining about the time Channing Tatum goes shirtless. Nobody! But the nerve to put rubber filled with holes on your feet takes enough self-confidence. Taking your shirt off while you are doing it requires an unacceptable level of pride. Don’t fly too close to the sun.

Do you.

Ultimately, the Crocs are a shoe for the people, and if Tatum is to wear them, he should float his monster flag. But if everything feels a little too much trendy for you, can we suggest her toe sneakers?


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