Chrissy Teigen keeps it chic by dancing to this song by Parineeti Chopra-Varun Dhawan


Chrissy Teigen often takes to Instagram to share little things about her life with her followers. This time, she made a big appearance with an elaborate ruffle top that she teamed with a pair of jeans. In the shared video, she can be seen in a neon-lit room with her hair tied back in a messy knot. But what really caught our attention, in all honesty, was the song playing in the background.

John Legend may have written several songs for Teigen, but in the video at least she can be seen grooving on a Hindi song, a specific Bollywood number ‘Jaaneman Aah‘from the film Dishoom. The 2016 film starred Varun Dhawan, and this special issue starred Parineeti Chopra.

Watch the video here.


If you want to watch the song again, listen to it here.

Needless to say, people on social media were ecstatic to see this, with many commenting on the song and asking if she liked it. But soon, the original stars themselves – Parineeti and Varun – joined in.

As Parineeti gave his approval for the song choice, writing, “Song choice APPROVED Chrissy,” Varun rang the bell saying, “It’s time for you to move here Chrissy #jaanemanaah.”

Chopra gave his approval for the song choice! (Source: Chrissy Teigen / Instagram)


Of course, Legend also had something to say, as he wrote to his wife: “This is the content we paid to see”.

We can’t really disagree!

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